JUUL Australia : Buying Guide

JUUL Australia : Buying Guide 2022

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    As a vaper, you’ve likely heard of the juul.  It’s a small USB-powered device that vapes liquid nicotine, and is quickly gaining popularity around the world.  It’s a great device that’s easy to use, and is a great alternative for cigarettes, but it’s currently not available to buy at vape stores in Australia.

    In this guide, I’ll go over how to get a juul in Australia, the different type of Juul kits available and which one you should choose. 

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    Where to Purchase JUUL in Australia?

    The problem with buying JUUL devices in Australia relates to the pods being sold.

    Namely, they contain nicotine and that automatically makes JUUL Labs’ products a Schedule 7 poison.

    With how these devices are marketed towards former smokers and without the option for non-nicotine e-liquid, there’d be no point selling these devices directly in Australia.

    Juul Australia
    U got VapeMail!

    If you want to try out this pod device, you’re going to have to rely on the online market to get your fix.

    Fortunately, it’s easy enough to Google “Juul Australia” and get a page of potential sellers in just a few seconds. We recommend choosing a vape shop based in the US for the cheapest priced Juul kits or New Zealand if you want your package to arrive within a few days.

    Make sure to have your nicotine prescription just in case, but you’re allowed to import 3 months’ worth of e-juice per order, with a maximum of 15 months’ supply in a year.

    Before we cover the different starter kits options, here’s a quick refresher on what is a Juul and why they are hugely popular.

    What is JUUL

    What is the JUUL?

    What is the JUUL? In short, this type of vape is a device that uses replaceable cartridges to meet your daily needs.

    It’s a slim, low profile vape that you can carry around your pocket like a pack of gum.

    These all in one systems are designed to be used by people looking for an easy way to stealth vape.

    Marketed towards former smokers looking to switch to a new product, these USB chargeable devices are quickly becoming a favourite among new vapers.

    How does JUUL Work?

    The main device is basically a miniaturised box mod. It holds all the necessary components you need to send a current into a JUUL pod.

    Inside these cartridges you’ll find a small coil, a wick, and juice.

    All you need to work this vape is to charge it, pick your favourite flavoured pod, pop that sucker on, and you’ve got a day device with enough e-juice that it’s comparable to a pack of cigarettes.

    JUUL Starter Kit Options

    While sourcing a JUUL sounds like a difficult prospect, the reality is that you have plenty of options if you’re looking to purchase one of these pod vapes.

    Let’s break it down further and check out what the company offers.

    Basic Kit

    Juul Basic Starter Kit

    This version of the product comes with the following.

    • Rechargeable JUUL device
    • USB Charging Dock
    • A one year limited warranty

    The basic kit may appeal to those who have decided to use 3rd-party compatible pods or will use a refillable pod that can be filled with any brand of e-liquids.

    Starter Kit with Pods

    Juul Starter Kits with Pods

    This version of the kit is going to cost a little more cash, but it comes with four JUUL pods in addition to everything you’d get with the basic kit.

    The flavours you’ll end up with are ‘Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Mango, and Creme’.

    It’s not great if you’re not a fan of these flavours, but I’d highly recommend this setup for entry level vapers just switching from smoking.

    This basic set of flavours will introduce you to some of the more common flavours on the market.

    JUUL Pod Update : 2021

    JUUL devices rose in popularity for a number of reasons, such as convenience and the stylishness of JUUL over a regular e-cigarette.

    However the real reason the JUUL is so loved are the pods were the first to potent and satisfying nicotine salt e-liquid. JUUL pods have always had the throat hit that couldn’t be found unless you opted to carry around a large box mod.

    JUUL have recently had regulatory issues in the US, which has resulted in the company  reducing the number of flavours down to two – Tobacco and menthol.

    Other flavours of Original JUUL pods are still available in with some retailers, but these are getting harder to source and are no longer been manufactured by JUUL, so will disappear soon.

    Fear not!, there are a range of solution’s to the lack of flavours available from the company itself. There are dozens of new flavours available, produced by 3rd-party manufactures. We have complied a list of the best JUUL compatible pods available for shipping to Australia. 

    JUUL Pod Flavours

    Juul Replacement Pods

    Previously coming in eight different flavours, JUUL pods also come in nicotine strengths of 3% and 5%. Fresh cartridges also come in either packs of two or four.

    Below is the full list of flavours you can purchase directly from JUUL’s website.

    • Virginia Tobacco
    • Mint
    • Mango
    • Cucumber
    • Menthol
    • Fruit
    • Creme
    • Classic Tobacco

    There’s also a mixed pack offered only at 5% nicotine strength, but the flavours are the same thing you’d get from the starter kit.

    The Advantages of JUUL

    Let’s start this off by saying just how convenient a pod device is.

    If you’re the type who vapes more than a pack worth of nicotine a day? Just carry extra pods and you’re set.

    Replacing cartridges is an incredibly easy process with none of the fuss you’d normally have with rebuildables or even sub ohm devices.

    Using a JUUL
    Easy, quick, convenient vaping with a JUUL

    You don’t have to top off your tank, prime your coils, check airflow, wattage, or take any preparatory steps at all. Just pop in a pod and start vaping.

    If you’re worried about battery life, you don’t have to worry too much about it if a pod a day is enough to meet your nicotine needs.

    A full charge equals about the 200 or so draws you’ll get out of a pod, and if that’s not good enough, these devices are cheap enough that you can buy a JUUL without breaking the bank.

    Or, you know, carry the dock with you and a portable power bank in an empty pocket.

    Another positive is just how stealthy these little vapes are. You could easily mistake a JUUL as a flash drive from a distance, and the vapour produced by a JUUL is fairly minuscule.

    If you need to take a quick pull in an empty bathroom, you can be in an out of a stall after a few draws with no one the wiser.

    If you’re trying to be a bonafide ninja, you can even use the environment to mask the minute sound this device makes and hold the vapour in your lungs.

    In about 15 or 20 seconds, there’ll be so little vapour left that whatever is exhaled will invisibly melt into the air by the time you finish blinking.

    The Disadvantages of JUUL

    A Juul is a great entry level vaping device, but it does have its fair share of weaknesses.

    The first downside is cost regarding both the pods themselves as well as shipping fees.

    The inability to purchase e-juice in Australia also applies to pods, and sadly, there’s no option to buy cartridges in bulk.

    Disadvantages of juul
    JUULing can get expensive!


    Regardless, most vapers are going to go through a pod a day, so you can see why this method of vaping is going to get fairly expensive.

    And while I won’t say that you can’t refill a used cartridge, I’m not going to recommend that you do so.

    I’m fairly certain that path leads to a voided warranty, loss of flavour, further decreased vapour production, leakage, and possible safety hazards.

    And speaking of vapour, you won’t be cloud chasing anytime soon. The tiny size of the wick, low power, and lack of airflow options, cripples any potential this device has in making huge clouds.

    If you’re just starting up with vaping, a JUUL is a great place to begin, but it isn’t the best option for vapers looking for a powerful mod.

    If you decide a JUUL is not for you and want to find about  you other options when vaping in Australia, visit our home page for more reviews.


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