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Counterfeit Vaping Battery: How to Protect Yourself from Fake Ones

You might end up buying counterfeit batteries if you purchase from untrustworthy sources. These products can be dangerous because they may not work correctly or even cause explosions or fires.

You may identify fake batteries by looking for differences between them and real ones. You can check the voltage by measuring the current flowing through the terminals. Compare it to the specification printed on the package.

We recommend buying batteries from a trusted vendor because they’ve been tested and certified as authentic by reputable testing laboratories. They’ll also offer a warranty and a customer support team available for any issues.

Counterfeit vaping batteries pose a severe threat to vapers everywhere. They are cheap, easy to buy online, and dangerous. This article explains how to spot fake vape batteries and avoid buying counterfeit ones.

STEP 1: Check the Packaging

Fake vape batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Some look exactly like original batteries, while others look similar but have different markings. Look carefully at the packaging before purchasing.

STEP 2: Read the Label Carefully

Read the label carefully. It should contain information about the battery’s size, voltage, and capacity. Also, check the manufacturer’s name and logo.

STEP 3: Test the Battery

Once you’ve purchased a battery, test it immediately. Please do so by plugging it into an e-cigarette device and charging it. If the battery doesn’t charge properly, it’s probably fake.

STEP 4: Don’t Buy From Third Parties

Never purchase batteries from third parties. Instead, buy directly from the manufacturer. Doing so ensures that you’ll receive genuine batteries. If you’re not sure where to buy a battery, check out online vape reviews or contact the manufacturer to find a trusted retailer or vape shop.

STEP 5: Look for certification marks

Certifications such as UL or CE indicate that a battery has been tested and meets safety standards. Batteries without these marks may be counterfeit.

STEP 6: Check the size and shape

Genuine vape batteries will have specific dimensions and shapes that differ from other types of batteries.

STEP 7: Be aware of suspicious prices

Cheap prices may indicate counterfeit products.

STEP 8: Stay informed

Keep up with news about counterfeits to identify any new dangers posed by fake vape products.


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