When to replace your atomizer

When to Replace Your Atomizer

When to Replace Your Atomizer

Atomizers and tanks are what makes mods and ecigarettes do what they’re supposed to do. Without them, you’ll be left with a highly engineered battery enclosure.

If you’ve been vaping for some time now, you’ll know that atomizers range in price from dirt cheap to something your partner would probably use as grounds for divorce.

But no matter what price range your atomizer falls into, they are designed to withstand a beating and last a long time.

However, there are times when time and prolonged use can render your atomizer either lacking in efficiency or outright useless.

But how do you know when it’s time to replace your atomizer?

Time to replace atomizer

When to Change?

If you’ve had your atomizer for some time now, its aesthetics probably don’t match up to the way it was when you got it new.

But this is not really an issue, unless you’re the type who always want shiny new things all the time. If so, then go ahead and get a new one.

But aesthetics (or lack thereof) alone isn’t cause enough for you to replace your atomizer right away. I’ve seen vapers with old atomizers from five years ago and they still work like a champ.

Sure they look worse for wear, like something you accidentally dragged on asphalt and ran over with a truck, but it still works and the owners are still happy with its performance.

Looks aren’t everything, and sometimes, the weathered appearance looks cool as heck.

Signs to Look Out For

How do you know if your atomizer needs repairs or replacing?

It does not fire at all
Leaks happen where once there wasn’t
Vapour has decreased dramatically
Vapourization efficiency has gone down
Rust has started to appear
Glass and/or steel parts have degraded
Threads on screws have been stripped
Rubber o-rings and peek insulators are cracking
Some parts have melted and can’t be removed

By no means is the above a comprehensive list, but the gist is there.

Once performance has dipped, and the materials have degraded, it’s time for a replacement. Repairs can be made of course, but you have to weigh the costs. If the cost of repairs are close (more or less) to the cost of a new one, you’re better off replacing your old atomizer.

Once performance has dipped, and the materials have degraded, it’s time for a replacement

While repairing an old atomizer can be worth it at times, especially if it holds a certain amount of sentimental value, most of the time it’s best to replace it. Why? Because atomizer technology improves at a fast rate where a top-of-the-line tech from last year is obsolete today.

I have an atomizer from four years ago that I keep in tip top shape, going as far as sourcing replacement parts from the maker himself to keep it working.

It’s a pain to build on, the outside looks like its been chewed on, but its one of the finer mouth-to-lung atomizers I’ve ever had the pleasure to use.

These days, most atomizers are all about cloud chasing, which I’m not really into. So rather than swap out my old atomizer for a newer, easier to build on, tech wonder of today, I choose to keep my old one.

I know there are new mouth-to-lung atomizers out there, but so far, none has given as much vaping satisfaction as my old one.

Atomizer or Just the Coil?

For newbies, when your atomizer conks out, you might think it’s time to change your atomizer for a new one. I have encountered many new vapers who think this is the case so the scenario is not too far out to imagine.

Before you chuck your atty in the trash, make sure first if it’s because of an unfixable failure or did the coil just give out?

This is important because while internal failures may be difficult, sometimes impossible to repair, busted coils are easily replaceable. And cheap!

If you can see get a visual on the coil, you can check for yourself whether it’s still intact or if it broke. However, not all coil heads allow you to see the coil, in which case, it’s best to try a new coil head first to see if it works.

Be aware though, that sometimes replaceable coil head arrive DOA, so if a new one doesn’t work, it may just be defective. Try several coil heads first before deciding whether your atomiser is worth saving or not.

Check Atomizer

Atomizer : Repair or Replace?

If a new coil, whether replaceable or you rebuilt it, doesn’t work. It’s time to assess the damage of your atomizer.

Check to see if there are loose screw in the atomizer and try to tighten them first. If you see some misalignment on the posts and screws, see if you can put them back in place.

Once you’ve done all these, test the atomizer again and see if it works. If it still doesn’t you can no decide whether to have it repaired or just replace it altogether.

Bring it to your nearest vape shop and ask to have the atomizer checked. They will most likely know what’s wrong and help you decide what to do. It will cost money to have your old atomizer repaired, so it’s up to you whether it’s worth it or you just add a little more to get a new one.

So What Now?

In the end, it all boils down to whether you are satisfied or not. If your atomizer still performs like a champ, there’s no need to replace it all all. However, if performance has suffered to the point that you are tempted to go back to smoking analog, it’s time to replace it.

Atomizers are built to last, but as mentioned earlier, vaping technology improves significantly every year.

Compared to those of past years, atomizers today are easier to build on, have more efficient juice wells and juice control, have better air flow, and have an overall better performance rating.

You can keep your old atomizer, take care of it judiciously, and you can be content your whole life. And that’s fine if you enjoy it. But there are times when it’s time to retire your old vaping buddy and move on to a new one.

Besides, who doesn’t love shiny new things to tinker with?

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