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17 Best Vape Brands for Aussie Vapers

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Vaping is a popular and healthier alternative to smoking. Vape pens and mods come in all shapes and sizes and are customisable to give that personalised touch. As for vape juices, there’s no shortage of choices. Every taste is seemingly catered for.

Vaping is a growing industry, and with that growth comes a cabal of manufacturers with the perfect product supposedly tailored just for you—the discerning Aussie vaper. But how does one distinguish a reputable brand from the best-avoided fly-by-night variety?

Simple. By reading this list of the 17 best vape brands for Aussie vapers.

For those who simply want the list of vape brands; here it is:

Best Brands For Vape Pens & Mods:

1. Geekvape



4. Vaporesso

5. Voopoo

6. Freemax

7. Vandy Vape

8. Joyetech


A word on brandology. A good brand should exude quality and trustworthiness. In a relatively new and rapidly growing sector where regulation hasn’t quite caught up with development, the customer should be protected from poor-quality products and harmful ingredients. 

This list comprises many brands that have proven themselves to be reputable in the vaping industry and have invested in the excellence of their products in terms of quality, reliability, expertise and support.

So without further delay, our favourite vape brands:

The Best Brands for Vape Pens & Mods:

Geek vape

1. Geekvape

First up is Geekvape. Geekvape is everything you want from a vape manufacturer. Excellent products, stellar customer support and the kind of expertise that every Aussie vaper deserves.

Geekvape was founded in 2015 in the tech-savvy city of Shenzhen. Since then, Geekvape has brought a healthier vape experience to over 30 million global customers and boasts a community of 2 million members on social media.

Passion, innovation, quality and community are the guiding principles of Geekvape. And who can deny it? With models including the iconic old-school Griffin, the million-plus selling Wenax Stylus, and the Aegis X and legend(L200), Geekvape has something for everyone—from starter kits to more sophisticated gear.

In modern terms, the word geek has come to mean expert. So, go ahead, bring out the geek in you.




Founded in 2010 and again hailing from the tech capital of Shenzhen, SMOK has over 80 million consumers worldwide.

And you can see why. With a dazzling product range, including the futuristic RPM 4, the elegantly simple Stick G15 Pod Kit, and the eye-catching MORPH POD-40, there’s a vape to match every vaping taste and style. With customer support to match, what’s not to like?

SMOK is all about the vaping community. And to prove this fact, SMOK has launched an app called IVPS Tour, a place to share, chat and exchange tips.



In existence since 2015 (no prizes for guessing where it’s based), UWELL has put innovation, strict quality control and tip-top manufacturing at the heart of its brand ethos.

And it shows. With a stable including the draw-activated Yearn Neat 2, Caliburn, KOKO and the legendary Crown V, the product line exudes quality, compliance and style.

With after-sales, customer care and downloadable product manuals aplenty, you’re guaranteed a safe and reliable vaping experience.


4. Vaporesso

Vaporesso puts taste, safety, ease of use and style at the centre of its product development.

PMTA-certified (the equivalent of our TGA) Vaporesso vape products are as compliant as they are cool. And what a lineup it is. The Xros POD MOD is compact elegance personified, while the shock-resistant FORZ TX80’s rugged good looks can take just about anything you care to throw at it—and that’s to mention two.

Vaporessos ingenious Powershop programme means you can earn points by promoting your favourite Vaporesso kits, vape mods, tanks and coils. Points that can be traded in for prizes, giving you a stake in the direction and future of the company.

How’s that for bringing customers on board?


5. Voopoo

Voopoo has been around since 2010 and places emphasis on technology and innovation.

It boasts a wide range of vape products: from the cloud chasers’ dream, the all-powerful Drag X plus, to the visually striking “smart chipped” Vinci series—vape pens and small mods don’t come any better.

Boasting three ‘platforms’ TPP, PNP, and POD, to give you the best in atomisation and taste, Voopoo places you squarely on the cutting edge.


6. Freemax

Freemax’s brand mission is to provide innovative and reliable middle to high-end vapes and vape pens to an international market. Racking up 20 million users in over 100 countries, it does just that.

With a product catalogue that combines the sleek sub-ohm charms of the Marvos T 80W, and the Autopod 50, the world’s first Double Mesh Coil Pod Mod Kit, Freemax has all the bases covered. 

PMTA certified (TGA, remember), and with excellent after-sales, Freemax is certainly a vape brand for the cognoscenti.

Vandy Vape

7. VandyVape

Superior performance, flavour and quality have been the core values of VandyVape since its creation in 2016.

And if the Gaur-21 Mod, the lightest dual 21700 Boxmod ever, and the waterproof Jackaroo Dual 18650 Mod are anything to go by, those first principles are very much alive and kicking today.

With an extensive product list including vape mods, kits, atomisers, coils and accessories, VandyVape has all your vaping needs covered.

Customer support comes to you from both China and the US.


8. Joyetech

Again, innovation and compliance are the keys to the success of the “forward-thinking” Joyetch vape company.

Joyetech’s wide-ranging catalogue includes the fabulous Evio C, boasting All-Time Stable Technology or AST for short, and the blindingly easy-to-use eGo Pod that promises a throat ‘hit’ like no other. 

Joyetech has excellent product support with firmware downloads (bye-bye to the infected device) and its own online vape shop. So getting hold of a Joyetech product should be a cinch.

Best e-liquid brands

Best Brands For Vape Juice:

Now that we’ve got the hardware out of the way. Let’s move on to the substance at the heart of the matter. It is the e-liquid itself.

Vaper Empire

9. Vaper Empire

Kicking off the second half of this list is Vaper Empire. Vaper Empire is an Australian premium vape juice brand that provides exceptional vape hardware and its own tastefully packaged e-liquids. 

And it’s the e-liquids we’re particularly interested in here. To be exact, Classic and Artisan series e-liquids boast delicious flavours as diverse as Cola, Creamy Custard, Passion Fruit, Caramel Tobacco, Mixed Fruit, Cappuccino and Mango, to name but a few.

Popular flavours, dessert flavours and fruity flavours. You name it, and Vaper Empire has it.

With its vape and e-liquid stores online, nothing could be easier.

Caktus Vape

10. Caktus Vape NZ

Operating out of neighbouring New Zealand, Caktus Vape NZ offers Aussies one of the best online vape store experiences going.

With over 150 different premium flavours of nicotine e-liquid—ranging from Grape to Mystic Menthol—Caktus Vape lets you specify “nic” types and “nic” strengths. So if it’s a Caktus Tangy Apple flavour, freebase nicotine, in a 6mg strength bottle you’re looking for—you’ve got it. 

Favourite vape flavours can be bought in bundles with popular vape pens.

Run by a couple of Kiwi musicians, the Caktus premium vape juice brand is all about customer focus. Expert advice in the form of a live chat is available seven days a week. What a friendly bunch!


11. Pachamama

Brought to you by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Pachamama specialises in nicotine-based e juices of the exotic “fruity flavour” variety—like Pineapple Ice, Strawberry Guava, Fuji Apple and Huckleberry Pear.

And what’s more, they come in disposable varieties too. The state-of-the-art compact vape is prefilled with 4 ml of premium e-liquid, containing 5 per cent pure synthetic salt nicotine, which guarantees around 1200 puffs per cigarette.

How is that for convenience?

mt baker vapor

12. Mt Baker Vapor

For the best in popular flavour “nic” liquids, vapes and accessories, look no further than Mt Baker Vapor.

Flavour favourites such as US Blend Tobacco and Spearmint compete with Blueberry and Juicy Cube Vape Juice (imagine strawberries, guava and succulent blackberries) for your attention. Simply choose your nicotine strength and PG to VG ratio, and you’re good to go.

With top-notch customer support in the form of live chat and secure payments, what’s not to like?

Esaypuff NZ

13. Easy Puff NZ

Easy Puff NZ’s product range includes e-juices, vape starter kits, vaping MODS and accessories to give you the complete one-stop experience.

The first dedicated online vape shop in New Zealand, EasyPuff, is all about authenticity and expertise. Its own Easy E-Juice range includes Menthol, Caramel, Tobacco Red and Strawberry flavours. All you need to do is decide on nicotine strength and a PG/VG ratio to find the perfect “hit”.

With a help desk, live chat, and nearly everything you could need under one roof, why go anywhere else?

Simply e-liquids

14. Simply E-liquids

Simply is a new line of no-nonsense e-liquids brought to you by the mixologists responsible for Mr Wicky, Alpine Cloud Co., and Hunting Cloudz vape juice sensations. 

As the name suggests, Simply is all about flavour. So go ahead and choose from the wide range, including Mango, Blackcurrant, Berries, Apple, Grape, Lime, Peach and Pineapple. And if you fancy something a little cooler, try the “On Ice” version of each flavour.

Simply flavoursome, and that’s all there is to it.

Charlie noble

15. Charlie Noble

Now we’re off to Kentucky to meet the best of American mixologists, Charlie Noble.

Actually, Charlie is an “it”, not a “he”, as the website is at pains to point out. Pronouns aside, Charlie Noble produces a dizzying range of e-liquids, including Classic, Lime, Mango and Slush varieties. Charlie Noble has every taste covered.

Charlie Noble offers some very attractive subscription plans delivering your favourite e-liquids to your door at a frequency of your choosing. Who could want more?


Jam monster

16. Jam Monster

If fruit flavours are your preferred vape, then Jam Monster is sure to have the e-liquid for you.

Brought to you by the brilliant Monster Vape Labs, Jam Monster includes all your favourite flavours of jam: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, as well as your, perhaps up until now, not so favourite flavours: Banana and Lemon—interesting!

Decide on a PG to VG mix, choose your nicotine strength, and banish those cravings for good.

Bogan Brews

17. Bogan Brews

Bogan Brews’ E-liquids include Bloody Ripper, Coorong Cola, Fair Dinkum, Ridgy Didge, and strictly for the cricketing enthusiast Six N Out.

As the names suggest, Boan Brews E-Liquids are quintessentially Australian and all about having fun. Nic shots are optional.

Bottled in New Zealand and created in Australia (obviously) by the Vaping Bogan, Bogan Brews has a flavour to tickle every Aussie palate. 


So there we have it—the 17 best vape brands for Aussie vapers. There should be something in it for everyone. Whether you happen to be looking for a reputable brand of an e-cigarette starter kit or it’s a great-tasting juice that you need, all bases have been covered.

All that remains is to relax and enjoy the health benefits of vaping over traditional smoking. It is time to kick that filthy old habit into the grass, preferably of the very long variety.


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