End Smoking NZ

End Smoking is an independent charitable trust committed to a smoke-free New Zealand by 2025.

The trust conducts research to identify strategies that will reduce smoking-related harm. They advocate for changes that promise rapid drops in smoking prevalence across all population groups.

They believe that strategies attractive and acceptable to smokers are an essential part of the mix.

The charity End Smoking NZ is campaigning for the end of smoking through the use of nicotine vaping.

End Smoking NZ: Aims And Successes

End-smoking aims are twofold; To reduce tobacco smoking to the minimum and protect young people by phasing out sales of smoked tobacco products before 2025.

While nicotine is relatively harmless and helpful for stopping smoking, combustible tobacco has killed 200,000 New Zealanders. Its commercial sale should be phased out, although complete elimination would be impossible. The charity is not calling for a ban on growing tobacco for personal use.

To phase out smoking tobacco sales, End Smoking NZ, other public health agencies, and government need to ensure smokers can buy attractive safer alternative nicotine products, such as vaporisers or smokeless tobacco.

The campaign has had some notable successes, such as the introduction of snus to NZ in 2018. The campaign lobbied for Newzealders to use snus as part of broader measures to make New Zealand smoke-free by 2025.

“End Smoking New Zealand has long advocated for a variety of reduced harm alternatives to be available to smokers, to help them find a way of stopping smoking that suits them,” Dr Penny Truman says.

“Not all smokers will find snus helpful, but it has worked in Sweden, just as e-cigarettes seem to be helping reduce smoking rates in the United Kingdom. The evidence that snus is significantly less harmful than smoking is strong,” 

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