Best Cloud Chasing Vape Kits 2021

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    In the world of vaping, there are two types of vapers: flavour seekers and cloud chasers.

    Flavour seekers are those who don’t care much about wattage or voltage, and they usually use e-liquid with a higher nicotine content. Often, these vapers are the ones who try to achieve the sensation of smoking.

    Tight draws, low to mid powered mods, and high nicotine e-juice are what these kinds of vapers look for.

    Now for the cloud chasers. These are the vapers who want massive plumes of vapour with every draw.

    To achieve this, they often employ high powered mods, low resistance coils, loose draws, and low nicotine e-juice usually high in VG.

    Cloud chasers are oftentimes experienced users who enjoy tinkering with their mods. They also have the requisite knowledge to ensure their own safety.

    When you hear of vape competitions, more often than not all the contestants are dedicated cloud chasers. Even those who do vape tricks cloud chase. After all, how would one do tricks if they put out weak vapor?

    Here we showcase the best cloud chasing vape kits for those who are looking to get into the vapour chasing game.

    #1 VooPoo - Drag 3 177w Kit


    • Great build quality
    • Excellent Temperature Mode performance
    • Big screen full of information
    • Looks and feels good in hand
    • No overhang on 28mm
    • Top fill tank
    • Multiple coil options


    • Difficult to maneuver battery door

    This product from VooPoo nets you just about everything you’ll need to get your vape on.

    Getting the basics out of the way, this dual 18650 box mod comes with the great Gene chipset, and is known for its excellent temperature control.

    And despite using dual 18650 batteries, this box mod is actually fairly compact and lightweight for the literal power it packs.

    Depending on where you purchase it from, this kit will either come with a full sized 5.5mL TPP pod tank or a 2mL NRG Mini for those vendors in Europe.

    While I can’t say anything good about the latter when it comes to capacity, the former is going to last you for quite some time.

    I’d bet good money that most of you won’t even be carrying extra juice after the first few days of ‘aggressive product testing’.

    Chain vaping in layman’s terms.

    I’m having a difficult time trying to find anything terrible to say about this device. The build quality is top notch, there are a dizzying array of options to use for your vaping pleasure, and it looks cool to boot.

    The Drag 3 isn’t going to break your bank either, not if you’re looking up deals.

    While it’s normally going to cost around $90 USD, you might be able to find it for as low as $60 USD on some websites such as Directvapor.

    For those who like their vaping equipment to be lightweight, sleek-looking and compact, this might just be the mod for them. The Drag 3 is designed for cloud chasing with a 177W Maximum Wattage Output , dual-18650 batteries, and temperature control features.

    When you first open the box for the Drag 3, one of the first things that catches your eye is the sleek leatherette finish on this device. By maintaining the original elements that made the device popular while implementing contemporary elements, VooPoo has created a new best-in-class product.

    #2 Vaporesso - Gen S 220w Kit


    • Fantastic build quality
    • Multiple coil compatibilities
    • Easy to fill design
    • Huge juice capacity
    • Staggering number of protections
    • Large number of different modes
    • Easy to replace batteries
    • Simple and intuitive menu
    • Big colour screen


    • No difference between normal and hard preheat

    Yet another kit from the venerable Vaporesso, this bundle comes with a dual 18650 Gen S mod and an NRG-S tank designed for mesh coils.

    The box mod itself is rated for a maximum of 220 watts meaning you won’t be having any issues with high powered vaping.

    Like other top-quality box mods, the Gen S comes with a staggering variety of different mods and protections.

    These include BYPASS mode, TCR adjustment, Super Player mode, short circuit, burn, and overcharge protection just to name a few of Gen S’s features.

    This device is so over-engineered you’d probably have to run it over, hit it with a taser, and maybe cook it over a fire with some marshmallows to really get it to break.

    Figurative overhyping aside, I’m seriously impressed with this kit. Besides the box mod being of top tier quality despite its price, I’m also a fan of the NRG-S tank.

    With 8mL of e-juice capacity, you aren’t going to be running out of vape fluid for a day at the very least. You’ll probably even have enough left over for another day or two.

    The slide and fill design is a charm to use, and the fact that you’re filling it from the top means you won’t have to fumble around with your device to fuel it up.

    There are also plenty of options when it comes to the types of coils you can use in either the Vaporesso QF or GT line of atomisers.

    #3 GeekVape - Aegis X 200w Kit


    • Exceedingly tough design
    • Easy to use menu
    • Excellent power performance
    • Monitors individual batteries
    • Boost circuit
    • Water resistant
    • Bright,  large screen


    • TC mode limited to 40 watts
    • A bit unwieldy

    GeekVape is just one of those companies. It’s like talking about BMW and knowing that just about whatever you’re looking to buy is going to be a top-quality product.

    It just so happens that the Aegis X kit isn’t going to hit your credit score quite so harshly.

    I actually mean that quite literally in a sense. This kit isn’t going to cost you much compared to some of the top tier products on the market.

    As far as prices go, the Aegis Legend is of a middling price at around $60 or $80 depending on where you purchase it from. Not that this means it comes at the price of quality or functionality.

    This dual 18650 box mod is an upgrade to the original Aegis which used a single 26650 battery.

    GeekVape’s Aegis X Box Mod is like the legendary warrior god of Greek mythology; it has a sleek and robust design with an IP67 rating for water resistance. It also features GeekVape’s advanced AS 2.0 Chipset, which offers temperature control options as well as 200W output power to keep you vaping all day long without needing a break! The device includes a large OLED screen so that you can see everything clearly while tailoring your vape experience exactly how you want it.

    Indeed a god among mortal vapes, the Geekvaper Aegis X Box Mod proves that durable mods don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to be loved.

    #4 iJoy - CAPO Squonker 100W Kit


    • Portable
    • Can use different sized batteries
    • Up to 100 watts of power
    • Kit includes adapter to fit 18650 batteries
    • Can use 21700/20700/18650 batteries
    • 9ml capacity squonk bottle


    • No Menu (can be a positive for beginners)
    • Smaller OLED compared to its predecessor

    We can’t have a “best of” list without having a squonker right? Squonkers have been around for quite some time but regulated squonkers are a different story.

    The iJoy Capo was a great mod, and to follow it up, the company has now released the iJoy Capo Squonker.

    Capable of firing up to 100 watts, the new Capo will suit the needs of most vapers out there, especially beginners. However, the rated 100 watts will only work when it is paired with a more powerful 21700 battery.

    If used with an 18650, the mod can only fire up to 50 watts. There is also a 3.7 voltage limit to avoid nasty accidents. This limit can also be a con if you are looking for a more powerful mod.

    Aesthetically, it looks the same as the previous model, and is still portable. No small feat given that it can use up to 21700 batteries.

    The protruding battery cap is still there as well as the huge firing button. The OLED screen is slanted, to give way for the 9ml squonk bottle, and is slightly smaller tahn the original Capo’s. But all relevant info is still there and is quite legible.

    There are no menu systems, since all you do is adjust wattage up or down using the lightning bolt shaped buttons on the side.

    Hardcore vapers may find this disappointing, but its simplicity is welcome for newbies to the world of regulated vaping.

    The included atomizer is iJoy’s own Combo RDA, which performs great and is well-crafted. Able to use dual coils, you can expect heaps of clouds from this tiny performer.

    In all, the iJoy Capo Squonker 100w Starter Kit offers great value and is one of the best and easiest ways to get into squonkers.

    Cloud Chasing Kits Buying Guide

    Cloud Chasing Kits

    Choosing a Cloud Chasing Kit


    Aside from the cloud chasing kits above, there are tons more out in the market to choose from. While the above are our top picks, you might find something else that suits you that’s not on the list. That said, when choosing a cloud chasing kit, there are some things to consider.

    Are you a heavy vaper?

    This is important. Heavy vapers can be described as those who vape non-stop. Pausing only to drink or eat. They usually have their mod in their hands all the time, or at least have easy access to it.

    There’s nothing wrong with being a heavy vaper as long as you practice common courtesy to non-smokers and non-vapers (like vaping only where smoking is allowed). If you think you are a heavy vaper, choose a mod that has more than one battery.

    Single battery mods won’t last long in the hands of heavy vapers, and unless you don’t mind swapping batteries out often, a dual- or triple-battery mod is what you want.

    Power vs Portability


    When choosing a kit, you have to choose between power and portability. As a general rule, the bigger the mod, the more power it can produce.

    However, there are some cases where wattages exceeding 200w are available in smaller mods. If you prefer to vape discreetly, a small mod with limited power is what you need.

    But if you don’t mind lugging around a big device, dual- or triple-battery mods is a wise choice. With bigger mods, aside from the power output, you also get more battery life and, as is often the case, more features.

    Do you build your own coils?


    Some vapers thrive in building their own coils, while others make do with the convenience of ready-made, disposable ones. While you get a degree of control in your vape when you build your own coils, the convenience of ready-made mods cannot be ignored.

    There are even atomiser heads used in competitions, so if you worry about not being able to chuck enough clouds with disposable coils, you are mistaken. Performance-wise, building your own or purchasing pre-built coils are not too far apart. But the DIY route is often the most cost-effective way.

    Got Batteries?


    Multiple battery mods will require you to invest in several pairs. This can be a bit pricey, especially if you are on a budget and just starting. You will also want to invest in a bigger battery charger as well.

    For those who are coming from simple vape pens, these can significantly add to the total cost.

    However, if you already have several batteries lying around, this is not an issue.

    For those who don’t want to invest in batteries yet, a mod with built-in power is what you need to look for, such as the Smok Micro One.

    While the ability to swap out batteries is lost, you save some money from having to purchase separate one and spares.



    Finally, we have your experience level. Advanced mods usually need advanced knowledge in vaping. Because when you are cloud chasing, you play around with amps, wattages, and what-not.

    While safety features are in place in most modern mods (except mechanical ones), there is still a chance that these might fail. Knowing how to vape safely within the limits of your setup is extremely important. Pushing a mod too far can result in a broken mod at best and losing part of your face at worst.

    If you are starting, getting a small, simple mod with limited power is best. Using prebuilt coils is also recommended to avoid short circuits. But for experienced vapers, as long as you practice proper safety, you’ll do fine with whatever mod you choose.

    Final Thoughts
    Cloud chasing vape kits


    The world of cloud chasing is far different from vaping with a vape pen or cig-a-like. The satisfaction of blowing out massive plumes of vapour that obscure your view is an experience best felt personally.

    While some vapers exclusively cloud chase, some alternate between flavour seeking and cloud chasing.

    Personally, I have two setups on hand. A small, simple tube mod filled with high nicotine e-liquid for flavour and my nicotine fix, and a dual-batt hybrid mod for cloud chasing.

    When I’m out and about, I use my small mod to get my nicotine fix anywhere. It barely produces any vapour, but the high nicotine content makes sure I get my cravings in check. With my cloud chasing set-up, I leave this at home (though occasionally I take it out with me, albeit rarely, and enjoy the thick clouds it produces in the comfort and privacy of my own home.

    That said, it doesn’t mean you have to leave your old vaping habits behind for those looking to get into cloud chasing. There’s a place for flavour seeking and cloud chasing. Having access to these two worlds of vaping is what makes this ‘better’ habit fun.

    Start with an affordable set-up so that you won’t lose too much money on it if ever you don’t enjoy cloud chasing. But if you find that chasing clouds is your cup of tea, welcome to a new world of vaping.

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