Vape Flavours

10 of the Most Popular Vape Flavours

A Guide to Finding Your New Favourite Flavour

Do you want to enjoy the best flavours when vaping? Vape juice flavours can be very subjective and difficult to find. Vapers have different tastes, so it is hard to know what will suit your preferences. This blog post aims to help by providing a list of the most popular vape juices in Australia. You’ll be able to find new favourites among these ten options!

What is in Vape Juice?

Ever wonder what is inside vape juice? Vape juice includes flavouring, water and propylene glycol (PG). PG has been used safely in other products such as pharmaceuticals and foods, so there isn’t much to worry about. 

Vape juices come with a variety of flavours like tobacco, menthol or fruit flavours. Vaping is popular because it allows users to enjoy their favourite flavours without the harm caused by smoking traditional cigarettes. Vapers are often surprised by how realistic these flavourings taste!

How We Chose the Best E-Liquid Flavors?

We choose the best vape juices based on popularity, customer reviews and our team’s personal preference. Vape juice can be tricky to shop for, so we wanted to simplify the process by providing you with our favourite options.

Dessert Flavours:

The best dessert vape flavours create a similar taste to the real thing, but without the texture. Vaping these Vape Juice flavours is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty about indulging! Vape juices like cake, strawberry frosting, brownies and vanilla custard have been popular for years with Vapers, who love dessert flavours!

Vaping a dessert flavour can be addicting, so when you find something you like, make sure you stock up. Our favourite current dessert flavour is –

Sweet Dreams – Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Tobacco Vape Flavours:

Tobacco flavours are the most popular Vape juice flavours. Vapers can enjoy various tobacco-based vape juices, whether they want to recreate the taste of cigarettes or try something different like cigar and pipe tobacco.

The majority of these tobacco Vape Juice Flavours are made with sweetener added in for extra flavour (some contain sugar and sucralose, while others are just sweetened with sugar). Vapers love the taste of tobacco juices and their ability to mimic cigarettes.

Sweet Dreams – Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Menthol Vape Flavours:

If you’re looking for a new vape juice flavour, try something refreshing like menthol flavours! Menthol Vapes provides users with an icy sensation that gives them a break from the heat. Vapers enjoy these flavours because they’re a refreshing break and served as an appetizer for the other juices on their list.

Menthol Vape Juice Flavours come in various strengths, so it is essential to choose one that best suits your preferences. The high strength menthol flavour can feel like a shock to the system, so it is good to start with something milder.

Fruit Vape Flavours:

Whether you’re looking for fruity flavours or dessert flavours, you’ll find what you need among these ten Vape juice flavours! Fruit juices are popular because they come in such a wide variety of options and can be enjoyed by vapers of all ages. Fruit flavours can taste like the real thing or make Vaping an experience in its own right!

If you’re looking for a change from tobacco, fruit vape juices are one of the most accessible routes to go. Tobacco Vape Juice Flavours have been around for decades, while fruits were only introduced as options in recent years. Vapers looking for variety can find it in fruit vape juices and enjoy the taste of something new!

Candy vape flavours:

Vapers who enjoy a sweet tooth will love vaping these Vape juice flavours. Vaping candy vape juices is like eating your favourite sweets without the calories and dental problems! Why do flavours like caramel, cotton candy and sour blue razz resonate with so many adults? Vapers are attracted to these Vape juice flavours because they offer a sensory experience different from other Vapes.

Sour Vape Flavours:

Sour Vaping combines the taste of sweetness with sourness, which can be an exciting contrast for any vapers who enjoy fruit juices but want something new in their routine. Vapers enjoy vape juice flavours like sour blue razz, strawberry and grape because the sweetness balances out the tartness.

Apple Vape Flavours:

Vapers who are looking for a new Vape juice flavour should try apple flavours. Apple Vapes provides users with the taste of their favourite fruit without any added sugar! Vaping these juices is different from eating an apple because it offers other sensations as well. These vape liquids can taste like warm apples, fresh apples or apple pie. Vapers can enjoy these vape juice flavours all year long because they are great for autumn, winter and summer!

Breakfast Flavours:

Breakfast Vapes are the perfect way to start your day! These Vape juice flavours taste like breakfast in a bottle and come with all of the smells, tastes and sensations that Vapers enjoy. Vaping these flavourings is an enjoyable way for people to get their daily dose without spending hours cooking or going out in the morning. Vapers who enjoy vaping these Vape juice flavours will find them in various flavours like pancakes, waffles and french toast.

Chocolate Flavours:

Chocolate Vapes can have a rich, dark taste or a sweet and nutty one depending on what vaper prefers! These flavours are great for those looking to satisfy their cravings without indulging in something unhealthy like chocolate. Vapers who enjoy vaping chocolate flavours will find them in various Vape juice options from dark to milk and white chocolates!

Caramel Flavours:

The taste of caramel is one that many adults remember fondly because it has been around for decades. Caramels juices are often found at most vape shops, and vapers enjoy vaping these flavourings because they’re a nostalgic treat! Vapers who love caramel Vapes will find them in many different flavours, including butterscotch, toffee and dulce de leche.

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