Best Squonk RDA 2021

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    Several years back, there was a glut a squonk RDAs, especially with the release of the REO (aka the original squonk mod). It enjoyed a measure of success but since the mods back then were strictly mechanical in nature, these were soon replaced by more advanced variable voltage mods.

    Having took a back seat for a while advancement in squonk technology means they are now back in vogue. Regulated squonk mods have joined the range of mechanical squonks ensuring the range of choice has grown a lot in 2019.

    With all the squonker mods available, it makes sense that squonk RDAs should make a comeback as well.

    Tanks are still great, but squonk RDAs with their low, stealthy profile, superior taste and unrivaled clouds make a compelling case.

    Squonk RDAs also also mean a larger capacity for your favourite e-liquid due to the squonk bottles design, so its it time you changed from your ordinary tank set-up?

    While that debate is for another article altogether, for now let’s focus on the squonkers.

    Here, we’ve compiled some of the best squonk RDAs available, for cloud chasers and flavour seekers alike. Before you jump in on the squonk bandwagon, educate yourself first on what RDA works best for your vaping style.

    Best 22mm Squonk RDAs

    #1 Gas Mods G.R.1 RDA

    Gas Mods G.R.1 RDA


    • Removable airflow inserts
    • Stealthy
    • Impressive flavour
    • Replaceable caps and driptips


    • Size may be too small for some
    • Build deck can be a little tight to work on