Best RTA Tanks

Best RTA Tanks 2024

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    Looking to transform your vaping experience and chase those clouds? Dive into our top RTA picks for 2024.

    If you’re new to rebuildables, don’t sweat it—our handy guide at the end breaks down everything you need to know to make the perfect pick.

    Best Overall

    Zeus X

    “Excellent airflow produces great tasting flavour. Plus reliable build quality & great design means this tank doesn’t leak” 

    Best For Clouds

    Dead Rabbit M

    Best For Beginners

    Kylin M RTA

    Buying new tanks can be tricky, especially when you have many choices. The best RTAs have been designed to be simple to use to change the coils and wick of the atomiser quickly and easily and hold enough e-liquid to keep you vaping for the day.

    Compare RTA Atomiser features to see what suits your particular needs.

    Visit Website Remarks No. of Coils Diameter Capacity Connection
    Zeus X RTA Geekvape Zeus Best Overall Dual 24mm 4.5mL 510
    Dead Rabbit M Hellvape Dead Rabbit M RTA Best For Clouds Single 24mm 2.5 + 4.2ml 510
    Kylin M RTA VANDY VAPE KYLIN M 24MM RTA Best For Beginners Dual 24mm 5ml 510
    Blotto RTA blotto rta Best For Flavour & Clouds Dual 25mm 6.5ml 510
    Blotto 1.5 BLOTTO 1.5 Best Restricted MTL Draw Dual 24mm 3ml 510

    What is the Best RTA Available in 2024?


    After comparing hundreds of RTA’s, we have selected our favourite tanks available right now.

    Best Overall

    #1 Geekvape - Zeus X Mesh RTA


    • Easy top-fill design
    • Easy to wick
    • Simple to build
    • Excellent build quality
    • It comes with a 4.5ml bubble tank
    • Multiple sets of spare parts
    • Good airflow control
    • Great taste


    • No coil cutter

    The Zeus X is the third iteration of Geekvape’s, you guessed it, Zeus line.

    At 25mm in diameter, this big boy is made of stainless steel, has a maximum juice capacity of 4ml, and has the option to be configured into either a single or dual coil build.

    Due to its design, this thing is pretty much leakproof. Using a “chimney inside a chimney” design all but guarantees that shaking around your RTA isn’t going to make it spew juice everywhere.

    That said, it’s still possible to flood the chamber, so make sure you use plenty of cotton.

    The tank itself is spacious enough you can stuff it without worrying too much.

    Performance-wise, I can’t complain. As RTAs intended for dual coil use can cause some burning, I decided to stick with using two coils.

    Vapour production is excellent, and the taste is also something I can’t complain about. As for the body, the Zeus fits perfectly in my hand, and the grip feels secure.

    The method used to top fill the tank is also super convenient. Instead of screwing off completely, this RTA uses a quarter-turn design to make filling the tank more effortless. This build is also simple to take apart and put back together.

    The ease of maintenance of rebuilding is a major plus in my book because while tinkering is fun, there are only so many times I can build an RTA and shout, “It’s alive!”

    Don’t judge me. We’ve all done the giddy dance after putting together our first rebuildable.

    Best For Clouds

    #2 Hellvape - Dead Rabbit M RTA


    • Robust construction, user-friendly
    • Generous vapor output
    • Adjustable, smooth airflow


    • Cooler vape might not appeal to everyone

    The Hellvape Dead Rabbit M RTA is a hit among vapers who love mesh coils. It’s a collaboration with Brazil’s Vapors, offering a sleek design with its curvy bulb shape.

    At 25mm in diameter, it fits comfortably in most setups and comes with two mesh coil choices for flexibility in your vaping experience. You can chase big, thick clouds with the open airflow or get a warmer draw by tightening it up.

    The 4.5mL tank is pretty spacious, so you’re not constantly refilling.

    While it doesn’t quite match the flavor of some top-tier rebuildables, it’s still pretty tasty and should please most users. It’s also easy to build on, especially with the included bending tool.

    In short, it’s a well-thought-out RTA that’s great for cloud chasers and those looking for a satisfying hit.

    Best For Beginners

    #3 Vandy Vape - Kylin M RTA


    • Excellent build quality
    • Very easy to put together
    • Great flavour
    • Coil lead cutting tool included
    • Bubble glass included
    • It comes with a premade coil!


    • But it doesn’t come with cotton!

    From Vandy Vape, the Kylin M is the newest iteration of the line. It boasts improved flavour performance, easier to use build deck, and addresses the leaking issue of the first version.

    The M measures 24mm, and the tank can carry 4.5ml of juice.

    The holding capacity of this tank doesn’t come without a price. The middle of the bubble tank folds out like a particularly fat roll that measures 30mm of girth.

    If this bothers you, it also comes with a slimmer 3ml tank.

    So, upon opening up the goodies, the first thing I noticed was the postless build deck. Being a quad terminal, this RTA can be configured in single or dual coil mode.

    I’ve had a few issues before with postless decks, and while I generally have good experiences with them, there were a few times when I had trouble pre-cutting my leads.

    That wasn’t a problem with this RTA. The package comes with a well-labelled measuring tool that makes cutting the leads a cinch.

    Another possible problem I thought I might have was installing the leads, but it was a smooth process. The wicking process also didn’t pose any difficulties.

    This entire build caused me very little trouble to put together.

    This ease of installation makes Kylin M great for beginners, and I wholeheartedly encourage looking deeper into this product if you’re new to rebuilding.

    Best For Flavour & Clouds

    #4 Dovpo - Blotto RTA


    • Easy to build
    • Doesn’t leak
    • Flavour is excellent
    • Can fit bigger coils
    • Comes with numerous addons


    • No Coils included

    Designed by Australian vaping royalty, Vaping Bogan, the Dovpo Blotto combines excellent aesthetics with outstanding performance.

    The Blotto performs well with both single or dual coil builds. Recommended for beginners, this tank is straightforward to build and just as simple to wick.

    The RTA is 25mm in diameter, working well with most vape mods. Its top fill design and 6.5ml capacity make it a pleasure to vape with.

    The airflow from the 242-degree deck makes the flavours pop and produces plumes of vapour on this fantastic RTA.

    You get glass & Ultem bubble tanks in the box, plus a 2ml straight glass tank.

    The Blotto is hands down one of the better tasting RTAs I’ve gotten my hands on.

    Best Restricted MTL Draw

    #5 Dovpo - Blotto V1.5 RTA


    • Easy build deck, you’ll get it right on the first try
    • Solid construction, no leaking drama
    • Adjustable airflow that hits just right
    • Versatile with mesh and regular coils


    • Constrained performance with dual coils

    DovPo and the Vaping Bogan have come together to drop the Blotto 1.5 RTA, and it’s packing a punch for the MTL crowd. This RTA isn’t just a looker with its 25mm diameter that’ll sit pretty on your mod; it’s got the goods under the hood too. The bottom honeycomb airflow is a dream, fully adjustable to dial in that perfect restricted draw that MTL vapers crave.

    The build deck? It’s a walk in the park. Even if you’re all thumbs, you’ll get your single coil build sitting pretty without breaking a sweat. Throw in an 810 drip tip and a no-fuss top fill system, and you’ve got a user-friendly rig that’s ready to roll out serious flavor with every hit.

    You’ll get a variety of mesh coils in the box, both Kanthal and SS316L, so you can experiment to find your sweet spot. Plus, they haven’t left traditional coil lovers in the dust – you’ve got options, and that’s always a win.

    Now, while this RTA can handle a dual coil setup, – it’s a little snug. You’re not gonna get that airy draw some dual-coil RTAs offer. But where it truly shines is with a single coil – that’s where the magic happens. You get that smooth airflow and a flavor that pops.

    My Personal Favourite RTA Tank


    I will have to pin the Geekvape Zeus X as the winner of this roundup. When it comes to the overall convenience factor, this RTA edges out at the top of the competition.

    While the Kylin V2 may have slightly more tank capacity, the Zeus X has more than enough to be comfortable while being slimmer.

    Refilling the tank is also ridiculously easy due to its design. Furthermore, this atomiser hasn’t leaked yet in my experience, and I doubt it will unless I put it through a serious torture test.

    The Zeus X is also easy to build and take apart. While the OFRF Gear is renowned for its ease of buildability, breaking it down can be a real chore.

    And when comparing the two in regards to juice taste, I can’t say Geekvape’s RTA loses out in any significant way.

    RTA Tank Buying Guide

    What is an RTA Tank

    What Is An RTA?


    An RTA is a type of Rebuildable Atomiser (RBA). The short version is that an RBA system allows you to build your coils.

    You take a coil, wrap it, tack it onto a device, and thread a wick through said coil.

    The big difference between the types of RBAs is how you feed the wick.

    As noted by the acronym, an RTA is a tank type feed system that uses a rebuildable coil. After building your atomiser, all you need to do is screw off the top, access the tank, and fill it with e-juice. Then you vape, use up the liquid and go for a refill once you’re out.

    Types Of RTA Configurations


    The beauty of building your own atomiser is knowing precisely what you want in the finished product.

    There is a slew of nifty things you can do to customise your vape to your liking.

    Airflow, Top Or Bottom?

    There are two ways you can go about introducing airflow to your RTA.

    The top system draws in air from the top or sides of the coil. While this system helps prevent leaking issues, some designs mess up the flavour as the coil may start burning the wick.

    A bottom system draws air in from under the coils. This system ensures maximum flavour by moving air from beneath the coils to cool them while drawing in e-juice through the wick simultaneously.

    Though this system tends to leak, properly building your RTA will minimise this chance greatly.

    Direct Lung And Mouth To Lung

    This topic concerns the size and number of the airflow holes you’re pulling from. Smaller and less numerous holes are designed for a mouth to lung style of vaping.

    Atomisers with bigger, more numerous air channels produce more vapour. It is also geared towards vapers who use the direct lung technique.

    RTA And Genesis (GTA)

    The difference between these two types of builds is atomiser placement.

    RTAs are placed directly on the build deck. This leaves less room for a wick, so the cotton tends to be shorter on this build.

    GTAs use a raised deck that places the atomiser higher up in the tank. This allows extra room for a longer wick which lets your device soak up more e-juice.

    Number Of Coils

    Most RTAs use either a single or double coil as heating elements. The key differences between the two are what type of draw they are meant for, the amount of airflow, and vapour production.

    A single coil build is geared towards mouth to lung draws due to the decreased contact with air.

    This also means that vapour production isn’t as great as a double coil design.

    Double coils are meant to do the opposite. While you can use them for mouth to lung, they are primarily meant for increased vapour production, which leans towards the direct lung technique.

    Advantages Of An RTA


    One of the major selling points true of all RBA is that they end up saving you money.

    Compared to sub-ohm tanks with replaceable coils, building your own is a much cheaper alternative.

    You can get a coil roll and a bag of cotton for about the same price as a pack of proprietary coils.

    Except the abundance of material means they can last you for months at the very least.

    Moving on, the greatest advantage that an RTA has over other builds is convenience.

    Compared to a rebuildable drip atomiser (RDA), the tank type build has a far larger e-liquid capacity.

    Instead of having to drip fresh liquid every few draws, an RTA allows you to vape all day without carrying your juice with you.

    Even rebuildable drip tank atomisers (RDTA) beat out in the instance of compatibility. RTAs are generally smaller and easier to wick than they’re bigger, do it all, brother.

    Disadvantages Of An RTA

    Regrettably, an RTA has a major weakness compared to the other kinds of RBAs you can build. Namely, cloud size.

    Trading vapour production for convenience, an RTA isn’t quite as good as an RDA at producing huge, voluminous clouds. Given it has more parts than an RDA, tank atomisers require a little more skill to put together, but that’s a minor nitpick.

    If you want a combination of not having redrip every few puffs, a compact size, and overall cheapness, an RTA device will suit your needs well.


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