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Vape pens have been around since forever. When vaping first burst into the scene, there were two kinds of e-cigarettes available for users – cig-a-likes and vape pens. Cig-a-likes are considered entry level devices designed to mimic the feel and ergonomics of smoking.

As for vape pens, these were offered as a more ‘advanced’ option, providing more power and customization at the cost of being a bit more bulky than cig-a-likes. The size difference between cig-a-likes and vape pens are substantial, but vape pens are still portable. Thus, users looking for a more advanced cigarette than their cig-a-likes aren’t sacrificing much in terms of portability.

While cig-a-likes will always have its niche in the market, vape pens too have their fans looking for a portable, customizable, and more powerful alternative. Below we have the best vape pens for users looking to explore the world of vaping more and upgrade from their cig-a-like starter kits.


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Best Vape Pens Australia 2018 (with Nicotine)

Vaper Empire V-Twist Series Starter Kit

V-Twist Series Deluxe Starter Kit

Great Adjustable & Easy To Use Vape Pen!

Vaper Empire V-Twist Series Starter Kit


What's In The Box

One of the downsides of cig-a-likes is the lack of power from it. With the Vaper Empire V-Twist, users not only get more power, they can also adjust it to their liking. Variable voltage allows users to dial in their preferred output, from 3.2v up to 4.8v, to suit their taste. Cig-a-likes top out at 4.2v, and while this may be enough for some, there are those who’d like to push things up further.

Aside from variable voltage, the V-Twist also allows users to adjust the device’s airflow. From mouth-to-lung inhales to direct-lung inhales, the V-Twist caters to both styles of vaping, and everything in between. More airflow results in more clouds, while a restricted airflow gives users a similar draw to analog cigarettes. Combined with a 900mAh battery, the V-Twist is a vape pen capable of giving you your preferred vape, all day long.

Each V-Twist Series Starter Kit includes one variable voltage 900mAh battery, one clearomizer tank with adjustable airflow, a USB power cable, one Vaper Empire Australian USB power adapter, and a user manual.

Liberty Flights Taste E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Liberty Flights Taste E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Simple to Use, Good Value Starter Vape Pen!

Liberty Flights Taste E-Cigarette Starter Kit


What's In The Box

Another 900mAh-class vape pen, the Taste E-Cigarette Starter Kit by Liberty Flights is a device targeted at cig-a-like users looking to take the next step in vaping. The Taste is an upgrade in terms of power and customization.

Cig-a-likes usually have 100-300mAh batteries and users are stuck with cartomizers that need to be replaced every time the e-juice runs out. With the Taste, you get a huge boost in power with 900mAh and the ability to reuse your atomizers when the e-liquid runs out, refilling them with whatever flavor you want.

The tank included has a capacity of 2ml, which is good for a whole day of vaping. But even if you run out of e-juice in the middle of the day, you can simply unscrew the tank and refill it anytime with whatever e-juice you have on hand. Easy and efficient, without having to throw away a perfectly good atomizer.

Each Starter Kit includes one manual 900mAh battery, one Kanger EVOD2 clearomizer, one high speed USB charger, and one 10ml bottle of XO e-liquid.

V2 Pro Series 3X Vaporizer Kit

V2 Pro Series 3X Vaporizer Kit

Excellent, Fully Featured Vape Pen!

V2 – Pro Series 3X Vaporizer Kit


What's In The Box

Cig-a-like users looking for advanced customization in a portable package, the V2 Pro Series 3X may just be the device you are looking for.

Sized just slightly larger than your typical cig-a-like, but with variable voltage, temperature settings, motion activated LED battery sensor, and the ability to swap out atomizers with different resistances make the 3X one of the more advanced portable vape pens around.

Atomizer heads come in at 0.9ohm, 1.2ohm, and 1.5ohm resistances to give users a range of options when searching for the perfect vape. Whether you want more flavor or more clouds you can simply swap out the atomizer heads to get the vape you need. There is also a built-in airflow adjustment ring to ensure you get the perfect vape, all the time.

From atomizer resistance to e-liquid choice, airflow adjustment to variable voltage, there’s little reason to not find the perfect vape with the V2 Pro Series 3X. Each kit includes one vaporizer, an S3 VG Liquid cartridge, an S3X Liquid Cartridge, interchangeable atomizer heads, a USB charger, and a User Manual.

VaporFi Beginner Vape Pen Starter Kit

VaporFi Beginner Vape Pen Starter Kit

Great Starter Vape Pen Kit!

VaporFi – Beginner Vape Pen Starter Kit

  • Solid Build Quality
  • Good Vapour Production
  • Includes Custom E-Liquid

  • No Airflow Control


What's In The Box

Don’t let the ‘beginner’ tag fool you. The VaporFi Beginner Vape Pen Starter Kit is anything but. If anything, the ‘beginner’ tag is there to introduce you to a whole new world of advanced vaping. Coming in strong with a powerful Pro 3 1000mAh battery and a Pro 3 tank that allows you to refill it with your favorite e-liquid, this Vape Pen allows you to customize your vape just like the pros do.

While it does not have variable voltage capabilities, this device gives you an experience more akin to mechanical mod users wherein you work with the direct output of the battery and customize accordingly using various coil resistances and different e-juices.

Robust, beautiful, and worth every penny, the VaporFi Beginner Vape Pen opens up a new world for you, especially if you are coming from cig-a-likes. Once you move up th evaping ladder, it’s hard to look back.

Each Bundle includes one Pro 3 tank with a pre-installed 2.0 ohm atomizer, a Pro 3 1000mAh battery, one USB charging cable, a wall charging adapter, five additional Pro 3 2.0ohm atomizers, a user manual, one black teflon drip tip, and a 30ml custom lend bottle of your preferred e-liquid flavor.

Aspire Pockex Vape Pen Kit

Aspire Pockex Kit

Mini Sized but Great Performing Vape Pen!

Aspire – Pockex Vape Pen Kit


What's In The Box

Aspire has been around for some years now and many vapers recognize the name as one of the best tank makers in the business. With the Pockex Kit, the company has combined its tank expertise with their very own vape pen technology to produce a well-designed all-in-one device that promises to deliver flavor and vapor enough to satisfy even hardcore vapers.

All-in-one vape pens, or AIOs, have been around for a long time, though recently these types have been growing in popularity for its performance and overall value. The Pockex reflects that by giving users a satisfying vape at an affordable price.

Users who get the kit will get one Pockex AIO, a pre-installed 0.6ohm coil, a replacement coil, one user manual, and a USB cord. For those looking for an all-in-one solution where you don’t need to buy any other separate parts and just need to add e-juice, the Pockex is one to consider.

Smok Stick V8 Baby Vape Pen Kit

Smok Stick V8 Baby Vape Kit

2 Day Battery & Great Tasting Vape!

Smok Stick V8 Baby Kit


What's In The Box

A step above other vape pens, the Stick V8 Baby Kit offers more power and more customization options than most other kits. With a 2000mAh battery and a TFV8 Baby Tank, the Stick is sought after, not just by beginners looking to move up, but by advanced vapers as well looking for a portable alternative.

The 2000mAh allows users to vape longer, but what sets the Stick apart from others is the included TFV8 Baby Tank. Widely considered as one of the better tanks in the market for flavor and cloud chasing, the TFV8 Baby Tank is a smaller version of Smok’s hugely popular TFV8 Tank. Differing only in size, the TFV8 Baby Tank shares the same design with its big brother, thus giving users the same flavor and vapor production that has made the TFV8 a hit among experienced vapers.

A sub-ohm device, expect to churn out massive clouds of vapor with the Stick. If you’ve ever wondered how sub-ohm vaping feels like, this is one of the best devices to start with.

Each kit includes one Stick V8 2000mAh battery, one TFV8 baby tank, one 0.15ohm dual coil, one 0.25ohm dual coil, one vape band, a user manual, and a USB cord.

Best Vape Pens Australia 2018

Buying Guide and F.A.Q's

Frequently Asked Vape Pen Questions

When buying a vape pen, know that you are entering a much more advanced world of vaping that is far different from cig-a-like starter kits. With vape pens, you are able to customize your vape experience, whether by adjusting the power to swapping out atomizer heads to using your preferred e-liquid.

As with any new experience, there will be questions.

Below are answers the frequently asked questions you might have about vape pens.

How do you refill?

When and how do I replace the atomizer?

How long will my battery last?

What kind of maintenance do I need to do?

These questions all correlate to which Vape Pen model is right for you, while only you can truly answer them, let us help you by breaking it down.

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How do you refill?

With cig-a-likes, once you run out of e-juice, you change the whole atomizer with a new one. With vape pens, you simple refill it and you are good to go.

However, the question remains, how do you refill?

Well, not all tanks are created equal nor refilled the same. But the general idea is you unscrew the top cap, insert the nose of your e-liquid bottle into the refill hole, and slowly fill it with e-liquid.

Once full, you simply screw back the top cap and you are good to go. Now, some tanks might require you to remove the whole glass part and refill from the bottom, but the general idea is the same.

When and how do I replace the atomizer?

Atomizers last a good while before needing a replacement. But eventually, they do wear out and you’ll need to replace it with a new one.

You’ll know when your atomizer needs replacing when the vapor starts to weaken and the flavor starts to wane. You can still use it, though the experience won’t be as satisfying.

If your atomizer stops firing at all is another sign it needs replacing.

Now how do you replace it?

After draining the tank or clearomizer of its e-juice, you can remove the tank and unscrew the atomizer head. This is usually located in the middle part of the tank. Screw in the new atomizer, place a few drops of e-liquid on the atomizer, and replace the tank.

Fill the tank with e-juice and let it seep through the atomizer’s cotton for a few minutes. Once the new atomizer is settled with e-jucie, you can start vaping again.

How long will my battery last?

There are two answers to this question, one that pertains to daily use and another that means the whole life span of the battery.

When it comes to daily use, the battery can last a day or so of moderate vaping for batteries with 900mAh or more. Chain vapers might find themselves recharging at least once in the middle of the day.

Though larger mAh batteries, one with 2000mAh or more, can last you a whole day of chain vaping as long as you don’t do sub-ohm builds.

As for the whole life span of the battery, expect it to last a good year or so. After the first year, you might notice some drop-off in daily battery life, and after two years, this drop off might be too massive to make it usable.

Of course this all depends on how often you use the device. I have had batteries last me for more than three years because I cycle them with other batteries.

What kind of maintenance do I need to do?

With every device, maintenance is required to ensure it lasts a long time. With vape pens, a weekly clean up is ideal, though monthly will suffice.

Batteries must be kept clean and dry always. There will be times when e-liquid will spill or leak onto the battery. When this happens, wipe it off completely. Remove the tank if possible and wipe dry the whole battery.

For the tank, dismantle it and wash it all with running water. You can soak them in vodka too if you wish to remove all traces of flavor from it.

Don’t get the atomizers wet though since they have cotton in them that loses its efficiency when wet. Unless you are using rebuildable atomizers, keep the atomizer heads away from water.

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How to choose the right device

Choosing the right device is always a personal thing. Whatever you hear from others don’t always match with what you want or need. That said, the best we can do is guide you through the process.

There are a ton of vape pens out there and choosing the right one for you might seem like an impossible task. Aside from the aesthetics, you also need to consider the power you need, the amount of customization you want, the ergonomics, and of course, your budget.

There are vape pens that cost upwards of $100, while some less than $30. Some affordable vape pens perform better than the more expensive ones, while some are worth every penny.

Then there are the features.

If you just need something where you can refill the ejuice, there are devices for that.

If you need variable voltage, there’s a vape pen for you. If you want to go sub-ohm, you can check out the more advanced models. There are vape pens that can do one thing well, while there are some that do all things better. Price matters of course.

If you need a vape pen that does all of the above, and then some, then be prepared to shell out more.

In a nutshell, it helps to do a little research first about the devices you are interested in.

Why pay extra for variable voltage if you won’t need it?

Why save a few bucks for a simple device when you know you’ll need more. The best advice we can give is to enjoy the journey. As long as it keeps you off cigarettes, then more power to you.

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