Australia’s Top Nicotine E Liquid Vendor Guide – 2018

Update - 2017.10.25

Compare nicotine e liquid vendors shipping to Australia

The enjoyment of your shinny new vaping device is only equal to the e juice that fuels it. Pair a great personal vapouriser with the right e-liquids and you have a winning formula; use naff juice and unfortunately no amount of voltage control or power in your chosen device is gonna help.

With the huge range of e-liquid vendors appearing over the last year (partly due to the relative simplicity and low start up costs involved), finding a great supplier 1st time……………or 4th is not guaranteed

There are several important factors to consider; nicotine strength, PG and VG levels, and flavour, plus shipping times & prices.


In Australia the sale of nicotine e liquid is prohibited within the country.

However vapers are allowed to import up to 3 months supply of e-liquid (with a prescription) under the Personal Importation Scheme.

Personal Importation Scheme

Nicotine can be imported by an individual for use as an unapproved therapeutic good (e.g. a smoking cessation aid), but the importer must hold a prescription from an Australian registered medical practitioner and only import not more than 3 months’ supply at any one time.

The total quantity imported in a 12-month period cannot exceed 15 months’ supply of the product at the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer.

Source:  TGA website (Therapeutic Goods Administration)

Most Australian vapers rely on online retailers for sourcing their e juice supply.

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Premium Nicotine e liquid Only from the Most Reputable E Juice Vendors

It is necessary for vaping enthusiasts to source their e juice only from the most reputable foreign vendors. At the same time, it is equally important to look for the ingredients, flavours and nicotine strengths that have worked for others in situations similar to you.

For instance, if you are a heavy smoker, a vendor that allows you to choose nicotine strengths and PG/VG levels is ideal as you can tailor your e-liquid to mimic your throat hit from regular cigarettes.


Finding an E Liquid System that Works Cannot be Easier

To simplify your quest for the perfect e juice, this guide provides a list of the most credible and well-reputed e liquid vendors shipping to Australia. The guide is meant to help you in making the right choices in e juice. While the final choice depends on your personal preference, we want to make sure that you are presented with the finest and safest alternatives in e juice.

All Prices/Shipping Costs in Australian Dollars (AUD)

Visit VendorRead ReviewPrice Per 30mlBest ShippingCoupon
Visit Vaper EmpireRead Review$11.95 (10ml)$15.0012% Off
Visit VaporFiRead Review$21.11$12.9010% Off
Visit Mt Baker VaporRead Review$10.54$18.1510% Off
Visit Vista VaporsRead Review$9.89$9.8810% Off
Visit Central VaporRead Review$18.70$25.0022% Off
Visit Mig VaporRead Review$22.30$35.00NO
Visit Virgin VaporRead Review$26.30$22.7510% Off
Visit Halo CigsRead Review$16.30$8.75NO
Visit Caktus VapeRead Review$15.95$8.75Free Ship
Visit No. 1 E JuiceRead Review$15.00$10.70YES
Visit Social-LitesRead Review$5.60$18.3115% Off
Visit Liberty FlightsRead Review$13.50 (10ml)$5.9520% Off
Visit Blend of the MonthRead Review$15.99$13.9510%
Visit ZampleBoxRead Review$24.99$6.00NO

Get Updated Prices and Promotions on Top Brands and Flavours in E Liquid

Some vapers compare e juice options in terms of price alone. While the decision is price-sensitive, it is imperative for you to consider other factors, such as reputation of supplier and ingredients of e juice.

That said, we’ve still decided to make things easier for you by sharing prices on some of the top brands and flavours in e juice. The guide also shares key insight about available discounts and promotions on different e juice brands, allowing you to purchase your favourite e liquid stock in budget.

E Juice Premium Membership Clubs – Stay Ahead of Others

The 2018 guide will also shed insight on premium e juice membership clubs that are the perfect platform for elevating your vaping experience. Indulge in some of the most exquisite and dazzling moments with e-liquid tips, tricks and advice straight from the vaping pros.


So, let’s get started with Australia’s top e liquid supplier guide for 2018:

VaporFi E Juice

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml – AU $21.11

VaporFi Eliquid

Based in Florida, US, VaporFi offers 100% USA made e-liquids.

The company sources its e –liquid ingredients from FDA registered labs and allows customers to customize their e-liquids to match their personal taste and preference.

With thousands of options to choose from, VaporFi e-juices promise superior taste and satisfaction.


Visit Website
Visit VaporFi's Website

Get more information on the latest e-liquid deals at VaporFi


Nicotine Strengths

VaporFi currently doesn’t allow you to adjust the PG/VG ratio of the e-liquid. However, you can still choose the nicotine strength from several different options. The available choices include 0mg, 0.6mg, 1.2mg, 1.8mg, 2.4mg and 3.6mg.

For a casual smoker, 0.6mg to 1.2mg is a fine choice. Moderate to heavy smokers may require a stronger dose of nicotine.

Vaporfi Prices

The standard 30ml bottle of e juice is available for AU $21.11.

VaporFi packs its e liquid in plastic bottles that come with child proof lid. The bottle gets a dripping tip that makes it easy to refill your e-cigarette when it runs out of e liquid.

BUY 2 = SAVE AU $2.11
BUY 3  = SAVE AU $3.17
BUY 4  = SAVE AU $4.22


E Juice Discounts

Vaporfi contest winnerThe company offers many different promotions and discounts on their e juices. Two of the best are the ‘Blend of the Month‘ and a monthly E Juice contest winner, which is a special customer-created blend that Vaporfi recreates and sells at a discounted price.

( Usually AU $15.83 for 30ml of juice)


Vaporfi Shipping Costs

VaporFi offers four shipping methods for international shipments to Australia.

Priority international shipping is only $3 more than standard and can be as quick as 6 business days, although there is a Fedex/UPS option for those that want to guarantee the quickest delivery.

Free Shipping – Orders over AU $350

Standard Int’l Shipping – No Tracking (15-21 business days)  = AU $12.90

Priority Int’l Shipping – With Tracking (6-12 business days)  =  AU $ 15.87

Expedited Shipping – Fedex/UPS (2-4 business days) = AU $ 46.64

Orders are shipped within 24 hours and can come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Grand Reserve Collection: Premium E Juice for Cloud Chasers

Vaporfi Grand ReserveVaporfi’s Grand Reserve collection brings together gourmet inspired flavours and a high VG ratio (30/70) to give great taste, along with thick vapour production.

The bold flavours are pre-steeped, so are ready to vape on delivery. The Reserve line of E Liquids ships in to 2 sizes, 30ml & 60ml.  Some of the most popular flavours include Havana Beach, Catch Ya Latte, Rainbow Custard and Meringue O Tang.



3 Pack SamplerVaporfi E Liquid Sample Pack

The 3 pack sampler is suitable for vapers who are trying VaporFi’s e juice for the first time. It lets you choose three different samples in varied flavours and nicotine strengths to determine the option that works best for you.

The 3 pack sample is available for AU $32.99


Blend of the Month

VaporFi offers vaping enthusiasts the option to sign up for the Blend of the Month Club. Club membership is available for $14.99 a month and lets you try the company’s specially created and unreleased varieties for the flavour category you choose. Some of the available flavour categories include tobacco, menthol, dessert and fruit. Customers can also avail free shipping by signing up for the club membership.


VaporFi’s Pre-filled Cartridges

VaporFi also features pre-filled cartridge packs that don’t need to be refilled. The cartridge can be used with VaporFi’s express battery and is disposed after use. Price for a pack of 5 cartridges starts from AU $19.79



Mount Baker Vapor E-Liquid

Mount Baker Vapor

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml – AU $10.54


mt Baker VaporMount Baker Vapor is a premium e-cigarette company characterized by 100% USA made e-liquids. The company also offers a range of starter kits and accessories in e-cigarettes.

Mount Baker Vapor is the go to vendor if you seek e juice of exceptional quality and taste in your budget. With hundreds of different options in flavours and the standard 15ml bottle of e juice starting at AU $ 10.54 you can easily find an option that matches your preferences and budget.

Mt Baker Bottle Sizes & Prices

  • 30 ml = AU $10.54
  • 240 ml = AU $52.00

Mt Baker Vapor Discounts

Customized E Juice

You can customize your e juice in any way you like. For instance, you can adjust the PG and VG ratio, flavour strength, and level of nicotine. Such advanced customization options make Mount Baker Vapor one of the preferred e juice shopping destinations of many advanced vapors.


Flavour and Nicotine e liquid Choices

Mount Baker Gwar liquidsMount Baker Vapor offers an endless list of premium class flavours in e juice. The company also offers its premium line of e juice, branded as GWAR. GWAR is characterized by a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 and carries a delicious taste. A 30ml bottle of GWAR comes for $10.99.

MBV e juice comes in six different nicotine strengths, ranging from 0mg to 24mg.

In addition to their standard and premium e juices, customers can also create their own DIY e juice by shopping for different ingredients, including bottles, flavoring and nicotine.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the ingredients of MBV e juice are fresh and you may have to leave the cap open and oxidize your bottles of e juice before you can start using them.

Also called steeping, the process requires you to keep the e liquid with the cap open for a day or two. This will let the flavour mature properly and bustle with the taste you desire.


Mt Baker Shipping Costs

MBV ships to Australia via three different services, USPS First Class Mail International DHL and USPS Priority Mail International.

Shipping charges for a standard bottle of e liquid are given below. However, the exact charges can only be determined after considering the weight of your order.

USPS First Class Mail International – AU $18.14

DHL International (Express Worldwide) – AU $25.85

USPS International (Priority Mail Express International) – AU $83.00

Items shipped via First Class International Mail may require up to 20 business days for completion.

DHL International (Express Worldwide) normally completes shipments in 3 to 10 business days. Shipment can also be tracked until delivery.

USPS International (Priority Mail Express International) requires 4 to 7 business days for completing shipments to Australia.



Popular Mt Baker Vapor Flavours




Vista Vapors

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml – AU $9.89

Vista Vapor E Liquid
Visit Website
Visit Vista Vapor's Website

Get more information on the latest e-liquid deals at Vista Vapor

Vista Vapors is an American e juice manufacturer. The company is based in Minnesota and is known for its premium options and flavours in e juice. While many other popular e juice vendors do not allow users to alter the PG and VG ratios of the e liquid, Vista Vapors’ e juice allows users to customize their e liquids in any way. The e juice also comes in different nicotine strengths, making it suitable for casual, moderate and heavy vapers alike.

Vista Vapors was founded by two conscientious friends who believed in a smoke-free world. William, one of the founders, has personally quit smoking after making the switch to vaping.

Vista Vapors is also one of the most cost-effective e juice vendors dealing in American made e juice.

Bottle Sizes & Prices

  • 17 ml = AU $6.59
  • 32 ml = AU $9.89
  • 102 ml = AU $22.43
  • 128 ml = AU $31.68

10% all orders – save money at vista vapors

The company runs a variety of promotional offers and discounts. It encourages users to sign up for their newsletter or become their social media fans for a 10% off coupon or use our coupon code below.

10% Off Everything at Vista Vapors!


1 FREE E-Liquid bottle for orders over US $15 ( AU $ 19.80 )

In another exciting offer, Vista Vapors is offering a free bottle of e juice to every customer. The limited time offer allows you to grab a free 12ml bottle of your favourite e juice from different options, include American tobacco, banana, black cherry, blueberry, muffin bubble gum, butterscotch, cinnamon, icy menthol, green apply, root beer, tobacco red and watermelon.

The company is so confident about its e juice that it is willing to give away a free bottle with a spend of AU $19.80


Flavours and Nicotine Strengths

Vista Vapors features a variety of bustling flavours in different categories, such as candy, dessert, drinks, fruit, menthol and tobacco. The e juice is available in six different nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 24mg.


Random Roulette – 9 Bottle Pack

A random selection of 9 bottles of juice in the mail for an outstanding price of AU $38 (just $4.22 a bottle!) The bottles will vary in size, but will be no smaller than 17ml and might be as large as 102ml………Click Here for details


VistaSelect_GroupProduct_cloud__27403.1426002810.1280.1280Vista Select Bundle

Vista Select is Vista Vapors’ premium e juice line. Also called the cloud series by Vista Vapors, Vista Select is one e juice you cannot ignore. Featuring 10%PG and 90%VG, Vista Select is available in 30ml bottle sizes. Some of the options in Vista Select include AltoStratus, Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus and Nimbostratus.

The Vista Select Bundle deal lets you grab the complete line of Vista Vapors’ premium e juice for $54.99.


Vista Vapors Shipping

Vista Vapors offers shipping to Australia via special low rate International and USPS First Class Mail International.

Local Post (Low Rate International) – AU $9.88

USPS (First Class Package International Service) – AU $17.62

The exact shipping charges may vary depending on weight of your order.

Shipments made via First Class Mail International have a tracking number but offer limited tracking information. Shipping may take up to 20 business days.




Central Vapor E-Liquid

Central Vapors

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml – AU $18.70

Central Vapors is an American e juice manufacturer that operates from Dallas, Texas. The company boasts more than 100 unique flavours in e juice that are 100% USA made. Central Vapors uses only USP-graded, US-sourced, kosher certified PG/VG.

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Flavours and Customization Options

Central Vapors’ e juice can be customized to meet the needs of basic and advanced vapors alike. You can choose e juice from hundreds of flavours in candy, cinnamon, drinks, coffee, desserts, fruits, menthol and tobacco.

Central Vapors’ e liquid comes in different nicotine strengths. Only lab-graded nicotine is used to make the e juice. The available nicotine strengths include 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. Advanced vapors can also choose the PG/VG ratios ranging from 100% PG to 30PG/70VG.

With such vast customization options for e juice, you will easily find the e liquid that works for you.

Bottle Sizes & Prices

  • 10 ml = AU $7.51
  • 30 ml = AU $18.70
  • 50 ml = AU $28.70

Vape Discount Deals

22% off All E Juice Flavours
Get Deal

This deal goes out to a few lucky customers ordering from Central Vapors on certain days chosen by the company . The jumbo discount deal lets you grab two 30ml bottles of your favourite e juice for the low price of one.

At $20.52 AUD, you will need some strong reasons to turn down this whopping offer.

Bottle and Packing

Central Vapors’ e juice comes in 3 sizes: 10ml, 30ml and 50ml. The standard 10ml bottle comes for AUD6.83. You can upgrade to 30ml bottle for an additional AUD 11.40. For a 50ml bottle, you are required to spend an additional AUD22.80 on top of the price of standard 10ml bottle.

In addition to a safety lid, the e juice bottle also has a dripping tip, making it easy to refill your e-cigarette with e juice from the bottle.

Central Vapor


Customer Service

The company has a dedicated customer service. As opposed to many other e liquid vendors that do not offer return policy for e-liquid, Central Vapors’ allows customers to return unopened bottles of e juice if you didn’t like it for any reason.



The company runs different promotional offers from time to time. You can also look for coupon codes for a price rebate.

Every order is also accompanied with E liquid ‘Sampler of the Day’, which is complimentary e liquid from Central Vapors.

Central Vapors also offers numerous discounts and promotions on different leading e-cigarette starter kits, batteries and accessories.

The company is also offering custom designed labels on the bottles in another promotional effort. For instance, you can print your business name or logo on your bottle of e juice.


Central Vapor Sample packeJuice Sample Pack – $28.44

For $28.44, this value deal gives you an opportunity to try Central Vapors’ top line of e juices at a low price. You get to choose five 10ml bottles of the company’s e juice collection customized to your taste, strength, flavour and preference.

As opposed to sample pack offers of other leading vendors, this is a premium deal that gives you the option to completely customize each and every bottle in the sample pack in any way you like. For instance, you can adjust the PG/VG ratios of the e juice, select nicotine strength and choose your top flavour. You can also choose the level of flavour between normal and extra flavour.

Central Vapor Shipping

Central Vapor ships to five international destinations, including Australia and New Zealand. Shipments are completed through United States Postal Service Priority Mail with limited tracking. International shipment may take 3 to 10 business days for completion.

USPS First Class Shipping Australia (7-21 Business Days) = AU $25.00

DHL Express (2 – 3 Business Days) = AU $46.00

However, the exact shipping charges can only be determined after considering the weight of your order.



Popular Central Vapors Flavours




Vaper Empire

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml –  AU $11.95

Vaper Empire E-Liquids

Vaper Empire e-lquidsVaper Empire is a leading online retailer of e-cigarettes and e-liquids in Australia. The company offers a range of premium e liquids that are also available on many online vaping stores of Australia. The company has also started shipping to destinations outside of Australia including China, UK and NZ.

Owing to the ongoing restrictions on sale of nicotine products within Australia, the company ships its e liquid from facilities outside of the country.

Vaper Empire Discounts

Premium E Liquid

The premium line of e liquids includes some of the finest tastes and flavours known to vapers. With more than 50 premium flavours to choose from, Vaper Empire classic’s range starts at AU $11.95, while the premium Artisan collection and Boutique range are priced at $15 AUD on every 10ml bottle e juice. You also get to choose the nicotine strength for your e juice, but it lacks the option to alter the PG/VG ratio of the liquids.


Vaper Empire Artisan_CollectionVaper Empire Value Packs

Vaper Empire makes it easy for you to calculate your e juice needs. For a user who smokes a pack a day, 1 x 10ml bottle of Vaper Empire e juice will last up to a week.

Based on this calculation, you can safely import up to 12 x 10ml bottles, or 3 monthly supply of your favourite e juice as per Australian law. The value pack of 12 premium e juice bottles is available for $120.00 AUD.

Likewise, you can also import the 6 bottles value pack for the price of 5.


Shipping and Returns

Vaper Empire offers two shipping options to Australian customers:



Standard Flat Rate Airmail Service is 6-12 days worldwide delivery

DHL Premium Express Service is a 3-5 days worldwide delivery (From dispatch date) and offers an accurate end-to-end tracking service




Mig Vapor Liquids

Mig Vapor

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml – AU $22.30

Visit Website
Visit Mig Vapor's Website

Get more information on the latest e-liquid deals at Mig Cigs

Mig Vapor is an up and coming brand with a range of premium e liquids. The company also offers a range of next generation electronic cigarette devices for use with their e liquids.

Mix your own juice with mig vaporBased in Coral Springs, Florida, the company offers two different categories of e liquids: the standard line of e-liquids and the premium MigQuid E Liquid, plus an option to mix your own e-juice.


Flavours and Nicotine Strengths

The standard range of e liquids by Mig Cigs comes in 12 different flavours, including watermelon, blueberry, red zeppelin tobacco and Sahara light tobacco.

Customers can customize the PG/VG ratio of these e juices and choose between five different nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 2.4mg.

Mig Vapor juice flavours

Bottle Sizes & Prices

  • 15 ml = AU $14.50
  • 30 ml = AU $22.30
  • 60 ml = AU $39.50
  • 120 ml = AU $65.30


MigQuid – Premium E Juice by Mig Cigs

Premium E Juice from MigVaporThe premium line of e-juice by Mig Vapor comes in 17 stunning flavours and is available for AU $23.70. Some options in MigQuid include Caribbean Freeze, Berry Smash, Half Baked, Dragons Blood, Tiger Tears and Blueluna.

As with their standard line, MigQuid PG/VG ratio cannot be altered by customers.


Safety Features

Mig Vapor conforms to the highest safety features in all phases of operations.

Their e juice is prepared from the finest pharmaceutical grade substances.

The bottles feature a safety lid and come with a dripping tip that simplifies the e liquid refilling process.

Mig Vapor Cartridges

Mig Vapor also offers different e-liquid cartridges for use with their batteries. Mig Vapor cartridges come in different flavours, including Red Zeppelin, Menthol Cool Blast, Classic Vanilla, Miami Fusion, Grape and Green Tea.

Mig Cigs cartridges can be refilled up to 3 times before requiring replacement.


The company runs a referral program whereby you get to vape for free by referring a friend to Mig Vapor social media fanpage. You can also look for their coupon codes to enjoy additional savings on your order.


Mig Vapor Shipping

The company ships to a limited number of international countries, including Australia. There are four different shipment methods available to customers:

USPS Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box = $35.95

USPS Priority Mail International $47.50

USPS Priority Mail Express International $63.95

FEDEX International Priority $67.42

The Express Mail option allows you to track your shipment until delivery.




Virgin Vapor

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml – AU $26.30

Virgin Vapor

Visit Website
Visit Virgin Vapor's Website

Get more information on the latest e-liquid deals at Virgin Vapor

Virgin Vapor e-liquid

Virgin Vapor is one of America’s leading e liquid vendor. The company deals in 100% USA made organic e liquid. Committed to improving the global vaping standards, Virgin Vapor has also become a member of AEMSA, the American E Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association.

The award winning e liquid vendor specializes in organic e juice that is manufactured to the highest standards using only the finest ingredients.

The e juice is packed in glass bottles with a dropper. You can also purchase the bottles separately if you’re looking to mix and match different ingredients to craft your own e juice.

Custom E Juice

Virgin Vapor e juice can be customized between 100% VG and 50VG/50PG. You can also select between five different nicotine strengths.

Bottle Sizes & Prices

  • 15 ml = AU $15.20
  • 30 ml = AU $26.40
  • 60 ml = AU $44.80
  • 120 ml = AU $79.00


Virgin Vapor3-Pack Samplers

Virgin Vapor allows you to try some of their best flavours in value packs of 3 samples. The samples are suitable for vapers who aren’t sure what flavours to buy.

To make things easier, Virgin Vapor offers samplers in different categories, including Best Sellers, Super Sweet, Virgin Vapor and Absolute Virgin.

The sample bottles come premixed at 12mg or 0mg nicotine and are PG free.

Deal of the Week

Looking to vape some quality e juice on a low budget? Then check out Virgin Vapor’s deal of the week. With exciting price discounts, you can easily find an e juice that meets your pocket.

And while you’re at it, you can also participate in their Raffle of the Week for a chance to grab a free 1 ounce bottle of e-liquid.


Virgin Vapor Shipping

Virgin Vapor ships to many international destinations including Australia. International orders are completed via FedEx or USPS International Mail. Every e liquid bottle is bubble wrapped and stored in a ziploc bag.

USPS First-Class Package International Service = AU $22.75
DHL Express (5 business days) = AU $25.59

USPS Priority Mail International = AU $46.50





Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml – AU $16.30

Halo Cigs E-Liquids

Halo Smoke Juice is a premium e liquid manufactured by Halo Cigs in USA. Halo Cigs has evolved over time to deliver some of the most exquisite options and flavours in e juice using only the finest ingredients.

The company pays a lot of emphasis on consumer safety and employs the highest grades of glycerin, propylene glycol and nicotine in the making of their e juice. Halo Cigs also requires its production facilities to use only Pharmaceutical and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade ingredients.

Halo Cigs utilizes the same care and attention in the manufacturing of e juice bottles. The bottles get a safety lid, which is a handy feature. It also comes with a dripping tip that makes it easier to refill your e-cigarette using the bottle.


Flavours and Nicotine Strength

Halo Cigs puts together some of the finest flavours known to vapers. With over a hundred unique flavours to choose from in categories, such as premium, tobacco, menthol and gourmet, you are more than likely to find an option that soothes your nerves. And then, there’s also the specialty flavours by Halo Cigs that we’ll be covering shortly.

Halo smoke juice comes in five different strengths: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. This makes the e juice suitable for all types of users, ranging from non-smoker to moderate and heavy smoker.

Bottle Sizes & Prices

  • 10 ml = AU $7.51
  • 30 ml = AU $18.70
  • 50 ml = AU $28.70


Speciality Flavours

Turkish Tobacco E-Liquidturkish_2

Halo Cigs features a variety of premium e liquids. While just about every e juice made by Halo Cigs is worth a shot, this is one of our absolute favourites. Bursting with taste and characterized by smooth vapours, this e juice is a real treat for tobacco lovers.

With price for 7ml bottle starting at $5.99, you can also order 30ml bottle by paying an additional $14.


HX3 E-Liquid

HX3 E-liquid features a balance of menthol and tobacco and is especially known for its terrific vapor production and strong throat hit.

The price of 7ml bottle is $5.99, while the 30ml bottle comes for an additional $14.


Freedom Juice E-Liquid

Freedom juice is tailored for country lovers and vapers who are passionate about nature. The e juice tastes like mildly sweet tobacco and is a delight to smoke throughout the day.

The 7ml bottle comes for $5.99, while the 30ml bottle can be purchased for an additional $14.


E-Liquid Sample Packs

This is one of the best deals in e juice you can get your hands on. Halo’s e-liquid sample packs are suitable for vapers who wish to try a variety of Halo’s exquisite flavours and options in e juice as opposed limiting themselves to only one option. It is also suitable for users new to the company and looking to taste some of their best offerings in different flavour category before making up their mind. Some of the flavour categories include tobacco, menthol and gourmet. The sample pack contains six 7ml bottles, allowing you to get 42ml of Halo’s premium e-juice.

The e-liquid sample pack is available for $24.99.

Halo Shipping


Halo Cigs ships to Australia via United States Postal Service. Currently, three different services are available:

Priority Mail International – $11.65

Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box – $24.75

Priority Mail Express International – $54

Orders shipped via Express Mail International can take 3 to 5 business days to arrive. Orders dispatched via Priority Mail International may take 6 to 10 business days for completion.


E liquids from Caktus Vape

Caktus Vape

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml – AUD $15.95

Caktus Vape is a New Zealand based e liquid vendor that manufactures a smCaktus Vape E-Liquidsall boutique range of fruity flavoured e juices at great prices.

In addition to producing stellar vaping juices, the business is also known to offer cheap and quick shipping to Australia, making it a good option if you need your nicotine juice a.s.a.p

The company also stocks a decent selection of vape mods, tanks, coils & accessories.


Caktus Vape Discount Code

Flavours and  Nicotine E Liquid Strength

Caktus Vape is available in a great variety of fruit flavours, including Strawberry, Tangy Grape, Pineapple, Tangy Apple, Watermelon, Toffee Apple, Strawberry Cream, & Berry Crunch.


Nicotine Strengths

The company’s e liquid is available a number of nicotine strengths – Zero (0mg), Low (3mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg)

PG/VG Ratio

12mg / 18mg50PG / 50VG
0mg / 3mg30PG / 70VG



Caktus Vape Sizes & Prices

  • Caktus 30 ml = AU $15.95
  • Caktus 60 ml = AU $24.95
  • Caktus 90 ml = AU $34.95
  • Caktus 30 ml = AU $44.95
  • Black Note 30ml = AU $34.95


Black Note E-Liquid at CaktusGuest E Juices

If custom e juice is your thing, then Caktus Vape should be on your watch list. The company is an official supplier of Black Note e liquids, the well known tobacco juice specialist. They stock a great range of tobacco flavours with many of them winning awards as some of the best flavours in their class.

Caktus also stock Halo e liquids; another US juice supplier that is renown for its excellent tobacco flavours. Although they do not stock Halo’s full range, the advantage of buying through Caktus vape is the quicker shipping times to Australia.


Caktus Vape Shipping

Free Shipping On Orders over AUD $120

Caktus Vape offer very quick shipping to Australia

Standard Shipping ( 3-6 Working days ) = AUD $ 8.75

International Courier ( 2-3 Working days ) = AUD $ 20.68

Allow extra days for rural and outside metro areas.




No. 1 Ejuice

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml – $14.98

No.1 Eliquid

No. 1 Ejuice is a premium e juice vendor out of London, UK. The company offers a line of impressive e juices from some of the top brands. It also crafts its own premium line of e juices, branded as No. 1 Ejuice.


new-ejuice-bannerOne Stop for Top E Juice Brands

There are hundreds of top options in e juices all in one place. This is your go to destination for anything e juice. With popular names, such as Hangsen, Gemini Vapors, 4 Seasonz, Five Pawns and Adam Bomb on the display, you can easily find an e juice that meets your personal preference and budget.


Best Offer

To make things easier, No. 1 Ejuice advertises its value deals separately, allowing you to get a range of your favourite e juices at a low price.


No1 Ejuice No. 1 E Juice 4 Pack Offer

No. 1 E Juice 4 Pack Offer includes 4 speciality flavours: Pinky Snog, Devil Kiss, Juicy Joy and Danger Island. Available in 4 different nicotine strengths, the flavours are premixed at 70%PG 30%VG.

The 4 pack offer costs £11.00.


15% 0ff discount code – on orders over $50

No. 1 Ejuice offers a number of promotional deals. The e juice vendor has a Deal page where it advertises special price discounts and other exciting deals on its e juice brands.

It also runs a customer loyalty program that requires visitors to sign up for an account on the website.

No1 E Liquid Shipping

No. 1 Ejuice bases its customer service in London. All products carry a 30 day money back guarantee. Any unopened e liquids can also be returned to the company, provided their seals haven’t been pealed off.

International shipments are completed via International Air Package and International Sign services.

International Air Package – £2.5

International Sign – £7.5

Orders over £45 are entitled to free shipment via International Air package, whereas orders over £60 become eligible for free International Sign.

International shipments take 7 to 15 working days for completion.


Social-Lites e liquids

Social Lites

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 30ml – AU $5.60


Social-Lites is a premium e-cigarette brand in based in Queensland. The company directly takes on its tobacco counterparts, encouraging customers and fans to replace smoking with vaping.


Social-Lites EliquidSocial-Lites Premium E Liquid

Social-Lites also offers a premium line of e liquids. The company offers dozens of  flavour options including Tobacco Red, Tobacco Gold, Tobacco SL1, Menthol, Vanilla, Coffee, Cherry, Peach Schnapps and Pina Colada.

The e juice comes in 5 different nicotine strengths from 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg. The company sources its nicotine only from Germany.

Social-Lites manufactures its e liquid using only certified ingredients from European suppliers. The standard size of their e juice bottle is 10ml. The needle dropper makes it easy to refill your cartomizer or clearomizer with their e liquid.

Bottle Sizes & Prices

  • 10 ml = AU $3.50
  • 30 ml = AU $5.40
  • 250 ml = AU $23.25

Their e liquid is also backed by 30 day money back guarantee.


Create Your Own E-Liquid

Social Lites Create your own e liquidMake your own e-liquid with over 60 base flavours, 3 strength levels of flavour (Low,Medium,High), multiple option of VG/PG mix and 6 different levels of nicotine.

This is a great option as the level of customization is high and the social Lites prices are still as low as for the pre configured e juice.

Social-Lites Discounts


Customer Service

Social-Lites customer support team can be reached for any inquiries relating to their e liquids and starter kits.

You should also get in touch with customer service for returns and replacements.


Social Lites Shipping

Social Lites offer very quick shipping to Australia

DHL ( 3 – 5 Days ) = AU $18.31

FedEx ( 3 – 5 Days ) = AU $ 22.99



Liberty-Flights E-Liquids

Liberty Flights

Vapour Production

5 Star Liquid


5 Star Liquid

Pricing: 10ml – AU $13.50

Visit Website
Visit Liberty Flights's Website

Get more information on the latest e-liquid deals at Liberty Flights

Liberty Flights is a British premium e-cigarette and e-liquid vendor. The company attracts customers from different parts of the world. Its premium e-juice facilities are based outside of Australia, and Liberty Flights requires its customers to import their stock of e juice.

Liberty Flights operates in Australia under a separate website dedicated to Australian visitors. It also offers a dedicated customer support line for Australian customers.

The company seeks to establish vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. It actively educates users on the benefits of vaping, which is devoid of the 4000+ harmful substances found in cigarettes.


Premium E Juice

Liberty Flights provides detailed information about the ingredients used in making their e-liquids. Flavours are available in different nicotine strengths ranging from zero to 2.4mg.

Flavours come in different categories, including tobacco, menthol & mint, fruit and sweet & exotic.

The price of a 10ml bottle of e juice starts from $ 13.50. You can also lower the price per bottle to $ 13.95 on ordering 10 bottles.

Liberty Flights maintain a strict testing protocol including independent laboratory testing for all their e-liquids so you can be 100% assured in the quality of their e-liquids. Their e-liquids do NOT contain: diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or any artificial colours.

Liberty Flights Current Offers


Customer Support

Liberty Flights provides clear information about the Australian regulations governing sale of nicotine substances in the country.

They also have a dedicated customer service support line that can be reached for product inquiries and complaints, 7 days a week.

A number of payment methods can be used to complete your purchase, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.


Liberty Flights Shipping

Free shipping is available on orders over AUD $150 & on any starter kit

*First time customers can get royal mail airmail shipping for AU $ 5.95

Royal Mail Post ( 21 Days ) = AUD $ 14.95

DHL Express ( 3 – 5 Days )= AUD $ 35.00


Popular Liberty Flights Flavours




Ultimate E Juice Subscription Clubs

We understand that it can be difficult to discover the perfect e juice out there. We strive to simplify your quest for the right e juice by providing these top e juice subscription clubs.

These clubs welcome new and seasoned vapers alike and act as the perfect platform for elevating your vaping experience.

Subscription clubs are also the right option for anyone looking to purchase e liquid in bulk. They provide access to a large number of specialty e juices at the most affordable prices.


Vaporfi-Blend-of-the-Month-ClubBlend of the Month Club by VaporFi

We’ve already covered VaporFi’s line of premium e liquids in the preceding Top E Juice Vendors Review section of this guide.

VaporFi also operates the Blend of the Month Club for vaping enthusiasts. Membership to the club is available for $14.99 per month and entitles you to privileges, such as:

A free bottle of unreleased and specially crafted e juice every month

Advanced customization options for your flavour

Members only contest

Special discounts only valid for club members

VaporFi’s free specialty e juice bottle that comes with the membership covers the cost of membership. You also get special discounts on different e juices, which is an added plus.



ZampleBoxZamplebox is another popular e juice subscription club and brand. Rather than limiting members to their own line of e juices, their monthly subscription covers juices from several other e juice brands as well.

Club membership entitles you to a number of privileges, including:

Receive e juice from a variety of more than 60 premium brands

Receive personalized e juice that matches your personal preference

Giveaways and exclusive coupons to enjoy even greater discounts on your e liquid purchases

Become a thought leader and introduce your local vaping community to the newest flavours and mixes

Membership is available under three different package levels.

The Silver plan costs AU $24.99 a month and entitles you to 3 x 15ml of premium e liquid.

The Gold plan costs  AU $31.50 per mouth and doubles the amount of e juice to 6 bottles.

Finally there is the Platinum plan with which you will receive 11 bottles of specially selected juice each month.

Shipping to Australia starts from only AU $6 per month for the silver package, rising to AU $ 12 for the larger subscriptions.


  1. Do any of these sellers accept PayPal?

  2. Fundraising for NNA AU and Vince Van Heerden.

    I am sure you get many such letters at the moment, so I do apologise in advance.
    I am a member of Vaper Café Australia. My name on this forum is Christina Ballerina.
    I was brought up in the UK and migrated here 18 years ago.
    I live in WA and although we are a small community, we have been very been very active in supporting the vaping scene in Australia and spreading the message Worldwide.

    I am a member of Vapers in Power UK and Casaa, among other organisations and they have been very supportive in spreading the message across the pond, so to speak.
    We are all in this battle together, I have been vaping for almost 2 ½ years after a dreadful smoking habit of 47 years, which eventually led to a 40 a day habit.

    I was at the end of my tether, because I had become incontinent through my dreadful smokers cough, until some kind person gave me some vaping equipment. Within just 1 week I had cut down to 8 a day and shortly after I was tobacco free.
    My life has changed for the better beyond imagination and I feel fantastic.

    We have a vape meet on 7th August here in WA and we would be so very grateful for anything that you can donate for our fundraising raffle.

    In the main it is for NNA AU, but if you wish to donate anything towards Vinces case this would also be very much appreciated. I feel that this poor guy has put everything on the line and unfortunately cannot afford to go any further with another appeal. But he is devastated and on the verge of bankruptcy and obviously we are wishing to do anything we can to help him with the costs which he now has to bear from the prosecution.

    Anything, to whichever cause of your choice would be very much appreciated.
    If you are willing to help us, please reply to

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  3. If you want to save massive amounts ask the retailers about buying in bulk – if you get over 100mL it works out so cheap, although you are stuck with one flavour for a while.

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