Best High VG E-Liquids

Best High VG E-Liquids 2024

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    High VG and Max VG e-juice refers to e-liquid containing at least 70% VG or more. It is loved by cloud chasers and sub-ohm vapers for the thick, voluminous vapour it produces.

    High VG e-liquids are also known for being better tasting and more flavourful. Vapers looking for juice with less of a throat hit have also come to the right place.

    Learn the differences between max-VG, PG-free, and 100% VG in the guide below, or keep reading to find out the top five tastiest and best high-VG e-liquid brands.

    #1 VaporFi Grand Reserve


    • Extraordinarily unique flavours
    • Strong throat hit
    • The flavours are amazingly complex


    • Only one bottle size available

    VaporFi is a brand that creates “chef-inspired” e-liquid. Grand Reserve is one of their newer product lines with a standard 70/30 VG to PG ratio.

    Being “chef-inspired” flavours, the people cooking up this peculiar line of e-juice go further beyond what’d you’d typically expect from vape fluid.

    Going into my first pick of this brand blind, I chose this bottle because I thought the name was catchy. I also enjoy my fair share of pineapple products, so it seemed like a promising decision.

    Turns out I made a good call. Rather than just the taste of pineapple I was expecting, I got a really exciting blend of watermelon and what I later learned was hibiscus mixed with the starring fruit. The sour tang of the pineapple mixed well with the smooth sweetness of the watermelon.

    The hibiscus portion of the flavour was hard to detect. There’s just the barest hint of it in the aftertaste, which VaporFI mentions as being the “sensual” element on this e-juice. It’s a fitting description of how the hibiscus almost feels like a goodbye touch before the flavour fades away into the air.

    I guess this is one thing that gives you both a tasty sweet something and a whispered sweet nothing. But joking aside, the imparted flavours are top-notch.

    #2 The Milkman


    • It’s got a great flavour for those into sweeter juices
    • Fairly good cloud density
    • The packaging is humorously fitting


    • No way to tell how much juice is left in the bottle
    • This juice burns through coils at a rapid rate

    Packaged in a container reminiscent of a carton of milk, the Milkman is a MAX VG e-liquid that blends the taste of a toasted fruit tart, vanilla bean ice cream, and a tablespoon of milk into one unified whole.

    Supposedly this product is supposed to be a bridge between dessert and breakfast cereal. I think the descriptor is pretty accurate.

    The people at The Vaping Rabbit have done a great job blending a wholesome flavour that makes me think I’m snacking on a decadent fusion of puff pastry and a creamy vanilla custard.

    That being said, I find the flavour to be agreeable. It’s not the most memorable juice I’ve tried, but it’s far from bad. Unfortunately, I did run into some issues, however.

    Given that the bottle comes in a carton, I was mildly disappointed to note that there was no way to tell how much juice there is left from the outside. I get that The Milkman is supposed to look like a glass of old school milk, but it’s annoying not to be able to know how much juice I have left.

    Another problem is that this e-juice leans heavily toward the sweet side. It’s not so decadent that I can’t vape it, but the juice gunked up my coil enough that I had to replace it after two days.

    #3 Kind Juice


    • This is an excellent cigarette substitute for former smokers
    • The taste of tobacco is less like a cigarette and more what you would get from a pipe
    • Pairs excellently with alcoholic beverages as well as coffee or tea


    • It might tempt former smokers to go out and buy a pack for old time’s sake

    This company specialises in premium organic vape juices that come in a large variety of flavours. Their products reportedly use no artificial additives and also happen to be gluten-free.

    So, how does the all-natural competition compare?

    I picked out the Tobacco Ridge Patriot’s Brew is my juice of choice of their products. As a former smoker, I figured it’d be fun to try the flavour out for old time’s sake. It turns out I ended up getting way more than I bargained for.

    Like many others, I first started smoking on social occasions where alcohol was involved. Typically whiskey or beer in my case.

    The deep and rich flavour of the tobacco carries with it just a hint of whiskey, maple, and smokey vanilla.

    Naturally, the next step was to grab me a cold can of beer, and I found that it paired amazingly well with the flavour of the juice. The soothing coolness following the throat hit was what convinced me to go for a second can.

    To be completely clear, the iced glass of whiskey on the rocks I made afterwards was not for personal enjoyment but for the sake of serious scientific testing.

    That said, I won’t deny Patriot’s Brew pairs satisfyingly well with said beverage.

    #4 Beard Vape Co.


    • Great if you like cinnamon
    • The product logo is frankly brilliant


    • This flavour is a little hard on the coils

    Beard Vape Co uses a gut bustlingly hilarious image of a bearded man in sunglasses for their logos in what has to be one of the most clever and humorous marketing decisions.

    And instead of using a catchy name to denote the major flavours of their juice, they use a “beard number” instead.

    I admit to being a little disappointed that all their logos sport the same beard design, but that didn’t take away my curiosity in trying out one of their bottles.

    Beard No. 32’s primary flavouring is that of a sweet cinnamon blend. It’s not a flavour everyone enjoys, but having had the chance to try cinnamon tea and finding myself a fan, this e-juice was one I was eager to try out.

    The level of kick that the cinnamon flavouring brings to the table is well in the acceptable strike zone. The taste is a little on the strong side, but the added sweetness does an excellent job of tempering the sinus opening harshness of the cinnamon.

    A good comparison would be like vaping the taste of a churro. It was easy to imagine the clouds I was exhaling to be badly shaped Ferris wheels and my vape pen being a carnival snack.

    #5 Vape Dinner Lady


    • This juice has a wonderfully unexpected taste despite the more than apt name
    • This juice makes you want to go out and buy raw apples to chow down on


    • On the sweeter side for those who like more mild flavours

    Vape Dinner Lady is a brand of e-juice dedicated to recreating the taste of English desserts. Apple Pie comes from a line of products explicitly based around English breakfast treats.

    Let it be known that I love me some apple pie.

    The colour of the bottle itself is bright green, reminiscent of a Granny Smith apple; the container already does the job of mentally prodding my enjoyment of the sour fruit.

    Interestingly, Granny Smiths are typically known for being used as baking apples. The bottle’s packaging cleverly pokes your brain into recalling what a raw green apple tastes like before surprising you with the sweetness of a warm apple pie.

    Much like the transformation from sour to sweet, the colouring of the bottle prepares you for one taste, but in actuality tastes like the baked apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar mixture you’d find inside of a pie. Breathing in, the mixture flavours impart a surprising level of tartness balanced by the essence of sweet sugar after the exhale.

    Seriously, props to the person who came up with the bottle’s design. They know their baking. Even the throat hit feels reminiscent of the expected heat of a pie warming the roof and back of your mouth.

    My personal Favourite

    Vaporfi Grand Reserve Pineapple Pow!

    There is a multitude of reasons why this juice makes it to the top of my best high VG e-liquid list despite the difficulty of choosing just one product in five.

    The first reason is that I actually found myself enjoying the harder throat hit of the Pineapple Pow. Before I said that this juice reminded me of sangria, but the following burn almost emulates the similar sensation of drinking mildly strong liquor. But like liquor, the juice becomes smoother as it steeps and ages over a period of a few days.

    The second reason is when compared to e-liquids that are harder on the coil-like Milkman or Beard No. 32, Pineapple Pow doesn’t cause as much gunk to build up. Poetically, this e-juice is almost delicate in its function, smoothly soaking the wick without a problem just like you’d expect a high-end beverage to quench your thirst.

    Only it leaves you longing for more until the glass, or tank in this case, is left empty and you have to order a refill.

    In the case of the texture and density of the smoke, this juice isn’t going to win any awards. I find that isn’t a problem, however. The overall taste of this e-liquid is at the top of the tier and the one I most enjoyed.

    High-VG Juice Buying Guide

    What does VG Stand for?


    Most e-liquid is generally made up of a few different ingredients. In most cases, this is a combination of nicotine, flavouring, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG). The term “High VG” refers to e-juice that contains 70% VG at a minimum.

    VG is the portion of an e-liquid’s mixture that produces a light, sweet flavour. This ingredient also creates enormous clouds of cool vapour, whose stunning visual effect is sought after by many vapers.

    Why Go High VG in the First Place?


    Personally speaking, I keep blends of both high and lower VG e-juice in my drawers at home. Some days I want a harsher throat hit, and on other days I like to spoil myself with sweeter flavours.

    Often, e-juice with a high percentage of VG tends to add sweeter flavourings to the mixture, resulting in a smooth, enjoyable experience. Added to that are the large, voluminous clouds of vapour that gives off that ASMR vibe of contentment.

    High VG e-liquid is my juice of choice when I want to sit on the front porch and spend an hour chain vaping while listening to music. It’s a great way to unwind when you need an hour to relax. Just grab your vape mod, sit back, and chill out as you make your clouds in the evening sky.

    Beyond the calming mental effect of cloud chasing and the great taste, vaping high VG e-juice is like breathing in soft velvet.

    There isn’t much of a throat hit; usually, there’s only enough there to let you know that, yes, you are vaping. What follows is a fantastic and refreshing sensation that fills your lungs on the way in as well as out.

    Quick Notes on VG


    • Works excellent with sub-ohm vapes and vapers who enjoy using the direct lung inhalation method
    • High VG e-liquids are often more flavorful than those with lower PG
    • High VG e-liquid lasts longer as it is thicker and takes longer to heat up than PG
    • Creates thick, dense clouds of vapour
    • It has less of a throat hit than blends with higher PG
    • Some people have physical issues in dealing with PG, known as PG intolerance

    How to Choose a Good E-Juice

    It’s tough to say outright what the best high VG e-liquid is. Everyone has their preferences regarding the type of juice they vape, and I’m not any different in that regard.

    That said, my list of what I enjoy in a high VG blend isn’t all that complicated.


    I’m not the kind of guy that enjoys overpoweringly sweet flavours. While occasionally inhaling cotton candy is a treat I indulge in, I want something a little more mild and refreshing for longer-term vaping.

    A good tip for finding your taste preference is to think about whether you prefer either fruits or sweets.

    If you enjoy fruits, consider looking for a lighter, crisper flavour that settles almost quietly on your tongue.

    If you prefer candy, cakes, or cookies, go for something sweeter and heavier to indulge in when your sweet tooth acts up.



    Some people might prefer their juices to be ultra-smooth, but I like my VG blends to be silky with enough of a kick that I feel like I’m not just breathing in a thick mist.

    A small throat hit adds to the sense of satisfaction I get after exhaling a cloud of smoke and keeps me from chain vaping too often.

    Take a moment to think about whether you enjoy feeling a burn similar to smoking or not. Going a little deeper, different e-liquids have slight variations to how the vapour you pull on feels.

    Some blends will produce a thicker cloud, while others create something fluffier.

    Cloud Density


    I enjoy performing a few simple tricks from time to time, but I get most of my satisfaction from blowing out large, voluminous clouds of vapour.

    The bigger the cloud, the more I enjoy myself.

    Again, the clouds produced by high VG juices aren’t radically different, but juices with more VG in them are a bit thicker.

    Besides that, VG liquid above the minimum of 70% have clouds that tend to last longer on fresh wicks.

    Reasons to Stick with Low VG


    I mentioned before how I keep both high and low VG liquid. The biggest reason for that is that I want a harsher throat hit some days, but there are other factors besides that.

    • Sweet e-juice tends to gunk up coils faster than their less tasty contemporaries.
    • It’s not the greatest for mouth to lung vaping.
    • Pod vapes have problems with high VG e-juice as they can’t vaporize the liquid properly.

    Personally, I would recommend new vapers to try a 50/50 blend of PG to VG to see what they prefer. Generally, I advise former smokers looking for a more substantial throat hit to hold off on high VG e-juice.

    This is primarily because the closer vaping feels to their old habit, the easier it is to switch from smoking to vaping entirely.


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