OZ Vapour Review Process

OZ Vapour Review Process

At OZ Vapour, we prioritize transparent and accurate product reviews. Our goal is to provide readers with clear, unbiased insights to make informed purchasing decisions. To ensure that our reviews are reliable, we follow a structured review process.

Here’s an overview of our review procedure:

Brand Vetting: 

We research each brand’s history, reputation, and transparency. Only those that consistently demonstrate quality and trustworthiness are considered for review.

When vetting brands, our review team looks extensively into the company’s background and practices. We research how long they have been in business, their manufacturing and extraction processes, whether they control their own supply chain, and who comprises their leadership team.

An important part of the vetting process is looking into customer service policies and how brands handle complaints or product issues. We check policies around shipping, returns, refunds, and warranties. Additionally, we investigate any past incidences of recalls, FDA warning letters, or violations to gain a full picture of the brand’s transparency.

Real User Feedback: 

We collect customer reviews from various third-party platforms like Reddit, YouTube, forums, and product review sites to incorporate candid user perspectives. By gathering reviews from diverse sources, we can better analyze the overall sentiment toward a product and what users most commonly praise or take issue with.

We carefully evaluate factors like the average rating, number of reviews, how recently they were posted, and what pros and cons arise frequently. We compare real user experiences to our testing results throughout the review process to provide a balanced perspective.

Third-Party Testing: 

We require up-to-date third-party lab reports that verify both product safety and potency. We carefully review these reports before featuring any product.

When reviewing lab reports, we check that an ISO 17025-accredited lab has tested products to verify testing standards and methods. Reports should test for major cannabinoids like THC and CBD potency and residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. We confirm the reports are current and match the product batch number. Additionally, we ensure labs follow proper testing procedures by looking into their certifications and standard operating procedures.

Firsthand Usage: 

Our reviewers personally try out each product, evaluating factors like vapor quality, flavor, effects, and ease of use.

Our reviewers test each product hands-on to evaluate key aspects like vapor production, draw resistance, battery life, leakage, ease of assembly, and flavor accuracy. We aim to test products across a range of devices and with reviewers with varying experience with vaporizers or CBD.

This provides a complete picture of how customizable and enjoyable the product is for both beginning and advanced users. Our reviewers take detailed notes on the sensory experience and effects of using each product.

Objective Reviews: 

Compensation doesn’t influence our reviews. We aim to provide clear, unbiased feedback to help readers make informed choices.

Review Layout:

When writing reviews, we format them in an easy-to-digest way for the reader. We focus on key factors like price, ease of use, flavor and vapor production, effects felt, and how a product compares to competitors.

Reviews include summaries, pros and cons lists, star ratings for each metric, and photo or video demonstrations when helpful. We aim to give readers all the details they need to make an informed decision.

A Few Points to Note:

  • Affiliate Commissions: Some reviews may generate affiliate commissions. However, this doesn’t affect our review’s content or opinions.
  • Unpaid Reviews: We don’t accept payment to write reviews. Our main goal is to provide clear and accurate information.
  • Sample Products: Sometimes, we receive sample products from vendors for testing. This does not influence the content or direction of our reviews.

We’re here to offer clear, reliable information on vaping and CBD products. If you have any questions or need further information, please get in touch with Us.