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Since our launch back in 2014 OzVapour has been at the forefront of the vaping community in Australia.

As a group of like-minded vaping enthusiasts, we wanted to give Australians information and advice about an alternative to smoking.

Widely accepted around the world, vaping still gets a tough time in oz, but we will keep educating on the benefits of vaping.

As a team, we have been brought together from various walks of life through our shared love of vaping. After trying numerous smoking cessation aids, each of us hit upon a vaporizer of some shape or kind and has never looked back.

Luckily for you, the choice and quality of vaporizers in 2023 are amazing. There are now products catering for every possible niche that you can think of.

Were you a heavy smoker? well, there’s a high-powered mod to keep you satisfied. Just an occasional social smoker? then the latest trend in discreet pod devices could be the answer you’re looking for.

Often the best advice is to start with a simple device and see if satisfies your cravings. If not maybe you will need to change to a more powerful vape or maybe change your e-liquid.

OzVapour has also been quoted or mentioned on major websites with a focus on health, vaping, retail and legal matters like:

  • bodyandsoul.com.au
  • aacs.org.au
  • legalisevaping.com.au
  • veppocig.com
  • centralvapors.com

Our Review Process

The reviews that we post here at Ozvapour are all conducted by real vapers, testing products over a period of weeks, giving their honest opinions.

We aim to let you know –

  • Which vaporizers are good and worth the money
  • Which models to avoid
  • What makes one vape different from another
  • Tips to make your vape sessions more enjoyable
  • The best vape stores to shop at
  • And, lots more besides

Please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions, something you feel we should cover on the site or if you have a product you would like us to review.

Let the vaping commence!

Jim Lawson

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Jim Lawson

Chief Editor

Smoking since my late teens, with a few unsuccessful attempts to quit behind me I discovered vaping in 2012. I have been smoke free since. As a tech geek, I love how vaping allows me to try new set-ups & new innovations. When i’m not testing vape products for ozvapour I can be found watching the EPL or hiking a national park.

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