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    Several years back, there was a glut a squonk RDAs, especially with the release of the REO (aka the original squonk mod). It enjoyed a measure of success but since the mods back then were strictly mechanical in nature, these were soon replaced by more advanced variable voltage mods.

    Having took a back seat for a while advancement in squonk technology means they are now back in vogue. Regulated squonk mods have joined the range of mechanical squonks ensuring the range of choice has grown a lot in 2019.

    With all the squonker mods available, it makes sense that squonk RDAs should make a comeback as well.

    Tanks are still great, but squonk RDAs with their low, stealthy profile, superior taste and unrivaled clouds make a compelling case.

    Squonk RDAs also also mean a larger capacity for your favourite e-liquid due to the squonk bottles design, so its it time you changed from your ordinary tank set-up?

    While that debate is for another article altogether, for now let’s focus on the squonkers.

    Here, we’ve compiled some of the best squonk RDAs available, for cloud chasers and flavour seekers alike. Before you jump in on the squonk bandwagon, educate yourself first on what RDA works best for your vaping style.

    Best 22mm Squonk RDAs

    #1 Gas Mods G.R.1 RDA

    Gas Mods G.R.1 RDA


    • Removable airflow inserts
    • Stealthy
    • Impressive flavour
    • Replaceable caps and driptips


    • Size may be too small for some
    • Build deck can be a little tight to work on

    At first glance you might mistake the new RDA by Gas Mods for a $100+ high-end atty. However, it’s all because of the impeccable craftsmanship thrown into it.

    Priced at a very reasonable $35, the G.R.1 RDA is proof that you don’t need to spend much for quality.

    With removable inserts, the G.R.1 is a very flexible atomiser. Standing at a nifty 20mm, stealth vapers who don’t want their atties protruding out will love this. Diameter is at 22mm, which ensures it fits most mods with no overhang.

    However, this also makes the build deck a bit tight to work on. Especially if you’re used to 24mm and above diameter sized atomisers.

    Gas Mods also offers a variety of top caps and driptips, also priced reasonably, including a 24mm cap if you want a seamless look on your 24mm mod. The available options can make for pretty interesting combinations, depending on your unique taste.

    Flavor is very impressive, as is the flavor. The G.R.1 is a direct lung atomizer though, though you can tighten the draw, it won’t make for a good mouth-to-lung atomiser.

    #2 Vandy Vape - Berserker MTL RDA

    Vandyvape Berserker MTL RDA


    • Swappable PEEK tubes without removing coil
    • Direct bottom airflow
    • 18mm diameter (if you want slim atomises)
    • 22mm and 24mm beauty rings included
    • Great flavour


    • Not for cloud chasers
    • Might be too slim for some

    Vandyvape is not really known for its superb atomisers, but the Berserker more than makes up for that shortcoming.

    A mouth-to-lung atomiser, don’t expect massive clouds here. But that’s the point if you are after great flavour with high nicotine e-liquid.

    Though the atomiser comes at a slim 18mm, there are included 22mm and 24mm beauty rings to ensure the atty does not look out of place on your mod.

    While some might smirk at the idea of an 18mm atomiser, once they taste the full flavour from it, they wouldn’t mind.

    As with atomisers 22mm and below, building coils on the deck can be difficult. However, after some practice or if you are used to the old days where 18mm decks were the norm, it isn’t a deal breaker by any stretch.

    One awesome thing about the Berserker is that it allows users to swap out the PEEK tubes without having to remove the wick and coils.

    Though you might not swap it out often, the ability to do so without messing up your build is a welcome bonus.

    #3 Vaponaute - Le Concorde

    Vaponaute Le Concorde


    • Top notch flavour
    • Sleek design
    • Stealthy profile – Great for MTL


    • Build deck is tight
    • Cloud chasers won’t be impressed

    One of the more anticipated RDAs on this list, the Vapornaute Le Concorde is a study in grace and sophistication. Vapornaute has always been known for its peerless products and the Le Concorde is no different.

    A mouth-to-lung atomizer, the Le Concorde is a 22mm diameter atomizer with an elegant design. Flavor is great as expected, and the air holes can be adjusted for a restricted lung draw or a true mouth to lung experience.

    Many RDAs these days focus on cloud chasing, so it’s nice to see well-built mouth to lung atomizers join the fray.

    The design is simple but cuts in the top cap make for a distinguished look. It sits well on top of mods for a stealthy look and the drip tip can be swapped with any of your favorite 510 ones sitting around. The build deck is a bit tight, but not that hard to build on. Though users of 24mm and above atomizers may find it a bit restricting.

    Nevertheless, the Le Concorde is a fine atomizer for mouth to lung vapers. It is arguably the best one out there today.

    #4 Mikro RDA

    Mikro RDA


    • Super stealthy
    • Incredible flavour and vapour
    • Top airflow


    • Single coil builds only
    • Slight spitback with some coils

    A stubby little atomiser, the Mikro RDA is built for only single-coil builds. Due to its physical size, larger coils will barely fit, and if they do, will result in a bit of spitback. The atomiser is a cloud machine, impressive for its size really, and though it is not meant for mouth to lung vaping, it does offer restricted lung inhales.

    The Mikro utilizes a top airflow system, which means it is very hard to over squonk it, resulting in leaks. Why some squonk atomizers use bottom air flow systems at all is a shame.

    Beautiful, well-machined, and well-designed, the Mikro is perfect for users who want something small, uses single coils, and is capable of great flavour and vapour.

    Best 24mm and Above Squonk RDAs

    #1 528 Customs - Goon LP RDA

    Goon LP RDA


    • Low profile
    • Incredible flavour and vapour
    • Top airflow
    • Four-post build deck
    • Easy to build


    • Limited colour options

    The Goon LP RDA is a phenomenal atomiser. It is basically a reboot of the original Goon, which was an already superb RDA. What makes this version one of the top 24mm diameter RDAs in the market today is its low profile and its unique and easy to build clamp post design.

    Unlike other RDAs where you need to twine your coil around screws, the Goon simply lets you clamp it. You then tighten it for an easy build. There are four posts in the build deck, giving you freedom to build dual coils (up to quad coils even if you are skilled enough).

    The adjustable airflow works great, and it helps deliver superb flavour and vapour. Color options are limited, which is not a big deal since its performance more than makes up for it.

    Cloud chasers looking for the best 24mm squonk RDA need not look further than the Goon LP RDA by 528 customs.

    #2 CSMNT Cosmonaut RDA by District5VE

    Goon LP RDA


    • 24k plated deck
    • Postless design
    • Easy to build deck
    • Dual adjustable air holes
    • Great wicking design
    • Minimal leaks
    • Great flavour and smooth vapour


    • Squonk pin sold separately

    First, let’s get this out of the way. The Cosmonaut RDA does not include a squonking pin and block upon purchase. You’ll need to buy one separately. However, don’t let this deter you from the fact how great an RDA this is.

    Once you’ve bought and installed the additional squonking pin and block, be prepared for a blissful vaping experience. The CSMNT delivers a very smooth vape. Highly flavourful and definitely a cloud chucking machine.

    It’s deck is plated in 24k gold for maximum conductivity. The deck style itself features a postless design for easy builds. From single coils to large builds, the CSMNT can handle it all gracefully. Airflow is a bit on the airy side, and we’ve found that closing the air holes halfway makes for the best vape.

    One thing about the RDA is its shallow deck. While at first this may seem like a con, it is in fact conducive to better wicking action. Oh, and its also extremely resistant to leaking. Unless you try hard to make it leak, the CSMNT will keep your pockets and bags dry during transport.

    It may not be a squonk RDA straight out of the box, but once set-up, the CSMNT is an RDA worth having in your arsenal.

    #3 Vaponaute - Le Supersonic



    • Well-built
    • Smooth vapour
    • Great flavour


    • Single coil only

    Another winner from Vaponaute, the Le Supersonic is the big brother of the Le Concorde. If the latter is best suited for MTL vapers, this is the version for cloud chasers.

    Though the design of the exterior is vastly different from the Le Concorde, the insides look very similar. The small chamber ensures an intense explosion of flavour with every vape. And though the Le Supersonic is airier than the Le Concorde, it still delivers a smooth vape every time.

    If you are a cloud chaser who also seeks flavour, the Le Supersonic is the ultimate hybrid. You may not get as much vapour as other big chambered RDAs, but you won’t embarrass yourself here. flavour is where it shines, and that is sometimes much more important than chucking huge clouds.

    Best Squonk RDA : Which to Get?

    As squonk RDAs big and small flood the market these days, first-timers will surely find it quite a quandary to choose one among them all. So which is the best squonk RDA?

    Of course it all boils down to your personal preference. How an atomizer looks, vapes, performs, its price, etc. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

    So which squonk RDA should you get?

    Best Bang for Buck

    Vaponaute Le Supersonic
    Best value rda

    The Vaponaute Le Supersonic is not a cheap atomizer. But if you are not a stickler for authentic RDAs, the clone version offers the best value for your money. Priced at about $13, the clone version of the Le Supersonic negates the only thing that prevents it from being the best overall atomizer – its price.

    Users all over rave over the performance and aesthetics of Vaponaute products, and if there’s one thing that drags its rating down is its price. The clone version offers the same performance albeit for a fraction of its original price. If you are looking for the best bang for buck value RDA, the Vaponaute Le Supersonic clone is the way to go.

    Cloud Chasing

    Aromamizer V-RDA
    Steam Crave Squonk RDAFor cloud chasers, you’d be hard pressed to find a better cloud chasing machine than the Aromamizer V-RDA. Its Velocity-styled deck gives you freedom to build most any coil you can think of. This versatility trumps the other RDAs on this list, which are usually restricted to single and dual coils.

    Add to that the spiral airflow for reduced spitback (a bane to all cloud chasers) and being virtually leak-proof, and you’ve got yourself the perfect cloud chasing RDA.

    Flavour Seekers (MTL)

    Vaponaute Le Concorde
    Best for Flavour (MTL) le concorde rdaAnother Vaponaute entry, the Le Concorde is perfect for flavor seekers. Whether you get an authentic or clone version, you will enjoy the intense flavor this atty gives.

    Because of its tight chamber, single coil build, and restricted air flow, the Le Concorde is built for flavor. Lung inhalers will get a restricted draw from this, but mouth to lung vapers will find it blissfully perfect. After all, if it’s flavor you want, you need to sacrifice clouds for it. The Le Concorde doesn’t necessarily sacrifice airflow here, but it does produce one of the best tasting vapes.

    Flavour Seekers (DTL)

    Goon LP RDA
    Best for Flavour Seekers (DTL) RDAFor direct to lung users looking for the best Squonk RDA for flavour, The Goon 24 RDA is the one to get.

    There’s a reason the Goon RDA has achieved cult status among vapers. It allows users to chase clouds while enjoying great flavor as well. Easy to build on, and a pleasure to vape, the Goon LP RDA offers users the best clouds and flavor in an atomizer.

    Best Squonk RDA Overall

    Goon LP RDA
    Best Overall RDAFor the best overall vaping experience, the Goon LP RDA is the squonk atomizer others strive to be.

    It looks good, builds easily, produces massive clouds, and puts out flavor that rivals even mouth to lung RDAs. While mouth to lung RDAs are among the top in terms of flavor, they can’t produce as much clouds. That said, the Goon combines the cloud chasing and flavor seeking in one small package.

    Whether you are a MTL vaper or a DTL inhaler, the Goon LP RDA should be part of your RDA rotation. It’s that good.

    Best Squonk RDA : Parting Thoughts

    While we’ve listed the top squonk RDAs above, as well as isolated the best of the best, in the end it all boils down to what you like.

    Squonk RDAThe Goon LP RDA may be the Best Squonk RDA overall, but if you are a mouth to lung vaper, its clouds and airflow may be too much for you. While the Le Concorde is great for MTL, you might not like building on it. What I’m saying here is, what works for others may not work for you.

    How many times have I read rave reviews of a certain atomizer or mod, ordering online, then being sorely disappointed once it arrives? Too many to count. I can’t go visiting several brick and mortar vape stores to try out every atomizer they have (finding a store with all the RDAs is impossible by the way), so ordering online and getting by through trial and error is all I have.

    If you are fortunate enough to live near several vape stores, it’s best to find time to visit them all and try out what they have. You might run into an obscure RDA made by an independent craftsman that ticks all the boxes for you, who knows?

    Take this guide as just that. A guide. If you see something you like, find a way to try it out first. But if you can’t try it out, your best bet is to purchase blindly like I do and hope for the best. You can always sell it if it doesn’t suit you anyway.


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