Are Juul Pods getting discontinued

Are Juul pods getting discontinued?

As a Juul user, you will have already noticed that buying your favourite pod flavours is more challenging than last year.

Why? Well, Juul Labs, the San Francisco based company behind the world’s most popular vape brand, has been under substantial regulatory pressure. The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Government in the US blame Juul or, more precisely, their flavoured e-liquid for a steep rise in teenage vaping in America.

This led to Juul voluntarily discontinuing all flavours apart from Classic Tobacco and menthol in autumn 2019. Sorry, folks, manufacturing has stopped on the hugely popular Mango, Cucumber or Vanilla flavours you had grown to love.

We have compiled a list of retailers that still hold stock on our Juul Australia info page if you are searching for classic Juul pods.

Will Juul ever sell mint again?


Unfortunately not. 

Juul’s Mint flavour, while being popular with adult vapers, was extremely popular with teenage vapers in the US. As the chart below shows, mint flavour outsold every other multiple times and was a prime target of health officials. 


Juul still manufactures a menthol flavour, but regulators are not worried about children vaping this. The Journal of the American Medical Association poll found menthol pods to be the least favourite with young vapers.

Where is flavoured vape juice banned?


The ban on vape flavours is coming out in the US. Sweet flavoured vape juice is not banned in Australia or New Zealand, but it directly affects Juul users. The remaining stock of the original Juul pods is quickly depleted, so if you spot some for sale, now might be the time to stock up.

Juul compatible pods


So how to feed a nicotine addiction and a love of fruit flavoured pods? Other manufacturers in the vaping industry have filled the void by producing their own range of Juul compatible fruity flavours. Brands such as eonsmoke and ziip now offer more flavours than Juul ever did, usually at a lower price or with bigger pod or pack sizes.

For more information on Juul compatible pods, see our dedicated page.

Disposable Vapes In Australia


Another consequence of the ban on vape flavours in the United States is the rise in popularity and quality of disposable vapes. The Federal Ban aimed at curbing teen vaping did not extend to throw-away e-cigarettes.

This has led to new brands and a huge range of flavours, many of which are now available to Australian vapers.


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