Best Vape Juice Australia 2023

Defining a single vape juice as the undisputed best is an impossible task. Many quality vape brands use great ingredients, modern and clean manufacturing labs and top-notch recipes. That’s why we have broken down the best vape juice in Australia into the popular juice categories. If you are searching for excellent nicotine e-liquids shipped quickly and cost-effectively to Australia, we have selected the best options from NZ and the USA. We also rated the best premium, organic, nic-salt, High VG and cheap vape liquids that you should consider when next looking to buy vape juices in Australia.



Best Nicotine Vape Juice 2023

Although not essential, most vapers prefer nicotine in their vape juice. Along with thousands of flavours, you need to consider the strength of nicotine and the PG/VG ratio of the e-liquid. As nicotine e-juice is not currently available for sale in-country, we have put together a guide on where to buy the best nicotine vape juice and have it shipped to your door in Australia.

1st Place

Caktus Vape

Excellent range of high-quality nicotine vape juice. Mix & match flavours and nicotine strengths in the Caktus Club offer.


Charlie Noble

Best Nicotine Salt E-Liquid 2023

When searching for the best nicotine-salt e-liquid, familiarise yourself with the different nicotine strengths available and how they should only be used with the correct device. Nicotine salt e-juice is best used with pod vape devices (Higher % of nicotine) or more powerful sub-ohm mods (Lower nic %). See our guide to read up on this and all the other factors when buying nicotine salts.

1st Place

Simply Salts

Awesome fruit flavours nic-salt range of vape juice, blended in New Zealand to suit Australian vapers.


Caktus Salts


Vapetasia Salts

Best Premium E-Liquid 2023

Upgrade your vaping experience with superior flavours and ingredients mixed by the industry’s best mixologists. We have selected the brands that only use consistent, high-quality ingredients along with the tastiest recipes to produce flavour you can vape all day, every day. Read the guide to find the current best premium e-liquid brands of 2023.

1st Place

Black Note

Fantastic naturally extracted tobacco vape juice that offers authentic, satisfying flavour.



Best High VG E-Liquid 2023

To get the best out of a sub-ohm tank or high-wattage vape device, you need to pair them up with high-VG vape juice. Higher ratios of vegetable glycerin will produce larger clouds of vapour while having a smoother throat hit and a milder taste. To learn all about the best high-VG vape juices on the market right now,  click the link to our updated guide.

1st Place

Mr Wicky

Great flavours, throat hit and vapour production. The complete package when it comes to high vg juice.


Bogan Brews



Best Organic E-Liquid 2023

Organic & diacetyl-free vape juice gives vapers clarity on the ingredients used to produce their e-liquids. All the recommended juice brands offer lab reports listing everything that makes up each flavour. The flavourings used are derived from only real fruit or plant-based materials. Most are also classed as GMO-free, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and a range of other factors all covered in our guide to the best organic e-liquids for Australian vapers. 

1st Place

Kind Juice

Award winning organic juice, made with quality, 100% organic ingredients


Virgin Vapor


Essence Vapor

Best Tobacco E-Liquid 2023

There’s nothing quite like the taste of tobacco, especially when it’s combined with vaping. If you’re looking for an authentic smoking experience, you must check out the best tobacco vape juice available. From classic American blends to rich and earthy English tobaccos, there’s something for everyone. You can even find variations that include menthol or spices for a unique flavour profile. No matter your preference, you can find the perfect tobacco vape juice to suit your needs.

1st Place

From Blacknote

Award-winning tobacco e-juice, made with quality, 100% natural ingredients


From Halo


From Charlie Noble

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