Vaper Empire V-Pack 2 Review

Vaper Empire V-Pack 2
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    Today we will be reviewing the Vaper Empire V-pack 2. The v-pack is one of the smaller products Vaper Empire sells, a cig-alike – an electronic cigarette that mimics the size and appearance of an actual cigarette.

    Cig-alikes are the earliest incarnation of the e-cigarette, and were commercially available as early as 2003 (though the idea was conceptualised much, much earlier).

    What’s In The Box
    • 1 x V Pack II Portable Charging Case in Black (1200 mAh)
    • 2 x V-Pack II Battery Stem in Black (170mAh)
    • 1 x Mini USB Power Cable
    • 1 x Vaper Empire Australian USB Wall Adapter
    • 1 x User Manual (English Language)
    • 4 x V-Pack II – Cartomiser 5-Pack

    Eventually, bigger and more powerful devices appeared and the pocket friendly devices grew less popular as the technology progressed – most people wanted bigger clouds and flashier mods.

    Nevertheless, many people enjoy using them, since they are the smallest in terms of size, and cig-alikes will be the closest one can get to the real cigarette experience.

    However, the attractive form factor comes at the cost of having lower battery capacity as well as more limited power output. Another point to note is the fact that you will not be able to rebuild the atomizers that come with it – they are truly disposable in every sense of the word, though many would actually consider this an advantage.

    Honestly, my experiences with cig-alikes have left me apprehensive; many years ago, I started my vaping journey with cheap cig-alikes – the kind you see in gas stations and mall kiosks.

    When I ventured into eGo-type batteries (and eventually mechanical mods) I never looked back, and the cig-alike experience left an unfortunate and lasting impression on me. With my previous experiences in the back of my mind, I wasn’t honestly expecting much when I first tried out the V-pack II series.

    Boy, was I proven wrong!


    The first thing that caught my attention when I opened my vape mail was the exquisite packaging that the set came in. It came in a glossy jet-black aluminum box with minimal design.

    Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to the packaging, as long as the delicate things inside aren’t damaged.

    Nevertheless, I couldn’t help being extremely impressed by the presentation of the kit – the aesthetics and attention to detail gave the impression that whatever was inside was surely put together with great care.

    The starter kit comes with one V Pack Portable Charging Case 1200 mAh (more on this later!), two 170mAh lithium ion E Cigarette Batteries, a USB charging cable, a comprehensive manual and some spare tobacco-flavoured cartomisers (this is the deluxe kit – more info here).

    First, let’s talk about the V pack portable charging case. It is an ingeniously designed carrying case for your mod, with room for several extra cartomisers, a fully assembled e-cig (battery plus cartomiser), and an additional battery in the charging slot.

    That’s right, this carrying case doubles as a 1200mAh powerbank that charges your extra battery while you vape! In my opinion, this solves the most notoriously inconvenient issue when using cig-alikes – the lower battery capacity.

    It doesn’t really matter if your battery only lasts for 30 minutes of vape time when you can always swap out your batteries and continue vaping while your second battery is charging, even without a USB power supply nearby.

    The generous 1200 mAh capacity of the carrying case can supply up to 7 full charges, which easily lasts for more than a day. Charging the carrying case couldn’t be easier – the USB charging cable that comes with it ensures that you can charge anywhere with a USB port (laptop, computer etc.).

    The charging display will indicate when the case is fully charged, and will also allow you to check how much battery is left. Charging the case takes a little over an hour, while charging the batteries takes roughly 30 minutes.

    As for the size, it’s not much bigger than my hand, and slim enough to fit in a shirt pocket. The case itself is extremely classy; it is light enough to easily carry around in a pocket, but it feels extremely rugged – it feels absolutely SOLID.

    The lovely black exterior almost feels like glass; unfortunately it’s a fingerprint magnet, but it feels VERY good in the hand. The lid of the case is spring loaded, and you can open it by sliding the front panel down. This can be done very comfortably with a thumb; it’s a very smooth action, and an absolute joy to use!

    The Battery

    The second most important part of any vaping rig is actually the battery (the first being the atomizer). It is the “heart” of your e-cig, and the capabilities and capacity of the battery directly translates into how much power you can use, and for how long.

    The V pack’s batteries are 170 mAh; while they don’t have as much capacity as the more popular 18650 batteries (which usually have over 2000 mAh), they get the job done.

    Each charge lasts over an hour of conservative vaping, and the handy PCC (portable charging case) more than makes up for the smaller capacity. You can charge the first battery in the PCC while vaping the second, and by the time the second battery runs out of power the battery in the PCC’s charging port is fully charged.

    As for the performance, naturally you won’t be sub-ohming with these batteries; these batteries were made for a more natural cigarette-like experience with supplied cartomisers – low power, tight draw but excellent flavour. Appearance-wise, the batteries are stunning; almost like they were made of black jade.

    Atomizer & Cartomizers

    If batteries are the “heart” of an e-cig, then the atomizer would be the soul. The V-pack comes with proprietary cartomisers that are also available separately for purchase as refills.

    Older cig-alikes came with one atomizer; the heating element is separate from the cartridge where e-liquid is stored To refill, one must replace the cartridge. When atomizers wore out (usually in less than two weeks), it was time to buy a new one.

    This was actually what put me off cig-alikes in the past since you would have had to buy an entirely new set – replacement atomizers weren’t commonly sold.

    In contrast, The V-pack’s cartomisers are one piece, with the heating element integrated with a filler material that acts as a cartridge. It is truly disposable, and when the cartomiser runs out of e-liquid you replace the heating element as well.

    This makes the V-pack so much more reliable since you will not be have to worry about not having anything to vape while waiting for a replacement atomizer.

    The battery works by sensing pressure changes when you take a draw from the clearomiser when it is attached, and it turns on – no need for pressing any buttons, it works just like a real cigarette would. The tip even glows blue when you take a puff, emulating an ember on a cigarette.

    The Cartomizers that came with the V-pack are tobacco flavoured, with 18mg per ml or 1.8% nicotine. The tobacco flavouring is spot on; It is a “dry” flavour, but at the same time it also has a full-bodied texture and full of rich earthy/nutty notes with a hint of sweetness in the background that is almost imperceptible. It does not have an ashy flavour unlike some other e-liquids.

    The nicotine levels are perfect, and provided a strong throat hit which perfectly complemented the restrictive airflow – almost like a real cigarette. Needless to say, I really liked it!

    Our Verdict

    Ultimately, the V-pack gave me a new perspective on cig-a-likes; Vaper Empire did everything right and put together a very impressive kit that can provide a first-class vaping experience, very close to a real cigarette and very satisfying.


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