Best Sub Ohm Tanks

Best Sub Ohm Tanks 2024

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    Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market.

    Sub-ohm vaping is a great way to get more flavour and vapour from your e-liquid, and these tanks are perfect for vapers who want to take their vaping experience to the next level.

    This article will review some of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market and what makes them unique.

    1st Place

    Falcon King

    Excellent throat hit to keep you satisfied, plus super simple to use & upkeep. The Falcon King is a perfect choice for beginners. 


    M Pro 2


    Zeus Sub Ohm

    A critical component of any sub ohm vaping device is the tank. Many factors come into play when considering a tank for sub-ohming. This review dives into detail on the best sub-ohm tanks on the market today, giving you the pros and cons of each individual tank.

    #1 Horizon Falcon King


    • Cross-compatible coil system
    • Bamboo wicking system, unique to this setup
    • Large air holes
    • Sturdy, long-lasting design


    • Average tank size

    The Horizon Falcon King is the sub-ohm tank offering from the acclaimed Falcon Mesh series, which utilizes a specialised central wicking process to create enhanced flavour and vapour production.

    With a massive base of 25.4mm, a tank size of 6.0 mL, and two massive air holes that allow for customized airflow options, you’ll be able to vape consistently for multiple sessions before having to refill.

    These gigantic air slots allow for impeccable airflow, giving your favourite e-liquid beautiful flavour and vapour volume.

    When you do have to fill up your tank, the top-fill design makes it surprisingly easy. I was able to fill this tank up using a dripper and a gorilla tube quite easily, which made my day when I found out I could load it faster than other tanks I had tried previously.

    The craftsmanship on the tank ensures that it will be long-lasting: stainless steel is used throughout, with specialised Pyrex glass surrounding the actual tank so you can see exactly how much e-liquid is left.

    Along with this tank comes the HorizonTech Falcon Coil System, which is cross-compatible with a surprisingly large number of non-Falcon system – a factor that helps when you have a fully customized device.

    That same coil system utilises a bamboo wicking system to enhance flavour even more.

    #2 Freemax M Pro 2


    • Unique triple mesh coil design gives a top-notch flavour profile
    • Bold exterior design
    • Solid, durable build


    • Average tank size
    • Not compatible with many other MOD parts
    • Bottom-heavy design

    Freemax offers its most feature-filled edition of the FireLuke tank series with the Mesh Pro 2.

    This sub-ohm tank measures in at a similar size to the Falcon, allowing for 6.0 mL of e-liquid to be loaded at once.

    It utilises a bottom-focused design, with two dual-slotted airflow holes that can be customised to your preferred airflow speed.

    Its stainless steel design is fairly sleek, and some bold marbled metal colorations certainly make the Mesh Pro stand out.

    A robust resin coating covers the airflow ring and the cap at the top, giving it some flair. I enjoy the color choices available – some give the tank a sleek, futuristic feel, while others are great for a more noticeable setup.

    The Mesh Pro 2 tank setup utilises a triple mesh coil system, which is paired with a unique wicking slot design that allows e-liquid to flow inside the head of the tank at a faster rate than you would get from simply allowing the cotton to absorb it.

    This means that you won’t burn through the wicking material as quickly as you would otherwise, and you’ll get an astounding amount of vapour produced per pull. This setup also gives your e-liquid an incredible flavour profile.

    Unfortunately, the coil system that’s optimal for this sub-ohm tank is not compatible with many non-Freemax tanks.

    Therefore, if you do decide to get this tank, you’ll need to plan accordingly and purchase the same coil system and multiple other Freemax parts.

    You can find 5.0 mL and 4.0 mL versions of this tank if you prefer a smaller overall vape profile, but it’s unlikely that you’ll aim to have a smaller tank.

    #3 Geekvape Zeus Sub Ohm


    • Enhances e-liquid flavour profiles dramatically
    • Good colour choices
    • Consistent airflow


    • Small tank size
    • Louder than expected airflow

    Geekvape’s sub-ohm tank follows the trend of mesh coils and resin tank designs with its Zeus Tank.

    With its resin coloration, it looks similar to the Freemax Mesh Pro. The top-fill mechanism – which utilises a button-press locking system – is extremely easy to use, allowing you to fill it quite easily with a dropper.

    This is about all you need, as the 2.0 mL tank is only sufficient for one or two sessions before needing a refill.

    I would have appreciated a slightly larger tank,, but the threaded top cap with dual fill ports works really well.

    This tank utilises yet another coil technology, which contains Egyptian organic cotton instead of the more regular Japanese cotton.

    This technology means that the head is able to be designed with a narrower opening for liquid to move through than other tanks, enhancing flavour and decreasing e-liquid use per pull.

    Airflow is smooth once you’re able to break the tank in a bit, but was quite loud when first figuring out how much it needed to be closed.

    Don’t expect silence when using this tank, but do expect a great pull with a consistent vapour temperature no matter what settings you decide to use.

    A small gripe is with the airflow controls on each side, which use stoppers that do not click into place but simply stop moving wherever you set them.

    #4 Uwell Crown 4


    • Unique self-cleaning and flavour technology
    • Similar tank size to the Horizon King


    • Plain colour choices
    • Sticky top cap

    Uwell has entered the sub-ohm market with the Crown 4, a solid tank that provides plenty of tank volume and quite a few features to make it an integral part of any MOD.

    The 6.0 mL tank size is right up there with the Horizon King, and the base width of 26 millimeters means it slots nicely into a custom setup.

    Many of Uwell’s other pieces I’ve tried include fancy technology that isn’t found in other devices, and the Crown 4 is no different.

    There’s an airflow recycling technology known as the Pro Flavour Core Optimization System, which pushes air through the tank multiple times to exponentially increase flavour every time you vape.

    This definitely works – many of the flavours I thought were subtle from other tanks were up-front and amazingly tasty while using the Crown 4.

    Another interesting technology included here is Uwell’s new self-cleaning technology. This mostly lives up to the hype, with absolutely no condensation and leakage occurring whatsoever.

    When you need to replace the coils, you’ll find that the entire system is basically spotless due to this tech.

    The only major aspect I struggled with here was the e-liquid loading top cap.

    When you first need to add juice to the tank, the cap can be quite difficult to pry off. This problem quickly disappeared after a few uses, though.

    #5 SMOK TFV12 Prince Cobra


    • Large tank size
    • Excellent machining
    • Large air holes


    • Replacement coils can be low-quality
    • Glass can get dirty easily

    SMOK has long been a leader in the vaping industry and has honed in on sub ohm vaping with the TFV12 Prince Cobra.

    This is the latest in SMOK’s TFV12 series, taking the excellently crafted Prince and adding some new technology like the Cellular Mesh caging.

    Overall, this is a solid tank: its 7.0 mL volume is the largest of any on this list, offering enough space to comfortably vape all day.

    The rotary hinge on the top of the tank allows for easy access to that high-volume tank, and the locking mechanism implemented here ensures that you won’t have any spillage or leakage.

    The Prince Cobra’s airflow holes are structured similarly to the Horizon Falcon King, with gigantic dual adjustable holes at the base of the tank.

    These offer significant amounts of air to the coils, allowing them to aerate properly and produce a jaw-dropping amount of vapour.

    The exterior of the Prince Cobra is quite well-built and feels sturdy in your hand, with smoothly machined stainless steel throughout.

    One eye-catching feature that I enjoyed tremendously was the Magic Gradient, which makes the exterior of the tank actually change color as you vape.

    Essentially, this is a colour-changing technology that activates when the tank heats up. It creates brilliant colours that are quite pleasing to the eye.

    My Personal favourite Sub Ohm Tank

    It was a close run contest, but of the five listed here the Horizon Falcon King is my personal fav.

    Its long-lasting design and range of color choices allow the most flexibility when designing your sub ohm vape.

    The tank is easily large enough for multiple vaping sessions, and the multiple air holes allow you to customize airflow exactly how you want.

    Its bamboo coils and unique wicking technology give your favourite e-liquids flavours that you’ll likely not be able to find using other tanks or other coils.

    While the other four listed here are certainly not slouches – each offering some unique features that you may prefer, depending on your vaping style – the Horizon Falcon King delivers in all of the most important categories in a sub ohm tank.

    Sub Ohm Tank Buying Guide

    Why Use A Sub Ohm Tank Instead Of A Regular Tank?


    Sub-ohm vaping is often regarded as the most technical form of vaping, as the devices used require some mechanical knowledge to ensure they’re safe to use.

    In its simplest form, sub-ohming means that you’re using a vaping device that has an overall resistance under one ohm.

    This is beneficial for some vapers, as lowered resistance allows more vapour to be produced per hit.

    It also can lead to different flavour profiles of e-liquids, often bringing out a sweetness that less powerful vapes wouldn’t otherwise express.

    The tanks themselves are a key part of the sub-ohming process.

    The key differences that make these stand out mostly boil down to size and airflow.

    Because the resistance of a sub-ohm vape is so low, more vapour is produced – but this also means that more e-liquid is necessary to produce that much vapour.

    That’s why you’ll see sub-ohm tanks with double or triple the e-liquid capacity of other tanks.

    You’ll also notice that sub-ohm tanks will have more air holes for airflow, as you need to pass more air through to get maximum vapour production.

    What To Look For In A Sub Ohm Tank


    You may have gotten an inkling from the question before this that air hole size and tank volume are two key parts of any sub-ohm tank.

    This is absolutely true, but there are more specific features you should look for within these categories and some other factors to look for as well.

    With tank size, you’ll likely want to look for tanks with a minimum of 6.0 mL of e-liquid capacity.

    This will usually allow you to vape for one or two sessions before having to refill.

    You’ll want to find a tank that has multiple air holes – usually, two holes seems to be a sweet spot, with some offering three or more – and one where those air holes can be customized to fit your airflow preference.

    Some users enjoy using some effort to pull air through the device, while others want it to be effortless, so having a range of airflow options is necessary.

    Finally, you’ll also want to look at what kinds of e-liquids the tank is optimized for.

    Since sub-ohming is geared toward producing more vapour, many tanks specialise in liquids with a high ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol, the two suspension mixtures found in most e-liquids.

    Related: Best High VG E-Liquids

    This higher ratio leads to more voluminous clouds but may restrict some of your favourite flavour choices.

    While this doesn’t dramatically change what tanks you’ll be looking at, it’s certainly a factor to be aware of.

    Sub Ohm Tank Buying Guide


    Precautions For Sub Ohm Vaping


    Of course, resistances below 1 ohm can cause problems for any vaping device.

    This is especially true with many modified vaporizers (or MODs), which users will tweak and swap parts out of to optimize vapour production or flavour quality.

    That’s what it’s crucial to be aware of the mathematical formulas dictating how the electrical currents flow through the device, ensuring that you don’t accidentally short your machine.

    Though most vaporizer parts now have ways to cut off the flow of electricity, accidents could still happen – and dire consequences like fires or complete vape failure could occur.

    It’s a wise move to talk to a more experienced builder or sub-ohm vaper before building your own device.

    This will allow you to get some of the technical details about your tank and device setup that may be difficult to find online.


    If your vape tank becomes stuck, do not force it. This can cause the tank to crack and leak.

    Instead, try gently blowing into the mouthpiece to dislodge any obstruction. Grip the tank with elastic bands or rubbers gloves, and twist it back and forth. You can also try soaking the tank in hot water for a few minutes before trying to free it again. For more solutions read how to free a stuck vape tank here.


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