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Here is the Bill Godshall / Smokefree Pennsylvania Tobacco Harm Reduction Updates.

Bill is the world’s most active anti-smoking harm campaigner and has been for decades. He has presented at countless hearings and court cases and is regarded as a leading authority on US tobacco regulation. Bill was advocating for THR when few had ever heard of it.

Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) is a term used to describe a range of strategies designed to reduce the health harms associated with smoking. These include reducing exposure to smoke, improving the quality of cigarettes, and encouraging smokers to switch to lower risk products.

In recent years there has been growing interest in developing and testing novel approaches to help smokers quit. Some of these approaches include nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), and pharmacotherapy.

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Bill Godshall
Executive Director
Smokefree Pennsylvania
1926 Monongahela Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

FDA Commissioner Nominee Backs THR

Scott Gottlieb Endorses / Defends Tobacco Harm Reduction

“In areas where there’s an inherent, obvious, and seemingly unavoidable risk related to certain consumer products – whether it is combustible tobacco or dangerously addictive opioid drugs – we have the opportunity to help consumers move to less risky alternatives.” Scott Gottlieb, MD, statement to US Senate HELP Committee on his nomination for FDA Commissioner (April 5, 2017)

View entire Senate HELP Cmte hearing for Scott Gottlieb at

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) touts alcohol harm reduction initiative, asks Gottlieb about tobacco harm reduction products during HELP Cmte hearing (1.54:20)

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), who urged FDA to impose the Deeming Reg/Ban, criticizes Gottlieb’s board membership and investment in e-liquid manufacturer Kure, criticizes vape flavors, and asks Gottlieb about them (2:34:50 of hearing)

The Hill highlights Scott Gottlieb support for lifesaving vapor products (that have helped millions of cigarette smokers quit smoking)

Big Pharma financed CTFK’s Matt Myers (who has ethically failed to disclose his irreconcilable financial conflict of interest since 1995) hypocritically criticizes Scott Gottlieb for conflicts of interest on vapor products

Trump nominee to lead FDA criticized by Senate Democrats

Hypocritical opponents of FDA nominee Scott Gottlieb (who urged FDA to ban lifesaving vaporizers) invoke opioid crisis

Sheila Kaplan profiles Scott Gottlieb, Godshall comments

Kure Franchise

Kure Company Overview

Kure files to raise $5 million (note 10/31/2016 date)

FDA Deeming Ban

NACS, SFATA, AVA, VTA, EVCA, AEMSA join forces with StopTheVapeBan to urge Congress to include Cole/Bishop amendment in 2017 approps bill, support HR 1136

CASAA asks all vapers to contact their members of Congress urging support for including the Cole/Bishop bill in the FY 2017 budget asks US vapers to urge Congress to include Cole/Bishop in federal budget

ECVA solicits funds for campaign to “Repeal & Replace” FDA Deeming Reg/Ban

Chris Rochester: FDA regulation ready to steamroll small vape shops

E-cigarette industry appeals to Trump Administration to help keep it in business

Mike Siegel: Why is FDA favoring real cigarettes over fake ones

Heartland: Brad Rodu and SFATA’s Pamela Gorman presenting the disastrous public health ramifications of FDA Deeming Ban on vapor products

Kathleen Gill: E-cigarettes important to many people

Cause of Action files Amicus Curiae in support of Cigar Association of America et al lawsuit challenging FDA’s Deeming Reg/Ban

Cigar retailer launches Cigar Smokers’ Rights Guide to oppose FDA Deeming Ban

FDA boasts it helps small businesses (even though FDA’s Deeming Ban will put 10,000+ small vapor companies out of business, something FDA’s cost/benefit analysis failed to acknowledge after being repeatedly notified of that fact).


Philip Morris International submits PMTA to FDA for IQOS heat-not-burn product

RJ Reynolds submits 450,000+ page MRTP applications for 6 Camel Snus brands

Reynolds enters FDA Modified Risk Regulatory Gauntlet for Camel Snus

Brad Rodu: Problems Multiply for Proposed FDA Smokeless Tobacco Rule

US DOD Lies about Low Risk Tobacco/Nicotine Alternatives

US DOD solicits bids to keep lying to enlistees about low risk tobacco/nicotine products

CASAA: UCANQUIT2’s Smoking Gun

US Rep Duncan Hunter (R-CA) authored law mandating TRICARE to help military quit smoking, but it only recommends ineffective and less than safe Big Pharma drugs

US Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) criticizes DOD for not doing more to reduce tobacco use


VA smoking ban gets first hearing in House (HR 1662 would ban smoking and vaping at all VA facilities, including outdoors)

Big Pharma Funds Vaping Opponents

Kathy Hoeksrta: E-cigarette critics get research dollars from industry competitors

Big Pharma’s Drug Abuse Treatment Industry

Transparency Market Research reveals GSK, Pfizer and Perdue among largest of growing drug addiction treatment marketers, which helps explain why they’ve lobbied to ban vapor products, and opposed medical marijuana laws to protect Big Pharma profits

THR Business

Philip Morris joins tech stocks as the most dominant US stocks

How anti-smoking campaigns helped Philip Morris create a ‘better cigarette’ (IQOS)

Japan Tobacco still addicted to crumbling cigarette strategy
“But in Japan, sales of the group’s paper cigarettes are expected to drop 10% in the face of competition from iQOS, the heated cigarette developed by U.S. tobacco giant Philip Morris International.”

BAT invests EUR 21 Million to start making vapor products in Romania

Can tobacco clean up its act? (ACS article on new low risk nicotine/tobacco products)

Wells Fargo’s Bonnie Herzog reports 4% decline in US cigarette volume during 4 week period ending March 25

Clearing a Path for Smokeless (highlights increased sales of smokeless tobacco in US)

JTI and PMI open stand alone stores to sell new heat-not-burn products in Japan


Florida Supreme Court rules Engle tobacco claims are not preempted by federal law

Florida jury awards $1.81M to smokers widower; PM, Reynolds and Liggett held liable

Florida jury awards $1M to smoker’s widow, PM held liable


California tobacco/vapor tax hike goes into effect

Montana House Taxation Cmte votes 12-8 to submit report opposing tobacco/vapor tax bill (SB 354), which now requires 60% House vote for approval (appearing unlikely)
after the Montana Senate approved (SB 354) to impose 74% tax on vapor products, increase cigarette tax from $1.70 to $3.20/pack, increase moist snuff tax from $.85/ounce to $3.20/can, increase OTP tax from 50% to 74%.

Heartland Institute opposed tax increases in MT for cigarettes, OTP and vapor products–commentary-montana-should-avoid-unnecessary-and-regressive-tobacco-and-vapor-tax-increase

MT vape shop owner opposed 74% tax on vapor products

Washington State House Finance Cmte approves bills to impose 95% tax of vapor and OTP, and increase minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21

CASAA asks Washington State vapers to urge WA Reps to oppose bill (HB 2165) that would protect cigarettes by imposing a 60% tax on lifesaving vapor products

Brian Fojtik: NY’s anti-science e-cig crackdown

NY legislators approve two-month budget extension to avoid shutdown

NY Governor’s budget proposes tax on vaping liquid

Kansas House amends, then approves 123-2 bill (SB 96) to reduce e-liquid tax from $.20 to $.05/ml; Senate/House Conference Committee to negotiate differences.

E-cigarette tax fix moves forward in Kansas

Lawmakers appear unlikely to increase cigarette tax in Indiana

PA House passes 2017/18 budget (that includes last year’s 40% vapor product tax)

PA tells federal court to toss lawsuit that is challenging PA’s 40% tax on vapor products

Indiana Monopoly Law

Indiana House modestly amends, then overwhelmingly approves bill (SB 1) to eliminate Indiana’s e-liquid monopoly, returned to Senate (amendment approved by IN House)

Indiana moves closer to repealing e-liquid regulations

What smells about Indiana’s vaping law? Could it be marijuana? (e-liquid monopoly company would have similarly benefited from a medical marijuana monopoly bill)

State Vapor Regulations

Audryana Camacho: Regulating E-cigarettes (cites WA vapor tax bill and bills in RI)

Smoking/Vaping Bans

Arlington (TX) bill to ban smoking and vaping in workplaces to be voted on April 11

Colombus (GA) Council delays action for 60 days on proposed workplace smoking ban

Canadian Cancer Society now lobbying to ban vaping outdoors (despite zero cancer risk)

Tobacco Use / Vaping Bans

Big Pharma shill CTFK boasts of its success lobbying MLB and City Councils to ban adults from using very low risk smokeless tobacco at stadia despite no harm to others

Cecil County (MD) bans use of all tobacco/vapor products at parks

Olmset County (MN) bans tobacco use at parks

Minneapolis law banning use of very low risk smokeless tobacco and vapor products at parks goes into effect

Vapor Sales Ban to Minors

NY Senate approves bill (S 1223) to further ban e-cigarette sales to minors

Minimum Age Laws

Vermont Senate defeats bill to raise minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21

Arizona bill (HB 2335) that would have increased the minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21 dies in House Commerce Committee without a hearing

Illinois bill (HB 3208) that would have increased minimum age for tobacco/vapor product sales to 21 fails to gain approval in committee

Arkansas bill (HB 1711) that would have increased minimum sales age for tobacco/vapor products to 21 defeated by Arkansas House vote

Mixed feelings on bill to raise legal smoking/vaping age in Oregon

Big Pharma funded CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA criticize CT Fiscal Note for bill (HB 5384) because it presumes smokers under 21 would quit smoking if minimum age for cigarette sales is raised to 21, but ignore impacts of raising age for vapor products and OTP

Vapor shop owners go head-to-head with doctors during hearing on bill (HB 1908) to raise minimum age for vapor and tobacco sales to 21 (TX)

Winston-Salem Journal article highlights bill (HB 435) that would raise the minimum age for all tobacco/vapor product sales to 21 (NC)

Winston-Salem Journal editorial falsely claims vaping “is still smoking”, quotes CDC vaping propagandist Brian King deceitfully conflating vaping with cigarette smoking, advocates bill (HB 435) to increase minimum sale age for tobacco/vapor products to 21.

Big Pharma and government funded activists lobby MA to increase minimum age for deadly cigarettes, low risk OTP and lifesaving vapor products to 21, conflate all risks

New Zealand Legalizes Vapor Sales to Help Smokers Quit

End Smoking NZ media release praises NZ legalization of nicotine e-liquids

Nicotine e-cigarettes legalized: expert reaction by Glover, Hoek, Blakely

Editorial: The Government is right to proceed cautiously on vaping

Editorial: the best hope for smokers is in the cloud (vaping)

Katie Holland: E-cigarette move makes sense (NZ)

Editorial: E-cigarettes to get a sensible law

More expected to quit smoking with e-cig legalisation, say retailers

Tony Blakely: Legalizing e-cigarettes a bold move by the government

Maori Party welcomes decision on e-cigarettes (NZ)

NZ legalizes sales of vapor to help more smokers quit


WHO FCTC’s Global Progress Report 2016 deceitfully conflates lifesaving vapor and other very low risk smokefree alternatives with deadly cigarettes, promotes cigarette protecting anti THR laws as public health progress, defines vapor products as tobacco, advocates more government subsidization of Big Pharma nicotine products and drugs

WHO issues excellent interview with Gary Schwitzer about the importance of fact-based approach to health journalism, but WHO continues to protect cigarettes by demonizing and advocating sales bans on lifesaving vapor products and snus

WHO considers three finalists to replace vapor and THR prohibitionist Margaret Chan

Vapor Prohibition in Australia

Sheshtyn Paola: Ausrtralia hasn’t yet come to terms with the option of harm reduction

Matt Young criticizes TGA’s unethical and inhumane ban of lifesaving vapor products

Aust ‘hermit kingdom’ over e-cigarette ban
“This is yet another example of Australia being left behind on very basic issues of personal choice,” Senator Leyonhjelm said.

60 Minutes Vaping Segment on April 8th 2017 Australia


Farsalinos urges Philippine government to support vapor products for addicted smokers

Philippine law banning vaping in public buildings imposes fines and prison sentences


Israeli Health Minister concedes to demand by THR opponents to regulate low risk IQOS as tobacco product


Yael Ossowski: Why fewer Canadians are using tobacco (vaping)

Imperial Tobacco Canada submits comments on bill S-5, appropriately criticizes its vaping regulations and threatens legal action over tobacco plain packaging requirement

Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott criticizes tobacco companies for advocating sound vapor policies to help smokers switch, and for opposing her proposed plain packaging law for all tobacco products (despite no evidence plain packaging can reduce cigarette consumption or smoking rate)

Canadian government bans menthol cigarettes


France to blow €100 million on lighting up unsellable cigarettes (due to plain packaging)


New UK vaping laws to come into force restricting the sale of e-liquids and e-cigarettes

Isle of Man to allow jail prisoners to vape

Health Policy Research

A Risk Assessment Matrix for Public Health Principles: The Case for E-Cigarettes

Study finds most Americans support larger warnings on cigarette packs (which the TCA required the FDA to implement, but which FDA has failed to do so in the past 5 years)

Common Ground (article on David Sweanor’s self funded THR advocacy and charity)

Health Research

Study finds daily smoking rate worldwide declined by 28.4% for men and by 34.4% for women from 1990-2015, down to 25.0% for men and 5.4% for women in 2015; find smoking caused 11.5% (6.4 million) of worldwide deaths in 2015. Decline in smoking could have been far greater if US FDA didn’t lie about and ban vapor products since 2009 and if WHO didn’t lie about vapor products and urged all nations to ban them.

THR Research

Yet another study finds e-cigarette vapor contains far lower levels of carcinogens and toxicants than cigarette smoke

Public Health and Medical Malpractice

Brad Rodu: The Human Toll of Anti-Tobacco Extremism

DHHS & DHHS funded Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Washington Post and Daily Mail hype CDC’s absurdly false claim that one in four youth are exposed to secondhand e-cigarette smoke (since e-cig vapor is smokefree), CDC’s Brian King keeps lying about vaping to lobby for more cigarette protecting vaping bans

FDA/NIH/NIDA funded anti vaping activists at Yale once again misrepresent their own findings (and those of many others) that teen smokers are far more likely to vape than nonsmokers to lobby for more FDA bans (beyond Deeming’s ban of all vapor sales)

FDA/NIH funded UT promotes junk study falsely claiming flavored e-cigs appeal to youth and young people (as flavored e-cigs appeal almost exclusively to smokers and former smokers who vape), repeats disproved false fear-mongering claims about vaping

FDA/NIH funded anti vaping activists at UC San Diego continue to misrepresent the huge benefits and negligible risks that lifesaving vapor products provide for smokers

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

GWU students (using 2014 NHIS data) find vapers reported far lower rate of heart attacks than smokers and exsmokers, find increased odds ratios of .42 for vapers, 2.75 for daily smokers, 2.39 for some day smokers, 1.80 for exsmokers compared to never smokers; but authors falsely claim vaping increased odds of MI by 42% and fail to admit that >93% of vapers surveyed were current or exsmokers (whose odds sharply declined).

Junk scientist and vaping prohibitionist Stan Glantz touts study done by GWU students finding vapers had a 42% higher odds ratio for heart attacks than never-vapers, but also fails to acknowledge that >93% if vapers surveyed were current or former smokers.

Mike Siegel – Vaping opponents have lost scientific rigor: Now concluding that e-cigarettes cause heart attacks based on a science fair project

Big Pharma drug peddler Frank Leone keeps lying about vaping, fails to ethically disclose his irreconcilable financial conflicts of interest (Philly)

Mike Siegel – Penn Medicine Expert: Smoking may be no more hazardous than vaping

How flawed science is undermining good medicine (excellent article on junk science that doesn’t mention the many junk anti-THR studies funded by FDA, NIH, NIDA, etc.)

Peter Hajak corrects deceitful claims by junk study authors that e-cig experimention is “youth initiation” and that vaping is “smoking”

Cleveland Clinic continues to greatly exaggerate risks of vaping and downplay vaping’s health benefits for smokers, falsely claims cigars are as harmful as cigarettes

Big Pharma funded ACS’ Jeffrey Drope falsely claims “Big Tobacco is now dominating in dollars of sales” of vapor products, complains that tobacco companies are cornering the vapor market, while failing to acknowledge the FDA Deeming Ban (that ACS lobbied for since 2011) protects cigarettes and gives the entire vaping industry to Big Tobacco.

Big Pharma funded ALA’s Deb Brown criticizes NJ Gov Chris Christie for not wasting taxpayer dollars on anti THR propaganda or for costly and ineffective smoking cessation programs and subsidization of Big Pharma drugs; yet again fails to ethically disclose ALA’s irreconcilable financial conflict of interest as a Big Pharma shill.

Legacy lies initiative recruits youth for another anti-tobacco training (brainwashing) summit to lie about the risks of different tobacco/nicotine products, and to train youth to lobby for bans on vaping on smokeless tobacco use, tax hikes and FDA’s Deeming Ban

Virginia funded anti nicotine extremist claims it is “troubling” that teens continue replacing deadly cigarette smoking with very low risk vaping

Mike Cummings promotes report that sort of supports THR, Godshall comments

San Francisco wastes more taxpayer dollars on program to subsidize/hawk Big Pharma nicotine products to smokers, while lying about lifesaving vapor products

Intolerant anti-vaping group in UK (RSPH) condemns UK vape shops for selling vapor products to adult nonsmokers, wants vape stores to instruct all nonsmokers to not vape


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