How Old Do You Have To Be To Vape In Australia?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Vape In Australia?

It’s not always clear what the vaping age is in Australia. This article will answer your question about how old you need to be to vape legally in Australia. We’ll also discuss some of the legal implications that come with being under 18 and vaping, as well as restrictions on where adults can vape.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Vape In Australia?

The legal age to vape in Australia is 18. The law states that you must be 18 years old before you can legally buy or use nicotine vaping products such as e-cigarettes,

If someone under the age of 18 has a vaporiser in their possession, police will have the power to seize it.

The use of vapour devices is not permitted in a vehicle when there are any passengers under 16.

General Vaping Laws In Australia

Vaping is legal in Australia.

You can purchase and consume vapes or e-cigarettes in Australia, provided they do not contain nicotine. Currently, you need a prescription for nicotine e-liquid if you plan to use it as a replacement for smoking cigarettes.

It is illegal to use electronic cigarettes, purchase e-liquid, or consume it in any other way in Australia without a prescription.

Western Australia bans the sale of vaporizers (regardless of nicotine content), and in other states, you may not purchase vapes or e-cigarettes that resemble actual cigarettes.

Vaping without a prescription for nicotine carries a heavy fine ($45,000) and potentially lands you in prison for two years.

Vaping Age around the world

What Age Do You Need Be To Vape In Countries Around The World?

Many countries around the world have different legal vaping ages. In some cases, it varies depending on whether you’re buying a vape for recreational purposes or if you have medical reasons to use one.

It is legal to vape nicotine in New Zealand, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and many other countries worldwide. Australia stands out as a country where vaping is illegal among all developed countries.

The following is an overview of what age restrictions apply in select countries:

  • United States – 18 years old (medical & recreational)
  • Canada – 19+
  • England – 16+ (no tobacco products until 18+)
  • Switzerland – 14+ with parental permission and doctor’s recommendation; otherwise 18+ without both, even if no nicotine contents are present in the e-juice used. Many Swiss cantons may not allow young people below the age of 16 to buy vape pens from retailers which
  • New Zealand – 18+
  • China – 18+, with some exceptions for medical purposes.
  • Netherlands – 16 years old (16+)
  • Germany – 14+ (14+)
  • Austria – 18+ (18+)

Please note: the legal age requirement in these countries may change over time, so you should always check your country’s current laws before vaping or buying a vape pen.

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