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The 6 Best Disposable Vapes 2024

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    Disposable vape pens are a great way to enjoy vaping without worrying about the cleanup or maintenance of a traditional vape pen.

    They are perfect for on-the-go use, and many disposable pens come in flavours that you can’t find in traditional e-liquid. Disposables are also an excellent option for people new to vaping, as they don’t require any setup or special knowledge.

    This article will look at some of the best disposable vape pens available today. We’ll discuss their features, design, price, and other important information.

    1st Place


    Simple to use, excellent throat hit, plus long-lasting juice & battery. The vorteke disposable has the winning formula.





    Comparing Disposable Vapes

    Disposable vapes come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of performance. To help you choose one that’s right for you, we have compared some of the most popular models based on their key features.

    Brand: Capacity: Battery: Salt Nic: Puffs:
    Vorteke vorteke disposable vape 6ml 1000mAh 25mg, 50mg 1500+
    Vaporlax Draco Vaporlax Draco 16ml 1000mAh 50mg 6500+
    Phantom Max Phantom Disposable Vape 8ml 1200mAh 50mg 2500+
    Hyppe Max hyppe max 6ml 900mAh 50mg 2000+
    YAYA Pro 4K YAYA Pro 4K 12ml 1500mAh 50mg 4000+
    ALLO Ultra Allo Ultra Disposable Vape 6.8ml 1000mAh 50mg 1600+

    Our Current Top 6 Disposable Vapes

    There are many disposable vapes on the market, so how do you choose the best one? Price is always a consideration, but it’s not the only one.

    You must also consider e-liquid quality, battery life, and overall performance. Unfortunately, some disposable vapes are made with low-quality materials and don’t deliver a satisfying vape.

    We have chosen the following brands that are known for their high-quality products. They deliver an excellent vaping experience and will not let you down!


    #1 Vorteke Disposable Vape


    9.6/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 1000mAh Battery
    • 6ml Pre-filled
    • 25mg & 50mg Salt Nicotine
    • Approximately 1500 Puffs
    • Draw-Activated
    • Perfect for brand-new vapers or as a back-up
    • Authentic flavours
    • Choice of 2 nicotine strengths
    • Nice throat hit
    • Only nine available flavours

    The Vorteke disposable vape pen is a popular choice for those looking for an easy-to-use and convenience-focused device. The large battery offers up to 1500 puffs, making it perfect for extended vaping sessions or when you want to take your vaping on the go.

    The 5% nicotine e-liquid is blended with 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and 50% Propylene Glycol (PG), giving you a smooth, flavorful vapour.

    It is a compact, portable, disposable pod vape with multiple delicious flavours. The high-grade ingredients used in the e-liquid ensure a smooth and flavourful vapour experience.

    Available Flavours: Menthol, Blackcurrant, Grape, Pink Lemonade, Mango, Banana, Tobacco, Melon, Mint


    #2 Vaporlax Draco Disposable Vape

    draco vape

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery
    • 16ml Pre-filled
    • 50mg Salt Nicotine
    • Approximately 6500 Puffs
    • Draw-Activated
    • Huge amount of vape juice
    • Accurate flavours
    • Rechargeable battery
    • It lasts 2 – 3 weeks
    • Only ten available flavours

    With this product, Vaporlax has taken a step towards changing how we think about disposable products.

    The Draco holds a whopping 16mL of e-liquid, enough to satisfy even the most vaper-hungry person. Designed to be recharged, you don’t need to worry about running out of battery before the juice is finished.

    And there is a lot of juice! It holds enough liquid (16ml) for approximately six thousand puffs.

    There are plenty of different flavours available for you to try, including tobacco, menthol, fruit, mint, and even dessert options. So whether you’re looking for something sweet or savoury, you will find something you love.

    The tank portion has adjustable airflow to customise the vaping experience. It also includes a stainless steel chassis construction, making it highly durable.

    The Mi-Pod Draco is a stylish, ergonomically designed disposable vape pen that offers tobacco-free nicotine while being rechargeable. It’s a winner!

    Available Flavours: Menthol, Blackcurrant, Grape, Pink Lemonade, Mango, Banana, Tobacco, Melon, Mint


    #3 Hyppe Max Disposable

    hyppe max

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • Mesh Coil Technology
    • 900mAh Battery
    • 6ml Pre-filled
    • 50mg Salt Nicotine
    • Approximately 2000 Puffs
    • Draw-Activated
    • Unique & tasty vape juice
    • Huge range of flavours
    • Excellent throat hit
    • No tobacco flavours

    The Hyppe Max disposable vape pod is the new larger design of the famous Hype brand line. Featuring a built-in cylindrical 900mah battery that can last longer, up to a whopping 2000 hits. 

    The Max holds 6ml of e-juice with more (18) flavour options than previous generations, such as banana ice, lush ice, Peach ice, and Strawberry banana.

    The best thing about this device? It’s one cent per hit, making it affordable for anyone who wants to enjoy vaping without breaking their wallet.

    Available Flavours: Aloe Orange, Blue Sky, Chewy Watermelon, Cotton Clouds, Guava Pineapple Orange, Guava Strawberry, G Teddy, Kiwi Strawberry, Lemon Drop, Mango Mochi, Passion Fruit, Pineapple Sunrise, Raspberry Watermelon, Red Apple Guava, Red Energy, Strawberry Apple Watermelon, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Sky, Watermelon Blast, Watermelon Peach Pear, Naked, Mighty Mint, Banana Freeze, Cola Freeze, Guava Freeze, Lush Freeze, Peach Freeze, Strawberry Freeze, Banana Berry, Berry Freeze, Cucumber Berry, Kiwi Berry, Lychee Berry, Lychee Lemon berry, Mojito Berry, Pear Berry, Watermelon Berry, Virginia Tobacco


    #4 Phantom Max Disposable

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • Built-in 1200mAh Battery
    • 8 ml Pre-filled
    • 50mg Salt Nicotine
    • Approximately 2500 Puffs
    • Draw-Activated
    • Excellent fruity flavours
    • Nice throat hit
    • Bundle deal
    • No tobacco flavours

    The Phantom Max Disposable is a long-lasting disposable vape with a 1200mAh battery and 8ml of nic salt e-liquid. If you are a fan of fruity-flavoured vape juice, this product is perfect for you. This device’s overall vapour production is excellent, and the throat hit will satisfy any smoker looking to transition to an e-cigarette easy as pie.

    Tip: Using the bundle offer you can save 20% off phantom disposables. Mix & Match any 4 flavours to activate the discount – buy 6 disposables to get free shipping too!

    Available Flavours: Grape, Mango, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, Peach Ice, cool Mint


    #5 YAYA PRO 4K Disposable Vape

    YAYA Pro 4K

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • Built-in 1500mAh Battery
    • 12ml Pre-filled
    • 50mg Salt Nicotine
    • Approximately 4000 Puffs
    • Draw-Activated
    • Unique & tasty flavours
    • Nice throat hit
    • No tobacco flavours

    YAYA bars are the perfect vape to take on your next outdoor adventure. Get up to 4000 puffs in one tiny disposable vape! The YAYA flavours include exotic combinations and fresh classics, from mangoes with pineapple swirls to juicy watermelon popsicles.

    Pre-filled with 12ml of e-liquid flavour and 5% nicotine salt (a more substantial, more satisfying hit), these convenient tropical tastes will keep you charged throughout any journey, outdoors or indoors.

    Available Flavours: Aloe Berry, Apple Grape, Banana Ice, Cherry Soda Ice, Cool Mint, Guava Peach Ice, Honey Coco, Honeydew Ice, Kiwi Strawberry, Lush Ice, Strawberry Lemonade


    #6 ALLO Ultra Disposable Vape

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • Built-in 1000mAh Battery
    • 6.8ml Pre-filled
    • 50mg Salt Nicotine
    • Approximately 1600 Puffs
    • Draw-Activated
    • Unique & tasty flavours
    • Nice throat hit
    • No tobacco flavours

    The Allo Bar is a disposable pod device with an updated, larger juice battery. This delicate pre-filled disposable kit features a colourful body and a 1000mAh battery that lasts all day!

    Its 6.8ml pre-filled pod supports a max of 1600 puffs, while its precise airflow ensures perfect voltage for deep and decent flavour every time you vape it up! The lightweight makes this durable little friend easy to carry in your pocket or purse to take it anywhere without worrying about leakage.

    Available Flavours: Strawberry, Grape Ice, Watermelon Ice, Lychee Ice, Menthol, Fuji Apple Ice, Cola, Tobacco, Pink Lemon, Orange Ice, Mint, Grapefruit

    Disposable Vape Buying Guide

    What is a Disposable Vape?

    The Disposable Pod System is an easy-to-use pod device that allows users to enjoy their favourite e-juice flavours without worrying about messy cleanup. 

    The device comes pre-filled with your choice of e-liquid, so all you have to do is press the fire button and inhale! Disposable vapes come in different sizes depending on how many puffs you need daily. 

    Why Use A Disposable Vape?

    Disposables are an alternative for those who want to quit smoking cigarettes but do not wish to invest in reusable devices like mods or tanks. 

    They’re also great if you enjoy vaping occasionally or are trying vaping for the first time and don’t want the hassle of dealing with liquid refills, replaceable coils and all the other paraphernalia that goes along with vaping.

    How Does a Disposable E-Cigarette Work?

    With a disposable vape, you don’t have to buy replacement parts. The battery is inside the device. There’s no need for a separate atomiser or flavour cartridge since they come pre-installed.

    When you inhale on your mouthpiece, it will activate the battery, which powers up the atomiser – heating liquid within seconds that turns into vapour with every puff.

    Are Disposable Vapes Legal In Australia?

    Disposable vapes are legal in Australia. You must be at least 18 to use a disposable vape.

    0% nicotine disposable vape pens can be purchased from Australian vape stores. At the same time, importing nicotine disposable vapes from overseas is legal if you have a prescription from a registered doctor.

    How Many Puffs Can You Get?

    Disposables are available in different sizes depending on how many puffs you need daily. The disposable vape can last 2000-4000 puffs or 200-220 cigarettes, making it an excellent investment for people who smoke more than average.

    Single-Use Disposables vs Rechargeable Disposables

    Single-use disposable vapes are a great way of getting started with hassle-free vaping, as the battery comes pre-charged and optimised to last approximately as long as the liquid lasts. However, sometimes the battery dies before all e-juice is consumed, which is frustrating. Rechargeable disposable vapes can be recharged multiple times to ensure you get your money’s worth.

    Rechargeable disposable vapes can either be charged with a micro USB or Type-C charging cable (Not usually supplied) and offer a more efficient and longer-lasting alternative to traditional single-use disposables.

    Advantages of Disposable Vapes

    • Perfect for anyone looking to quit smoking cigarettes
    • Simple, easy-to-use design
    • Nicotine salts satisfy cravings.
    • Portable and convenient for any occasion 
    • Reusable electronic cigarettes are expensive and can lead to maintenance issues. 
    • No mess, no worry- enjoy the experience.
    • The disposable e-cigarette can be used when you might not want to use a typical vaping mod.
    • It doesn’t require maintenance like refilling and recharging, which saves money in the short term.
    • The most portable option on the market
    • Save time by no longer needing to recharge your e-cigs.
    • Conveniently spend less money on batteries and chargers. 
    • Disposables now have long-lasting batteries, and most can give up to 1500 puffs which is excellent for those who are always on the go.
    • Great for commitment-phobic vapers

    Disadvantages of Disposable Vapes

    • Long-term cost: Disposables are more expensive per puff than rechargeable devices
    • Not as customisable as a reusable device, so you may not find the perfect disposable vape to suit your needs.
    • The only drawback to disposable vapes is their lower-lasting battery. Disposable vape cartridges can last up to 800 puffs, less than the average e-cigarette.
    • Another disadvantage is that disposables don’t have much variation in flavour, so if you like experimenting with different flavours, this option isn’t for you!
    • Their lack of variety in nicotine strengths makes them not recommended for those looking for more potent hits or want a lighter throat hit.
    • Although great price-wise, the quality of nicotine salts in some brands is poor and can cause an unpleasant experience.
    • Limited to what flavours are available
    • They are limited in flavour profiles because they tend to be made with minimal variety – usually fruity or tobacco flavours!

    Tip For Using Disposable Vapes

    Here are a few tips for using a disposable vape safely :

    • Don’t store your vape in extreme temperatures; it will decrease battery life, and the device could auto-fire.
    • Don’t try to refill them yourself, or you may break the device!
    • Dispose of them like other lithium-ion batteries with a designated drop-off for recycling.
    • Never dispose of a used disposable in a public place, especially near food or water sources. This could be dangerous for others with an allergy or sensitivity to nicotine salts. 
    • Ensure you don’t leave your device out where pets can get at them because they might be chewing on one, which isn’t safe for their digestive system. 
    • This goes double for children since there is no childproof locking mechanism on most disposables like regular vaping mods, so ensure kids are supervised when using these devices.
    • Make sure not to cover the airflow holes while drawing on your vape (usually, the air holes are on the very bottom of your device); if you do happen to cover them up with a wayward finger, this could cause an unfixable leak.
    • It is essential to dispose of your e-cigarette when the flavour drops off. Pushing it too hard could cause a bad dry or burnt hit, and that’s not how you want your experience on this device!

    So are disposable vapes worth it?

    Consider your future vaping needs before buying a disposable vape. Suppose you are planning on strictly using the device to quit smoking. In that case, it is unlikely that this will be an effective solution for long-term use because of its inability to customise nicotine levels and personalise flavour combinations.

    If you’re looking to save money and get a better-tasting vape, I’d advise against buying a disposable one.

    Pod vapes and salt nic vapes typically offer superior performance with cheaper running costs than disposables, making them better options in the long run. 

    On the other hand, disposable vapes are perfect if you don’t have the time or patience for charging and refilling your e-cigarettes and want a portable option without any hassle!

    You may not get as much use out of them because they’re limited on nicotine strengths and flavours, but if those aren’t important to you, go ahead and try a disposable.

    But if possible, try rechargeable devices first; they last longer with more options, such as different flavours, nicotine levels, etc. Plus, it’ll save you money in long-term usage costs.


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