Best Box & Vape Mods

Best Box & Vape Mods 2024

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    If you’re running an RBA of some type, you’ll need a device to power your new coils. For new vapers, one of the biggest headaches with getting deeper into the hobby is all the information that needs to be processed. This issue is further aggravated for those of you looking to start rebuilding.

    So with that in mind, I’m going to go over four categories of box mods. These are among my favourite devices, and with so much to cover, let’s get straight to it.

    Here’s a list of the Best vape mods I’ve been able to get my hands on.

    Best Internal Battery Box Mods

    Internal batteries are great for those of you who are just starting. As the name implies, box mods that use internal batteries have their power sourced fixed directly into the device.

    This makes picking out box mods less of a chore than usual.

    The great thing about these types of mods is how convenient they are. You don’t have to worry about yet another part for your new rig, and there is also a lower price tag to consider.

    Box mods of this type are generally smaller than those that utilize replaceable batteries and are safer to boot.

    You might be tempted to carry extra batteries in your pocket with removable batteries. This is a terrible idea as lithium-ion batteries store a considerable chunk of power.

    You seriously don’t want them to catch fire in your pants because the terminals happened to touch your keys or some loose change.

    Internal batteries neatly sidestep this issue by being permanently affixed to your device.

    As for the negatives, internal batteries tend to be made from the cheapest materials available, hence the lower price tag. You also won’t be able to swap your batteries for a new charge if it becomes necessary to do so. One more significant issue is the problem of battery life and possible part failures.

    These downsides aren’t an issue if you’re looking for an entry-level device or if you’re planning to purchase a new box mod soon.

    #1 Innokin - Kroma-A


    • Great build quality
    • Doesn’t get hot
    • Extremely portable
    • Simple to use
    • Excellent entry level box mod


    • Screen could be a bit brighter
    • Battery capacity isn’t the greatest

    This box mod is an updated model of the original Kroma. It uses a proprietary Aethon chipset and utilizes an internal 2000mAh battery as its power source. Its wattage output, voltage output, and minimum atomizer resistance rests at 6-75w, 0.8-9v, and 0.1ohm, respectively.

    The chipset itself comes with many protections, including low voltage warnings, dry hit detection, short circuit, atomizer, overheat, and over-discharge protections.

    Something I found personally awesome about this box mod’s chipset was that it also comes with several other features that makes vaping it ultra smooth.

    The mod utilizes a precision temperature control and a balanced coil heat-up system with steady power output. This meant that every draw I took was consistent, and the only factors that made a difference were environmental.

    This device is compact, has many safety features, is easy to charge, simpler to use, and is an excellent pick for anyone new to rebuilding. The Aethon chipset provides an outstanding level of functionality for this box mod’s overall price.

    #2 Vaporesso - Revenger Mini


    • Good build quality
    • Great portability
    • Button doesn’t rattle
    • Screen is large
    • Menu is easy to use
    • Good battery life
    • Tells you charging time


    • Screen can be brighter
    • Small gap between atomiser

    The latest mod of Vaporesso’s Revenger line, the mini is also relatively small, as its name suggests.

    Part of the reason why it can be so compact is that it uses internal batteries compared to the others of the line, which utilize dual 18650s.

    This device has a wattage range of 5-85W, voltage of 0-8.5V, and has a resistance range of 0.05-5.0ohm. As for protections, the OMNI Board 2.2 chipset provides a good deal of features that include low voltage, short circuit, low resistance, overheating, and timeout protection.

    I like how this device utilizes physical buttons instead of a touch screen. Call me old fashioned, but it’s great not having to worry about getting pizza grease all over the LED screen.

    It lasts quite a while, too; 2500mAh isn’t anything to sneeze at for an internal battery mod.

    #3 GeekVape - Aegis Mini


    • Great build quality
    • Very rugged build
    • Basically waterproof
    • Small and lightweight
    • Easy to use


    • Gap with some atomisers
    • No power mode preheat option

    The newest box mod from GeekVape, the internal battery, has a capacity of 2200mAh. This device utilises an advanced AS chipset with a short circuit, overcurrent, overcharging, and over-discharging protections.

    With an output range of 5-80W and resistance of 0.05-3ohm, this small box mod packs a hefty punch despite its size.

    The first thing that impressed me about this mod is how light and small it is while still looking seriously slick.

    The rubber coating makes it easy to keep a grip and fits comfortably in my hand with minimal worry about it dropping on the ground.

    Even if it did, I’m reasonably sure that all the rubber will stop the impact from breaking anything.

    More on the ruggedness of this design, the Aegis Mini is also shock and water-resistant.

    With an IP67 rating, this box mod is rated to be dropped into a meter of water and left there for half an hour.

    If inclement weather occurs regularly in your area, this is a pretty good mod to have on you. It’s also great for lounging at the pool and blowing up clouds while getting your tan on.

    Best Dual 18650 Box Mods

    The basic premise behind a dual battery mod is pretty simple. Add a second one when one battery isn’t enough to power your device!

    There are plenty of reasons why to use a dual 18650. To start with a short lesson on batteries, the first two numbers stand for diameter, the second set of numbers is its length, and the last number of 0 means that the battery is cylindrical.

    18650 batteries are generally able to hold a capacity of 1200mAh to 3600mAh and are supported by most box mods.

    While a single battery might be able to do the job for a lower wattage device, if you’re running anything 70 watts or above, you will need a second battery to handle the load.

    Besides providing more power, you get twice the usage time you’d get from a single energy source.

    Bear in mind that you’re going to need a charger and a second pair of batteries.

    While I’d tentatively charge a single battery box mod from a USB charger, I wouldn’t do it with a dual mod even if I have the option.

    Beyond not having the same level of charge protection as a charger, dual mods require your batteries to have a balanced level of amps.

    That said, these batteries are also cheaper than the larger alternatives and are compatible with most box mods on the market.

    Dual battery mods are great for vapers looking for a combination of battery life and power.

    It’s not quite as user-friendly as an internal box mod, but this type of device is tough to beat for sheer utility.

    #1 Innokin - Proton


    • Seriously large screen
    • Great temperature and power performance
    • Small for a dual 18650
    • Easy to navigate menu
    • Individual battery readings
    • Watt curve mode
    • Boost circuit


    • Could use more colour options

    While this company made their name on internal battery box mods, their latest product is a dual 18650 device.

    It has a maximum wattage of 6.0-235W, voltage of 0.0v-9.0v, and a resistance of 0.05-3.5ohm. Its protections include low resistance, dual circuit, and reverse polarity protections.

    What I like about this box mod is that it is one of the smaller dual battery devices on the list.

    I didn’t have any problems with placing this mod in my pocket and going about my day, which is something I can’t say about some other dual battery mods.

    This device also uses a small joystick to navigate the menu. Speaking of which, I can’t overstate how nice it is to have a large, brightly lit, and clear screen that is easy to use.

    The joystick also isn’t all that obtrusive, so it’s pretty unlikely that it’ll get caught on a thread or something.

    Really the only thing I can complain about is that it doesn’t come in more colours.

    #2 Vaporesso - Polar 220W


    • Good build quality
    • Excellent screen
    • Easy to use and navigate
    • Great power mode performance


    • Extra modes not explained well
    • Temp mode isn’t that great
    • Gets hot around 150W

    Styled similar to the well known Revenger line, this dual battery box mod comes with an upgraded, full colour screen.

    Yep, it appears we’ve finally gone beyond the era of black and white TV.

    Anyway, this box mod has a wattage output of 5-220W and a resistance range of 0.03-5.0ohm.

    It comes with a whole bevy of options that most box mods have and then some. As for protections, the Polar includes short circuit, burn, no load, low resistance, overcharge, overtime, and several more protections.

    It’s probably apparent by now that I love having a large and pretty screen to look at.

    For one, I can admit that fiddling with my mods are fun.

    Second, it makes a great talking point for newer people interested in a cloud producing, Darth Vader esque hissing device.

    Which kind of leads to the downside of this box mod.

    The manual doesn’t do the greatest job at explaining all of the functions and features of this vape. And if I don’t understand something, I’m not going to fiddle with it and risk doing something worthy of a Darwin Award.

    Sure, I’m going to feel like a veritable genius when I figure this box mod out, but until that time I’m stuck with navigating the menu and hoping no one notices.

    #3 GeekVape - Nova


    • Tons of colour options
    • Awesome build quality
    • Alluring paint job and design
    • Extremely good power mode
    • Big color screen
    • Easy to use menu


    • No power mode preheat option
    • Not very ergonomic

    Another entry from GeekVape, the Nova is one of their newer products that comes with a seriously sexy, watercolor-like paint job.

    It uses an advanced AS chip, is constructed of resin and aluminum zinc alloy, and has a maximum output of 200W.

    When I first got my hands on this box mod, I was somewhat stunned with just how beautiful the design is. Sure, I’ve seen pictures, but they don’t really do it any justice.

    There’s maybe one or two others I’d had as much success with as a talking point on the weekends, so if it’s a prop on top of a functional device you’re looking, this is an awesome product.

    It doesn’t have quite as many features as some of the other mods on this list, but sometimes simplicity is better.

    You don’t have to fiddle with a whole bunch of options, and this mod provides just about everything you’d need anyway.

    Best 20700 Battery Mod

    The newer and bulkier big brother to the tried and true 18650, 20700 batteries boasts a higher capacity, can throw out more power and is only slightly larger to boot. With around 4000mAh, these batteries carry a third more charge than their smaller competitors.

    While this may not sound like much, the number starts to become pretty significant when you factor in usage time between charges.

    I tend to use these mods when a single 18650 battery mod can’t hack it for a day. A 20700 box mod generally lasts me the whole day when combined with low power, high resistance setup.

    And if I’m going to be using a high-power setting? There’s always the option of a dual 20700 battery mod which almost provides enough juice to be comparable to three 18650s.

    These batteries’ increased expense, lower compatibility with older mods, and their slightly larger frame are the downside. Nothing game-breaking if you’re buying newer mods and don’t mind carrying around a somewhat larger box mod.

    20700 battery mods are in a comfortable middle ground between single and dual 18650s. These devices have enough juice to last in lower power settings and are powerful enough to provide an excellent vaping experience with high-powered rigs.

    #1 GeekVape - Blade


    • Excellent power performance
    • Great build quality
    • Tough and lightweight
    • Good looking
    • Able to use multiple battery types
    • Simple to use
    • Inexpensive for what it does
    • Includes 18650 adapter
    • Big and bright screen


    • Temp control isn’t great
    • Easy to knock over

    Like other products from this company, the Blade is as impressive as you’d expect it to be.

    Being able to handle dual 21700, 20700, and 18650 batteries, you won’t have any issues finding a power source for this great box mod. Heck, you won’t have any issues with battery life either.

    Its wattage range goes from 5-235W and a resistance of 0.05-3.0ohm. The Blade also comes with a variety of modes including Power, BYPASS, VPC, TC, and TCR. Besides that this box mod is constructed out of the same stuff they use to make planes.

    Besides coming with an 18650 battery adapter, I’m a huge fan of GeekVape’s more colorful designs. I’ve already gushed enough about it in the Nova review, but they’ve also modeled this product to look less obtrusive than a simple box.

    But more than that, being a dual 20700/21700 box mod, worries about power is a problem of the past.

    For its price point, you’re going to have a tough time finding a dual 20700/21700 box mod of this quality.

    #2 Smok - I-Priv


    • Undeniably awesome design
    • Good power mode performance
    • Menu is easy to navigate
    • Arc reactor screen


    • Not actually an arc reactor
    • Feels a bit flimsy
    • Might be labeled a man-child

    This dual 20700/21700 mod is a slightly older box mod that was released last year.

    It is able to use dual 20700 and 21700 batteries out of the box and can be fitted with an 18650 adapter. It has a wattage range of 1-230W, voltage of 0.5-9.5V, and a resistance of 0.06ohm.

    So, like most people, I’m a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I bring it up because this box mod wouldn’t look out of place in Tony Stark’s armored hand.

    Seriously, one of the designs even comes in a classic Iron Man paint job. How freaking cool is that?

    More than being a simple homage to the titular superhero in looks, this box mod even talks to you like Tony’s very own Just a Rather Very Intelligent System.

    Yes, I had battery powered Jarvis sitting in the palm of my hand. Sure, it’s gimmicky, but come on! My inner child demands to be released!

    #3 Vaporesso - Armour Pro


    • Good build quality
    • Decent power performance
    • Easy to use menus
    • Big colour screen


    • Several modes not well explained
    • Normal preheat works like hard preheat

    This single battery design is able to utilize either a 20700 or a 21700 power source and comes with a 18650 adapter.

    This slim mod is able to output between 5-100W, and has a resistance of 0.03ohm. It uses a smart wattage system to power the atomiser and comes with a number of different functions.

    My first impression of this product was how small its profile was.

    Comparing it directly to other mods, it’s comparable in size to several 18650 mods. Sometimes the Armour Pro is even smaller than said box mods.

    The screen itself is fairly large and comes in colour. The readouts are also intuitive to read and navigating the menu isn’t very difficult.

    The three power modes it uses makes it easy to quickly select the strength of your device. There is one point of contention I have with this product, however.

    It has this Super Player mode that isn’t very well explained in the manual. Supposedly it automatically adapts to mainstream RDA tanks, which doesn’t really tell me anything.

    There are a few other functions I was confused about so I can’t really recommend this one for beginners.

    Best DNA Mods

    Unlike the others, this specific type of mod isn’t wholly related to batteries. DNA is a chipset developed by Evolv Vapor and is one of the hottest topics in the vaping community.

    In short, chipsets are used to regulate power and control the output of your device.

    Chips are the things that connect to your display screen and show off all those important details like resistance, voltage, wattage, and battery life.

    So the reason why people are going nuts over this chipset has to do with its ridiculous versatility. DNA30 box mods allow you to sub-ohm, set a consistent wattage until the battery dies, and are incredibly efficient regarding battery life.

    It’s able to do this without Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which some other devices use, which makes for a smooth vaping experience.

    Besides all that, most of these devices can be charged via micro USB without worrying. DNA chipsets have plenty of charge protections on top of a veritable phalanx of guards that stop your device from shorting out. In a word, box mods that use these chips are highly reliable.

    If you’re someone who doesn’t want to have to worry about a battery blowing up in your face, reliability and a consistently smooth vape, this is a fantastic product to get your hands on.

    #1 Lost Vape - Paranormal DNA250C


    • Great build quality
    • Looks amazingly classy
    • Great performance all around
    • High amp limit
    • Easy to use menu
    • Big colour screen
    • Replay mode is easy to use


    • Somewhat expensive
    • Feature heavy for newbies

    Using the newest version of the DNA250 chipset, the updated Paranormal is a dual 18650 battery box mod that is rated for 1-200W. This device comes with all the protections and functions that you’d expect out of a DNA250C.

    This exhaustive list includes atomiser, low resistance, overheat, reverse protection, short circuit protections and more. It’s functions include, but aren’t limited to, boost, replay, preheat, and cell balancing.

    So besides being classy looking and ergonomic, this rig hits every expectation I’ve had for a machine that runs a DNA chipset.

    Power mode performs excellently, the preheat function works well, and the wattage is actually underrated. You can bump this baby up to 207W without a problem.

    Replay mode is no less impressive. Basically what it does is it memorizes the vaping temperature you want it to be, and keeps the Paranormal at that exact temperature. This leads to an ultra smooth and consistent vaping experience without having to messing with a bunch of temperature control profiles.

    All in all, this is an excellent mod for anyone to use. That said, for the casual vaper, there are other box mods that do a good job without all the extraneous features you may not care about.

    #2 Lost Vape - Orion


    • Good build quality
    • Pretty good juice capacity
    • Good flavour
    • Good battery life
    • Easy to fill
    • Portable
    • Very convenient


    • Hard to see juice level
    • Has the weaknesses of a pod

    Unlike the other mods on this list, this product is a pod vape. As an all-in-one pod system, this portable device is still unique enough to be featured since it uses a DNA Go chip. It uses an internal 950mAh battery that is good for 450 draws and has a maximum wattage output of 40W.

    Besides being a refillable pod design, this version of Evolv’s chipset is also able to use the replay function while having three separate power outputs. It even comes with two proprietary pods that give you the option between cloud production and flavour.

    As far as pods go, you’re going to have a difficult time finding a competitor that has anywhere near the functionality that the Orion provides. This device is basically an incredibly small box mod without a screen.

    You can do everything from adjusting airflow, feel secure with its multitude of protections, and have access to multiple features you’d be unable to find on most other pod devices.

    Temperature control? Variable power outputs? In the form of a pod vape?


    Let’s get to it and find out which were the Best vape mods on the list!

    Internal Battery Mod

    I’m going with the Innokin Kroma-A. My reasoning behind this is that this product is an excellent entry-level box mod. It’s simple to use, convenient, small and has several protections to safeguard the user.

    While the other mods may have longer battery life and be more customisable, this is the one I’d pick for a newer vaper.

    Dual 18650 Battery Mod

    The Innokin Proton wins it here. Besides its good performance and ability to really up the power, the overall reliability and build quality of this box mod sold it for me. It’s a solid choice that doesn’t overheat and remains affordable for what it does.

    20700 Battery Mod

    Besides being stylistically fresh, the GeekVape Blade is the winner in this category due to its versatility. It comes with many functions and protections and, most importantly, uses two separate batteries to power itself. These batteries can be either 21700, 20700, or 18650 with the provided adapter, making it a fantastic option for those looking for quality and longevity.

    DNA Mod

    It should be no surprise that I ended up going with the Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C. While the Orion is great and all, it doesn’t match up in terms of the overall quality of a proper box mod. There are just so many options that this box mod brings to the table, comparatively.

    Vape Mod Buying Guide

    Vape Box Buying Guide

    What is a box mod?


    It’s a mod (a term referring to the part of the e-cigarette that holds the batteries, but you probably already knew that) shaped like a box.

    Don’t be confused, though, since many “box” mods aren’t even shaped like boxes!

    A good rule of thumb in differentiating box mods from tube mods is that if it isn’t shaped like a tube, it’s a box mod.

    Many vapers believe that they are the next logical step in the evolution of electronic cigarettes – more battery life, the ability to produce throat-searing amounts of power, and (in my opinion) they look very classy.

    Vape Box Mods

    Buying the perfect box mod can be daunting with so many choices. Here are a few pointers for choosing one that fits your vaping style.

    Battery types Explained


    As you have probably noticed, box mods usually come in single-18650 batteries, dual-18650, or built-in li-poly batteries that cannot be easily replaced.

    The first thing to consider when choosing a box mod is that batteries are often the first component that needs to be replaced.

    If you have a faulty 18650 battery, then buying new batteries would be easy and inexpensive.

    However, if your mod has built-in li-poly batteries, then unless you have experience in electronics replacing the battery is impossible – you have to get a new mod or pay someone to do it. It is more expensive, and I generally avoid all mods whose batteries cannot be easily replaced.


    Vape Batteries for box mods

    The second thing to keep in mind is the number of batteries. Single battery devices are smaller but cannot sustain high-power vaping for extended periods.

    If you are okay with bringing along spares, then it is no problem. Dual 18650s in parallel (such as those in the DNA40) last twice as long as a single 18650, and will most probably last you a day of vaping.

    Just remember that devices use two batteries in series double voltage, but not the mAh/hour rating, so it will not last as long as two batteries in parallel.

    Different Vape Mod Sizes


    This is an important factor that buyers commonly overlook. If you vape at home or spend most of your time in front of the computer, getting a bigger box mod is no problem.

    However, if you are usually on the move, or if your work requires a degree of physical exertion, then smaller and lighter mods (like the Cloupor mini or Kbox) paired with small atomisers have the size and weight advantage.

    Which Vape Mod style


    99% of vapers will not vape above 50 watts as their normal “everyday vape”.

    Many are satisfied with the cooler vape provided by 20 watts and a decent micro coil – it gives a more-than-satisfactory vaping experience while not being too hard on the batteries and juice.

    I use the mods listed in the “beginner” section more often than my 150w mods. But if you need to blow “fat clouds”, get a high-power device.

    Just remember that you are paying a whole lot more for a few dozen of watts you probably aren’t even going to use.

    Battery Access


    Access to replaceable batteries is important, especially if you use an external charger and rotate batteries (this practice dramatically extends battery life). Some Box mods are designed with this in mind, and magnetic door covers make changing batteries very easy.

    Others use screws, or threaded caps, which will get stripped over time with repeated use. This is not a problem if you use a device capable of charging batteries internally via a USB port.

    Clone vs. Authentic


    If you haven’t noticed by now, the mods listed are all regulated devices; they can be expensive, but cheaper clones are available.

    Are you willing to trust a shady Chinese company halfway across the world that probably doesn’t have the best quality control to reproduce the sensitive electronic components in a regulated mod accurately?

    While I dearly love my mech clones, I stick with authentic regulated devices.

    They are cheaper in the long run since I do not have to replace them after a week, and they have a warranty in case something goes wrong.

    The Take Away


    When looking for a new device, it is essential to try out potential mods before making a purchase. It has to feel just right, and you must also like how it looks. Even the most expensive mod with all the fancy bells and whistles can’t satisfy you if it isn’t something you like in the first place.

    With these few tips, you can narrow down the many possible choices and decide on a perfect box mod.


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