Best Shisha Pens & E-Hookahs

Best Shisha Pens & E-Hookahs 2024

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    Searching for a modern alternative to traditional hookahs? Shisha pens and e-hookahs have got you covered.

    Discover the best options on the market with our ultimate guide to Shisha Pens & E-Hookahs, considering factors like battery life, ease of use, flavors, and cloud production.

    Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this guide will help you navigate the options and find the perfect device for your preferences and lifestyle.

    Let’s dive in and uncover the top devices that will elevate your smoking experience to new heights.

    6 Best Shisha Pens & E-Hookahs 2023

    #1 VaporFi - VAIO Go


    • Nifty design
    • MTL or DL modes
    • Good battery capacity
    • Very simple to use
    • Tank partially protected by internal design


    • Replacing coils is messy
    • Tank isn’t the biggest

    Not to be confused with the discontinued product line from Sony, VaporFi’s VAIO is a pen-type AIO vape device that hits just about every function you’d expect from a modern starter kit.

    It uses an internal 2000mAh battery and uses a single button to operate.

    All standard stuff, but what is nifty about this design is that it uses a built-in 3mL e-liquid tank to keep it topped up.

    It’s different, but I like how the design makes it very difficult to crack the glass from dropping it against something.

    There are two other features that I found myself impressed by. The first is that this kit comes with two different types of coils.

    The second noteworthy mention is the two different drip tips that you use interchangeably depending on your coil type. One set you use for MTL draws, while the other is meant for DL type vaping.

    It’s pretty cool to have this option and a visual indicator to note what type of draw you’re supposed to be using at the moment.

    I’ve had plenty of moments where I was distracted and ended up not using the proper drawing style, so I’ll give a few convenience points here.

    #2 CIGAVETTE - Disposable E-Hookah


    • Disposable – No charging required
    • Great Vapour Production
    • Strong Battery Performance


    • No nicotine free option

    While e-hookahs don’t usually have nicotine, the guys from Cigavette think otherwise.

    The company’s E-Hookah Flavours is a pack of three disposable shisha pens designed for those just starting and who don’t want to invest in a full-blown e-hookah system.

    These shisha pens come in various flavours, such as Strawberry Daiquiri, Choclatini, Berrylicious, Peach Bellini, Vanilla Bean, and Watermelon Cooler. The flavours have a nicotine content of 11mg for a light buzz.

    The pens have LED lights, a nice touch, especially for a disposable device, and an automatic switch so you can puff on it straight without pressing any button to activate it.

    No charging, no cables, no fuss, no hassle. For a stress-free e-hookah experience, check out these shisha pens from Cigvette.

    #3 Fantasia - Diamond Disposable

    Fantasia Diamond Disposable SE E-Hookah


    • Great Value
    • Decent Flavour


    • Limited choice of flavours

    Affordable and lasting about a day of puffing, these disposable shisha pens come in various flavours you can choose from.

    Flavours such as Hawaiian Punch, Sweet Fruit Bubblegum, Peach, Strawberry Kiwi, and Watermelon give users a flavorful e-hookah experience.

    These e-shisha sticks are perfect as a gateway device for those looking to quit smoking tobacco or as a gift for someone you want to quit.

    #4 Scorpion - E-Vapor Hookah Hose


    • Big, All Day Battery
    • Good Vapour Production
    • Innovative design


    • Large size may not suit everyone

    From the makers of modern hookah pipes, hookah charcoals, glass hookahs, accessories and more, North Smoke Hookahs takes a step into the future with its own Scorpion E-Hookah Hose.

    Shaped like a traditional hookah hose, the Scorpion utilizes modern vape technology to give users the hookah experience without the smoke.

    The Scorpion is reusable, refillable, and rechargeable, and it can be used with all e-liquid products on the market. This means you can go with whatever flavour you choose, mix and match them, with or without nicotine.

    This versatile device is also portable, so you can enjoy a puff wherever you go. The massive 2200mAh battery also gives you enough power to last the whole day, while the 10ml capacity tank ensures each refill goes a long way.

    Each Scorpion E-Vapor Hookah Hose Kit includes one 2200mAh battery, a plastic 10ml flavour tank, one 110v wall adapter, and a user manual.

    #5 JOMO - Vapioneer H3 E-Hookah Kit


    • High quality design & build
    • Great Vapour Production
    • Easy To Use


    • Not pocket-able – Large design

    The Vapioneer H3 E-Hookah Kit gives shisha users a modern and healthier alternative to smoking hookahs in a portable device from long-time vape manufacturer JOMO.

    Made from aluminium alloy and stainless steel, the H3 is built to last.

    It has a water filtration system where you can either use water, coffee, or even soft drinks to add a bit of flavour to each puff.

    The tank itself is a top flow design, and it uses replaceable heating heads for ease of use.

    Powered by a single 18650 battery, the H3 can last you a whole day of puffing.

    If you are a chain user, you can easily swap out the battery with a spare when needed. To ensure the safety of its users, the H3 shisha pen has its own set of protections such as low voltage protection, low resistance protection, short circuit protection, and overtime use protection.

    You can charge the battery using the micro-USB port, which helps if you are on the go.

    Each package includes one H3 E-Hookah Kit, one cleaning brush, a user manual, one extra o-ring, and a USB cable for charging.

    #6 Aspire - Proteus E-Hookah


    • Works on any hookah
    • Good Vapour Production
    • Very Easy To Use


    • Difficult to see when e-liquid needs refilling

    Though portable shisha pens try admirably to recreate the real hookah experience in a portable way, some users still want the traditional feel of hookahs, with large setups, long hoses, and whatnot.

    To address this growing niche of users, Aspire has developed its Proteus E-Hookah.

    Powered by two 18650 batteries, the Proteus is designed to be used at home with your traditional shisha setup.

    It is placed on the hookah, replacing the regular bowl, marrying the traditional with the modern.

    The Proteus houses the e-liquid tank and coil, considering a hookah head replacement, replacing the need to tend to your coals.

    The tank can hold up to 10ml of e-liquid to ensure long uninterrupted sessions before refilling. The 0.25ohm coils can produce massive plumes of vapour to simulate the old cloud chasing days of traditional hookahs.

    The Aspire Proteus E-Hookah kit comes with one Proteus hookah head, two 18650 batteries, a 0.25ohm organic cotton with a stainless steel wire coil, a micro USB charger, and a 10ml Proteus tank.

    Shisha Pen Buying Guide

    Frequently Asked Shisha Pen Questions


    When buying your first e-hookah or e-shisha, some questions may swirl in your mind before taking the plunge. Below we try to answer the most frequently asked questions about e-hookahs.

    The final decision always falls to you, the buyer, so our advice is to steer you in the right direction, not to force you to buy something you don’t need or want.

    Below are answering the frequently asked questions you might have about Shisha pens.

    What is an e-hookah or e-shisha?


    E-hookahs and e-shishas are generally the same things, and it all boils down to marketing.

    You might find that most are labelled as e-hookahs, but this is only because hookahs are more known as such.

    A number might refer to them as shishas, but most identify them as hookah.

    Thus, the term ‘e-hookah’ is used more for electronic versions.

    The traditional hookah or shisha is a means to deliver nicotine. Still, instead of using cigarette sticks, users would have to light and tend to coals, add the tobacco leaves, and prepare the water filtration system.

    Using a traditional hookah can be a ritualistic experience. While e-hookahs are mostly portable these days, some try to emulate the old traditional experience while foregoing the hassle of tending to coals.

    Can I get addicted to an e-hookah?


    Well, it depends on how you are as a person. While most e-hookahs don’t use nicotine, some do, which can be addicting.

    But nicotine affects the body the same way as coffee, so by using an e-hookah, you leave out the harmful chemicals and substances found in smoke.

    In theory, you can become addicted to anything – reading, working out, playing sports, etc. The same can be said about e-hookahs.

    Where can I use an e-hookah?


    While e-hookahs don’t emit foul-smelling smoke, one should only use an e-hookah where smoking is allowed.

    Despite not producing smoke, the vapour can still be offensive to some people.

    If you can, only use your e-hookah in places where others won’t be bothered.

    Are e-hookahs safe?


    Most shisha pens have built-in protections to prevent battery-related accidents.

    While some don’t, these are usually the disposable types that don’t use much power.

    As long as you don’t abuse your device and ensure proper use and maintenance, e-hookahs are as safe to use as your mobile phone.

    As for the smoking aspect, e-hookahs produce vapour from e-liquid that use FDA-approved ingredients.

    While there is much debate as to the ill effects caused by vaping, none has been found so far. If there’s one thing we are sure of, it is safer than traditional hookahs.

    These questions all correlate to which Shisha Pen model is suitable for you. While only you can honestly answer them, let us help you by breaking it down.

    How to choose a suitable device


    Choosing the right e-hookah or e-shisha depends on what experience you are after.

    If you are looking for something to try, disposable pens are an excellent first buy. If the experience doesn’t suit you, you won’t lose much on your investment.

    If you think using a shisha pen is right for you, you can get a rechargeable, refillable model.

    At this point, you’ll need to determine if you are after portability. There are pen-like devices and larger ones that offer more battery life.

    The larger ones are usually much more complicated to use and maintain, but they offer an experience more similar to the real thing.

    If you don’t want to faff about too much with customisation, simple e-shisha pens will do.

    If you are looking for a more traditional experience, a bigger device such as the Proteus above will suit you better.

    It’s larger and has more power, though you lose portability. If you plan to use your e-hookah exclusively at home, this won’t be a problem.

    You may have lost the ability to pocket your device, but you get a more authentic experience.

    Finally, you’ll need to ask yourself whether you need the nicotine hit or not.

    Some devices offer non-nicotine options, while others provide the ability to use nicotine shisha pen flavours.

    Some devices may not have nicotine options, so so might have to look around for something that does.

    As always, the final decision rests on you and your needs.

    E-hookahs may not be able to replicate the exact same experience as the real thing, but you can make it so that it gets awfully close.


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