Solutions for a stuck vape tank

Stuck Vape Tank (Top 5 Solutions)

Fixing a stuck vape tank: Our top 5 solutions

When vaping, the usual stuff we do when we tinker with our mod and tank is cleaning, refilling, and changing the batteries.

If you rebuild your own coils, you can add that to the list as well. But every once in a while, we need to remove the whole tank or atomizer for some general cleaning.

This is when one of the more infuriating things that could happen, happens. You find that your tank is stuck.

You know how it goes, no matter how you twist and turn, the tank just won’t budge. You get drenched in sweat and start to curse under your breath, but nothing happens.

Don’t worry, there are solutions to this problem. So let’s erm get stuck in………

 When they become stuck, users often attempt to pull them off but this usually causes damage to the tank. In order to prevent this, here are five top tips for fixing a stuck vape tank.

Stuck Vape Tank: The Solutions

There are several ways to unscrew a stuck vape tank. Let’s run down some of the tried and tested ones.

1. Non-Stick Cloth

This first method is what works for me and my type of tank. I use a rough piece of cloth, an old chamois cloth will work, and simply use it to grip the tank and twist it off.

The cloth I use is pretty old and stiff, adding to its grippiness. New pieces of cloth might be too slippery so try to find one that’s a little bit weathered.

2. Rubber Gloves

If you have a pair of rubber gloves, wear them to get a better grip on your tank. This works like a charm, and I know a lot of vapers who’ve purchased a pair of rubber gloves simply to unscrew stuck tanks.

Garden gloves work but are a looser fit, lessening the stability of your grip. Surgical gloves are better but are thin, making them easier to break. Try one or the other and see what works for you.

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3. The ‘Ol Tap & Twist

When I’m out and about and find my tank jammed, obviously, I won’t have a piece of cloth or rubber gloves to use.

In this situation, I use the old tap trick. Do you know how mothers open stuck bottle lids by tapping the cap on the edge of a table or counter?

That’s what I’m talking about. I give the tank a few taps on whatever solid surface I find and unscrew it.

However, be careful where you tap the tank. Be careful not to hit the glass tube or tap it too hard. We’re trying to fix a problem, not cause a new one. This isn’t a very effective method, but it sometimes works in a pinch.

4. Rubber Band Wrap

If you can’t get a piece of cloth to grip your tank properly and can’t source a pair of rubber gloves, rubber bands can work.

Get a piece of a rubber band, wrap it around your tank tightly and securely, and then twist it open barehanded.

The added grip is usually enough to unstuck your tank. Simple but effective.

For your reference, here is a video on how to do the Rubber Band Wrap method:

5. When All Else Fails

For seriously stuck tanks, where the above methods don’t work, you might want to whip out a can of WD-40.

Spray between the mod and tank to help clean off the dried e-juice that usually causes your tank to get stuck.

Leave it on for a few minutes, dry it off with a clean cloth, and then try the above methods again. It just might work this time around.

If you are using a mech mod, you can remove the batteries and soak the mod and tank in warm water mixed with vinegar. This helps clean off dried e-juice as well. Again, remove the batteries first before soaking.

And only with mech mods! Do this with a regulated mod, and you can say goodbye to it almost instantly.

Stuck Vape Tanks: Final Tip

Stuck vape tanks can be very infuriating, and even advanced vapers shudder at the thought. The solutions are simple, but just like getting a sliver of wood stuck under your skin, it may be easy to deal with, but it can be irritating.

To prevent stuck tanks, make sure you don’t screw it on too tight, and you clean your mod and tank at least every week. Clean the part between the mod and tank to ensure no e-juice gets stuck and dried. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth 10mls of cure.


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