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    If you’re looking for something similar to a JUUL device that won’t break your bank, we have taken an in-depth look at the best pod vapes in Australia right now. 

    Pod vapes are hugely popular with Australian vapers for a few reasons: They are small, discreet and extremely portable, fitting easily into a pocket or purse. They are simple to use – pop in the e-liquid pod, and you’re ready to vape.

    You can fill them with nicotine salt vape juice which delivers the best throat hit for users looking to switch from regular cigarettes. And finally, they are very affordable; a starter kit with vape juice costing around the same price as two packs of smokes.

    Best Overall

    Vaporesso - Xros

    Award-winning organic vape juice, made with quality, 100% organic ingredients

    Vapers Favourite

    Uwell - Caliburn G

    Best Juul Alternative

    Vaper Empire - Viggo

    Pod vapes are the perfect way to vape on the go, but which pod vape? This list features our top picks for the best refillable or prefilled pods. They all make great alternatives if you’re looking to switch from traditional cigarettes and Juul!

    Compare Pod Vapes

    Visit Website Remarks Battery Size Capacity Open/Closed
    Vaporesso Xros XROS POD KIT Best Overall 800 mAh 2mL Capacity Open
    Uwell Caliburn G Uwell Caliburn G Best refillable pod vape 690 mAh 2mL Capacity Open
    VE Viggo Vaper-Empire-Viggo.png Best Juul Alternative 400 mAh 1.8mL Capacity Closed
    VooPoo Vinci VOOPOO - Flavour + throat hit 800 mAh 2mL Capacity Open
    Uwell KOKO KOKO PRIME Small & Thin 800 mAh 2mL Capacity Open
    VooPoo Drag X Drag X Mini-Sized Mod Device 18650 4.5mL Capacity Open

    Best Pod Vape In Australia

    Here’s our updated list of the best pod vapes currently available in Australia. We rate portability, battery size and duration, ease of use and overall looks and feel.

    #1 Vaporesso - Xros


    • Great taste and cloud production
    • Large battery capacity for its size
    • Recharge quickly through type-C port
    • Battery LED indicator
    • Ultra small and light
    • Good looking
    • Easy to use and operate
    • Pods are easy to refill
    • Inexpensive


    • The airflow control can get covered while vaping

    The Vaporesso Xros brings easy to use features and a slim, sleek single-button design, plus a precisely adjustable airflow toggle that allows users to tailor the airflow between a tighter or looser mouth-to-lung vape.

    The pod device also comes with an 800mAh battery which should last you at least one day. The three colour LED battery life indicator at the base of the Xros show the battery usage and when it’s time to top-up (when it hits red, you have 30% left)

    The XROS use Type-C fast charging to go from dead to full in just under an hour. It has pass-thru charging, so you can vape while it charges!

    For convenience, the firing options can be set manually or automatically depending on your preference (so you don’t have to worry about pressing buttons) and just inhale on the device.

    Filling the Xros pod vape is easy; pull out its mouthpiece to reveal a fill port. You can then pour in your favourite e-liquid and wait about 10 minutes for it all to absorb into wicks before replacing it onto the battery section, which secures with powerful magnets for an excellent tight fit.

    Who Is The Vaporesso Xros For?

    The Vaporesso Xros is for anyone who wants to enjoy vaping on the go. With its easy-to-use features such as fixed coil pods and automatic output, this device makes it an excellent choice for beginners while also including some more versatile options like adjustable airflow that will be helpful when you’re feeling more experienced.

    #2 Uwell - Caliburn g


    • Very simple to use
    • 2ml pods are easy to fill
      Amazing flavour
    • Good cloud production
    • Good airflow
    • Small and thin profile
    • Pods are magnetised to the body
    • The battery can charge outside the device
    • Includes several device protections


    • Difficulty handling thicker e-juice
    • Coils can’t be changed

    One of the more well-known pod vapes on the market, the CALIBURN G might seem a little small to be named after King Arthur’s legendary sword in the stone, but it’s one hell of a machine.

    It uses a proprietary flavour technology, called Pro-FOCS, to soothingly apply the full taste of your chosen e-juice on the tip of your tongue.

    I found myself enjoying the dual fire option. Being able to pick between an automatic draw or button fired activation is quite nice.

    I had a great time carrying around this vape; it’s so unobtrusive that I’d completely forgotten it was in my pocket multiple times throughout the day.

    I had to check several times to make sure it was still there, but whatever minute panic I felt was eased away by the calming and thick vapour produced by this small powerhouse.

    It’s not comparable to what you’d get out of a dripper, but the clouds you can make with the CALIBURN G isn’t anything to sneeze at.

    Another aspect of the design I find great is that the pod itself acts as the mouthpiece.

    Better yet, the pods are easily refillable.

    Enough so that I didn’t feel the need to carry around extra pods when a small e-juice bottle did the job well enough.

    The battery is also powerful enough that you can vape for a few hours without having to worry about charging it up.

    I did have one issue with this device, however. It tends to hiss and spit with sweeter juices.

    You’d probably get the same problem with an e-liquid mixture that uses a higher PG concentration due to the thickness.

    #3 Vaper Empire - Viggo


    • The convenience of Pre-Filled Pods
    • Powerful throat hit
    • Variable Voltage
    • Nicotine hits hard
    • Great MTL draw


    • Pods not refillable

    Australian brand Vaper Empire has taken note of JUUL’s popularity down under and has released a device that addresses some of the main issues that affect the Juul; pod size and lack of flavours.

    The Viggo is similar to the Juul in that pods come pre-filled. For many new vapers, the most important considerations are throat hit and convenience, which the Viggo delivers on both counts.

    Pre-filled pods can be ordered in bulk for a discount, and then simply clip on to the Viggo, and you’re ready to go. Vaping doesn’t get any simpler.

    Vaper Empire has sized its nic salt pods at 1.8ml, which is 2.5 times larger than Juul pods. This means more extended periods between switching pods and is more convenient as users will be ordering pods from overseas less often.

    The device offers a tight mouth to lung draw, which closely mimics the pull of a regular cigarette.

    The capability of varying the voltage between 3.0, 3.4 and 3.8 volts means users can choose between a smooth, cooler vapour or richer, bigger clouds on the highest voltage.

    Operating the Viggo is incredibly easy to do with only one button on the device. Just turn it off, hold down the firing button, and wait for it to change colour to the mode you want. Then turn it back on and get to vaping!

    I’m impressed by the range of flavours, vapour production, and the throat hit of the nicotine salt e-juice.

    The only issue I have with this device is that there is no option for 5% nicotine pods (Currently, pods are available in either 0% or 3%). Hopefully, VE address this as heavy smokers may be looking for higher strength pods when switching over to vaping.

    #4 Voopoo - Vinci


    • Top tier flavour for pods
    • Powerful throat hit
    • Small and unassuming
    • Nicotine hits hard
    • Works great with e-salt
    • Pretty good MTL draw
    • Inexpensive


    • Battery is not the biggest
    • Only 1 pod included

    The smallest device in the Voopoo range of pod devices is the Vinci kit. The Vinci kit uses an 800 mAh internal battery that can last a full day.

    It’s lightweight and slim; You’ll be hard-pressed even to notice it in a shirt pocket. We like that it’s a simple device that uses auto draw and doesn’t require buttons or a screen display.

    The single grain, single plated exterior is wear, shockproof, and the disposable Pod uses a leak-resistant structure for a richer, denser flavour experience.

    f you are switching from another device in the Voopoo range, note that the Pods aren’t interchangeable.

    #5 Vaporesso - LUXE PM40


    • Excellent build quality
    • Easy to Refill
    • Pods snap on and off easily
    • Mouth to lung or Direct to lung
    • Stealthy and discreet


    • Premium device means a premium price

    Introducing the LUXE by Vaporesso. A vape device in a class of its own delivering a modern design and streamlined, user-friendly interface. If you are looking for a top of the line vape pod, the Luxe is a perfect choice.

    Easy enough for beginners to use, the Luxe also sports a range of features that you can tinker with to find the perfect draw to suit your personal taste.

    The device very solid yet lightweight and looks very cool. The premium shell with carbon fibre panels on the Luxe has an excellent grip, and the whole device feels quality.

    The Luxe Pod System features a large 1800mAh built-in battery and 4mL refillable pods. The integrated 1800mAh battery provides the user with excellent battery life and pass-through charging. The build is lightweight and durable, with five colour options and a bright screen.

    Overall the PM40’s palm-sized perfection results from Vaporesso taking the best of their mod vapes and throwing it all into a pod device. It’s a little more expensive than other pod vapes in our round-up but worth every cent.

    #6 Uwell - KOKO Prime


    • Quality build
    • Leak-resistant, Refillable pods
    • Tight draw mimics smoking
    • Stealthy and discreet


    • No Airflow Control

    The KOKO Prime is the latest device from one of the original pod manufacturers, Uwell.

    The KOKO has a battery capacity of 690 mAh, good for a full day of vaping. However, one of the unique selling points of this vape is it comes with a magnetic decorative panel that you can swap out the look of your device. Great for those who get bored with the look of their vape and fancy a change in style.

    The KOKO comes in various colours – black, green, blue, red, and a fetching shade of purple. Perfect for those who want their devices to match their personalities.

    It is quite small, measuring at just 16mm thick, easily pocket-able. And a good thing it doesn’t leak easily.

    Performance-wise, the KOKO vapes fantastic. It’s aimed at MTL users, so don’t expect to chase clouds here. Flavour is top-notch as well, something many other pod vapes can’t manage.

    #7 Voopoo - Drag X


    • Outstanding Vapour production
    • Long battery life
    • Ergonomic design feels good


    • Settings and LED screen may be too much information for some users.

    The DRAG X POD is the latest pod mod from Voopoo. It is an excellent device for those looking for a sleek and portable mod with good battery life and great flavour.

    The DRAG X POD Mod Kit by Voopoo is a compact and powerful pod system, delivering a Mod hit-style vaping experience with all the benefits of a refillable pod system. The DRAG X POD is small in size yet is capable of outputting 80W, pairing perfectly with the large capacity 4.5ml Pods. The device features a large 0.96 inch OLED screen, allowing you to quickly check the current state of your device and its battery level.

    From a design point of view, the DRAG Pod mod line is excellent. The design and build quality of the DRAG X Pod mod line is outstanding.

    The DRAG X is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery (unlike the Drag S, which uses an internal battery). Using a replaceable battery is advantageous as you won’t have to toss out the device when your battery finally goes. However, one quirk we found was that Every time you change the battery, it would ask you to set a time—a little annoying.

    #1 SMOK - Nord 2


    • Great taste and cloud production
    • Especially with mesh coils
    • 4.5ml pods are bigger than the competitors
    • Long-lasting battery
    • Battery LED indicator
    • Multiple device protection
    • Proprietary magnetised connection to the base
    • Automatically adjusts power based on coil type
    • It comes with two coils
    • Can swap coils without tossing the pod
    • Easy to use and operate
    • Pods are easy to refill
    • Inexpensive


    • Slightly bulkier than other pod vapes
    • Can’t manually adjust wattage
    • Not enough power for MTL with mesh

    While on the fatter side compared to its competitors, the extra heft of the Nord 2 comes with big pods and a bigger battery.

    This upgraded design of the hugely popular Nord 1 also uses pods with bigger windows, easily allowing you to gauge how much e-juice you have left.

    I loved carrying this vape around.

    The batteries are powerful enough that I didn’t have to worry about charging it throughout the day, and the 4.5ml worth of juice it holds meant I didn’t actually need the second pod I brought with me.

    Most of the time, anyway. As long as you’re aware of how much juice you got left, it’s easy to ‘ration’ out the number and length of your draws for a full day of vaping.

    It got to the point where I’d forget to refill a pod but stopped worrying about it after realising that 4.5ml lasts for most, if not all, of my usual workday.

    And don’t even get me started on how this machine can use both standard and mesh coils. Being a huge fan of mesh, I had to give it a try. With the level of cloud production and taste a mesh is known for, and I found myself pleasantly unsurprised at the high quality of both categories.

    What’s great about this device is how awesome it is for entry-level vapers. Using three different types of coils, the Nord 2 is an excellent starting point to begin researching RBAs, or rebuildable atomisers.

    Now the coils themselves are a proprietary design, so replacing them isn’t difficult. But it makes you wonder what else you can do with a bigger box mod.

    #8 Aspire - Breeze 2


    • Adjustable airflow (MTL to restricted lung hit)
    • Good battery life
    • Leak-free refillable pods


    • Long(ish) charge time

    The new Aspire Breeze 2 addresses everything that limited the success of the original.

    It now has a much improved refillable pod system, and it looks better too.

    The battery is now 1000mAh, which is more than enough to last a day of vaping for this small device.

    Pods are easily detached with a new release function and can be filled with up to 3ml of e-liquid.

    The Breeze 2 still uses the same U-tech coils as the original, though it can now offer a true MTL experience.

    Lung hits are still possible, though with restricted airflow.

    #9 SMOK - Rolo Badge


    • Good flavour and a solid throat hit
    • Attractive, sleek design
    • Great For Beginners


    • Finger print magnet

    At first glance, you might mistake the SMOK Rolo Badge with the Suorin Drop, another pod vape device with the same spade-like shape.

    However, where the Suorin Droplets you vape on the pointed end, the Rolo Badge is inverted, the drip tip is on the wide end.

    The Rolo Badge is a well-made piece of tech, made of zinc alloy and weighs a fair bit (about 70 grams).

    Refilling is easy if you have a needle-tip bottle, and the pods are magnetic so that you won’t get any satisfying clicks here.

    The device offers a true MTL draw, though it’s a bit looser than others. Still, it works great and should appease many MTL vapers.

    #10 Kandypens - RUBI


    • No leaking or bad-tasting puffs
    • Powerful internal battery
    • Quality design


    • No pass-through charging

    A more traditional copy of the JUUL, the Kandypens RUBI manages to one-up the original by offering refillable pods.

    Shaped like the JUUL but powered by a slightly larger battery, the RUBI is one of the best alternatives to the JUUL.

    Its vapour production is impressive for its size, the flavour is nothing to sneeze at, and leaks and spit backs are virtually non-existent.

    However, the device is far from perfect. It doesn’t support pass-through charging, which can be a deal-breaker for some, and with the way it’s designed, you have no way of knowing the e-liquid level.

    You can top off often to ensure you don’t run out of e-juice in the middle of a drive or walk, but this oversight can be a hassle.

    However, despite the drawbacks, the Kandypens RUBI remains one of the best pod vapes in Australia. And about the battery? It comes with a lifetime warranty.

    #11 Suorin - Air Kit


    • On/Off can save battery life
    • slim credit card design
    • Well made, with no leaks


    • No Airflow Control

    Another pod vape device that doesn’t follow the pen style mold is the Suorin Air Kit.

    Just about the size of a credit card, it still manages to be portable and works as a stealthy option for those used to big, bulky mods.

    The design is similar to a smartphone, making it sleek and elegant. The colour choices all look great as well, giving the device a classy look.

    Inside, a 400mAh battery powers the kit, double the capacity of the JUUL. It vapes at a constant 16 watts of power, which is another plus, and the throat hit is great.

    The kit can hold up to 2ml of e-juice and has a 1.2ohm coil, perfect for a MTL vape.

    If you are looking for a direct lung hit, this might work only if you like a restricted hit.

    Cartridges are refillable as well, making the Air Kit a more consumer-friendly device than the JUUL.

    Though battery life may not last you the whole day, the Suorin Air Kit’s size and practicality more than makeup for it. Definitely worth a look if you are on the market for a pod vape.

    My Favourite Pod Vape of the Bunch

    I have to admit; this was a tough one. Each one of these vapes did me solid as a daytime carry option. And while each had its pros and cons, there is a pod vape of the three that is a solid winner.

    The SMOK Nord wins this one.

    My most important criteria are that the device in question had to fulfill the requirements the JUUL was designed to fill.

    It needed to be easy to carry, simple to use, and most importantly, provide an entry-level substitute for smoking without being a chore to learn.

    The Nord beats out all the others due to its larger e-liquid capacity and battery life.

    While all the vapes on this list are super simple to use, the one thing former smokers worry most often about is whether or not a vape is going to last through the day.

    The device by SMOK has more than enough battery life to last for a full day of use, and the juice contained in a single pod is enough for most former smokers who are getting their feet wet.

    There’s even just enough e-liquid that, while you’ll have enough to get through the day, it’s easy to cut down on your nicotine intake when you start factoring in the limited juice capacity.

    Pod Vapes Buying Guide

    What is a pod vape?

    POD Vape

    We know that we cannot yet buy the Juul in Australia, but let’s look first at what exactly the alternatives in size and design actually offer.

    In essence, a pod vape is a step higher than a cig-a-like and a step lower than your VW box mod.

    It’s usually shaped like a vape pen, though some shaped like a small box mod, a badge, and even a credit card. It offers much more versatility and customisation than a vape pen, however.

    What sets pod vapes apart from the usual starter mods is that instead of a drip atomizer or tank, pod vapes use e-juice pods (hence the name).

    These are small tanks with a coil built-in that can be replaced as easily as plugging in a USB drive. Some pods are pre-filled, though some can be refilled with your e-juice flavour of choice.

    Refillable vs pre-filled pod systems

    As mentioned, there are two types of pods available – refillable and pre-filled.

    Refillable systems use pods that come empty, and users can fill them with any e-juice they desire.

    These can be refilled as long as the coil holds up. The only time you’ll need to replace it is when the coil burns out or if it cracks.

    While refillable pods are not marketed as rebuildable, some industrious vapers find ways. It’s not easy, but if you don’t want to spend too much on refillable pods, you can always rebuild them.

    As for pre-filled systems, these are pre-filled by the manufacturer. They come in various flavours, though these are usually limited.

    Designed to be used once then thrown away, pre-filled pods are for those who don’t want to bother with refilling, and by extension, the leaks and mess that come with it.

    Pre-filled pods can be swapped out anytime, enabling you to change flavours on the fly.

    You can do this with refillable pods, too, of course, unlike tanks where one has to empty the e-juice and fill it with a new one. Not to mention having to replace the wick to get rid of the old flavour.

    Who should use pod vapes?

    Pod vapes are perfect for users who don’t want to fiddle around with coils and wicks, don’t want to bring around huge mods, and usually prefer high nicotine e-liquid.

    A high nic content sacrifices clouds for a satisfying throat hit.

    Australian vapers who only care about their nicotine fix and don’t care much for clouds or rebuilding should check out pod vapes.

    The only maintenance you need for these devices is to charge them regularly, clean them, and refill (if using refillable pods).

    Benefits of pod vapes

    • Stealthy
    • Easily transportable
    • Resistant to leaks
    • Easy to use
    • No rebuilding of coils
    • No wicking needed
    • Can swap out flavours on the fly

    Downsides of pod vapes

    • You can’t customise your vape
    • Cloud chasing is impossible
    • Heavy vapers need to recharge constantly

    Benifits of Using a Pod Vape


    Nicotine Salt E-Juices: Best for Pod Vapes

    All of the above are refillable so that you can fill it up with your e-liquid, and you are good to go.

    However, pod devices tend to lessen the throat hit if compared with regular mods and atomisers. That said, to get the most out of your pod device, using nicotine salt e-liquid is the best.

    Nicotine salt juice provides a stronger throat hit when used with regular mods, but the throat hit is just perfect when coupled with pod devices.

    JUUL uses a 5% concentration of nicotine salts, and it is best to start there.

    Choosing Vape Juice For Pod Vapes

    If you find the hit to be too harsh, you can go for a lower percentage.

    If you find it too weak, gradually increase the nicotine salts’ concentration until you find the best hit for you.

    All the pod devices above are compatible with nicotine salts and, in fact, work best with them. Whatever you choose, all it boils down to is what feels right to you.

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