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    One of the primary reasons that some people like to vape is the convenient portability of certain set-ups.

    If you are looking for the best portable vaporizer for your needs, taking the time to consider what options are available on the market and selecting the product that is the perfect fit for you can elevate your vaping experience.

    There are plenty of variables to consider when selecting a portable vaporizer, so looking into what others are saying about a product is a great way to determine if a particular feature suits your needs.

    To give you a starting point: What are some of the most popular dry herb portable vaporizers on the market? According to your fellow vapers, what are some of the pros and cons of each of these popular dry herb vapes?

    Best Dry Herb Portable vaporizers

    Visit Website Remarks Heating Weight Compatible With
    Crafty Plus + Crafty Plus Vaporizer Best Overall Hybrid 136 Grams Herbs, Wax
    Mighty Vaporizer Mighty Vaporizer Runner Up Hybrid 230 Grams Herbs, Wax
    Pax 3 Pax 3 Vaporizer Most Portable Conduction 93 Grams Herbs, Wax
    DaVinci IQ2 Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer Most Discreet Conduction 159 Grams Herbs, Wax
    Arizer Solo 2 Arizer Solo 2 Best Battery Life Hybrid 210 grams Herbs
    XMAX Starry V2 XMAX Starry V2 Best Budget Vaporizer Conduction 120 Grams Herbs, Wax

    Best Overall : Crafty Plus + Vaporizer

    What we Liked
    • Easy to use: the Crafty has a single button, with the rest of the vaping controls being handled through an accompanying app
    • Extreme control: performance can be easily adjusted mid-session via a downloadable cellphone app; for example, the app allows you to adjust the temperature from anywhere between 104 and 410 degrees
    • Concealable: the small size of the device means that it is easy to hold and conceal in a pocket or handbag
    • Portability: weighing just under 135 grams, the Crafty offers the highest quality performance with extreme portability due to its lightweight
    What we would improve
    • Biggest drawback: The battery life is somewhat short, but since the Crafty portable vaporizer charges via micro USB, the vape can be conveniently charged on the fly

    Best Overall : Mighty Vaporizer

    Although the Mighty has been on the market for nearly four years, it is still one of the best quality portable dry herb vapes available. Some of the pros and cons of The Mighty are:

    What we Liked
    • Easy to use: the Mighty features straightforward, easy-to-use controls for beginners Supreme quality: with an unusual design that combines both convection and conduction for heating, the Mighty delivers vapor that rivals desktop vaporizers
    • Battery life: the Mighty has a long lifespan for a portable vape
    What we would improve
    • Larger size: This portable vaporizer is comparatively large (it measures 5.5 inches tall, 3.2 inches long, and 1.2 inches deep) to other products, which makes it more difficult to use discreetly because it is about twice the size of the other available portable vaporizers

    Runner Up : Ghost MV-1

    This dry herb vaporizer took the vaping world by storm. The pros an cons of this vape are:

    What we Liked
    • Exceptional ergonomics: the Ghost MV1 is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, with a battery pack that is removable so you can easily change the grips and adjustable mouthpiece
    • Extraordinary performance: the on-demand vaping system offers instant heat and instant gratification, which is a good thing for short sessions
    • Easy to operate on the go: the Ghost MV1 features a unique crucible dispenser design that makes it one of the best tasting portable options available
    What we would improve
    • Not for beginners: Those who do not have previous experience using portable vaporizers may want to consider a different model, as it can be tricky for inexperienced users to operate the crucible

    Most Portable/Discreet : Pax 3

    The Pax 3 is a portable dry herb vaporizer designed by PaxVapor to replace previous models of the popular line. The pros and cons of the popular Pax line are:

    What we Liked
    • Supremely portable: the Pax 3 is the perfect size to enjoy vaping while on the go, and at only 93 grams, you will hardly notice it in your pocket or purse
    • Fast acting performance: the Pax 3 quickly reaches serviceable temperature, heating up in roughly 20 seconds, and it has the ability to sense lip contact, allowing it to anticipate and facilitate sessions by beginning to heat up the dry herb earlier
    What we would improve
    • Relatively short battery life: Although the Pax 3 is incredibly portable, the battery life is extremely short as it only lasts for about an hour and half

    Most Discreet : DaVinci IQ2

    DaVinci has been in the vape business for awhile now and the products manufactured by the company make that clear. Some pros and cons to consider before buying this product:

    What we Liked
    • Adjustable Dial: The DaVinci IQ2 is currently the only dry herb vaporizer that allows you to adjuts airflow. It seems a simple thing, so why are we only just seeing this! Works great.
    • Great design: The DaVinci products are great looking with an extra sleek design and gorgeous LED display, and IQ2 is no slouch in this department. The iphone of vaping!
    • Small and portable size: It is one of the smallest battery powered dry herb vaporizers on the market, so the vape easily fits into your pockets or purse
    • Easy to adjust temperature: The device has different options to gradually increase in temperature over a vaping session
    • Easy to use: The DeVinci does not require a lot of effort to get a good draw as long as the vape is clean
    What we would improve
    • Short battery life: It might not be the best choice for big groups or heavier users because of its short battery life – each battery lasts for an average of 30 minutes

    Best Battery Life : Arizer Solo 2

    The Arizer Solo 2 is the second model of the Solo dry herb vaporizer. The pros and cons this vaping device are listed below:

    What we Liked
    • Long lasting battery life span: The Arizer Solo 2 boasts one of the longest battery life spans of any available portable vaporizer, making it ideal vapers who want to enjoy long sessions or will be in a location where the do not have frequent opportunities to recharge the unit’s battery
    • Excellent dry herb performance: For those who are looking for a portable vaporizer at a reasonable price, the Arizer Solo 2 deserves its reputation as a standout model
    What we would improve
    • Larger size: The Arizer Solo 2 is on the larger size for a portable vaporizer, and may be more difficult to conceal, as users will have a hard time fitting it inside a pocket or handbag, unlike other models

    Best Budget - XMAX Starry V2

    The Arizer Solo 2 is the second model of the Solo dry herb vaporizer. The pros and cons this vaping device are listed below:

    What we Liked
    • Extremely portable: The XMAX Starry V2 is an ideal size for those who want an easily concealable portable vaporizer, weighing in at only 120 grams and small enough to be easily tucked into a pocket
    • Excellent price point: While some portable vaporizers will cost a pretty penny, the XMAX Starry V2’s low price point makes it perfect for those with a budget or new users who want a low-cost trial
    • Easy to read display: The XMAX Starry V2 offers a clear and easy-to-read read display that offers the user comprehensive control over temperature – Desirable performance: while the XMAX Starry V2 is not the fastest available portable vaporizer, it still only takes 30 seconds to heat up which is a perfectly reasonable amount of time.
    What we would improve
    • Larger size: The Arizer Solo 2 is on the larger size for a portable vaporizer, and may be more difficult to conceal, as users will have a hard time fitting it inside a pocket or handbag, unlike other models

    The Winner Of The Roundup


    When it comes to declaring the vaping community’s favourite portable vaporizer overall, the clear victor is the Mighty unit – however, just because a product is the most popular that does not mean it is the product that is best for your vaping needs.

    While there are many different things to consider when choosing a portable vaporizer, the Mighty vape is superior to other products in almost every way. This portable vaporizer delivers the highest quality vapor, with only the Crafty matching its performance.

    But unlike the Crafty, which has a short battery life, the Mighty holds a charge for longer than most of the portable vaporizers on this list.

    Only the Arizer Solo 2 challenges the Mighty in battery lifespan, but unless the duration of the battery is your primary consideration when purchasing a portable vaporizer, the Mighty beats out the Arizer Solo 2 in most other considerations.

    The main drawback of the Mighty is its size. The Mighty is somewhat larger than other portable models on this list, such as the XMAX Starry V2 and the Pax 3.

    However, unless discreetness is a major consideration, the Mighty’s superior performance in other categories means it easily overcomes this potential challenge.

    Portable Vaporizer Buying Guide

    Portable vaporizer buying guide

    What Are The Advantages Of Portable Vaporizers?


    Portable vaporizers allow you to enjoy the benefits of vaping in any location.

    They also offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will have access to your vaporizer no matter where your personal journeys may take you.

    Unlike smoking cigarettes or using a pipe to smoke tobacco or other dry herbs, a portable vaporizer is discrete because it does not produce the telltale odor of smoke.

    Furthermore, if you are interested in getting involved in the vaping community by attending more events and competitions, a portable vaporizer is the equipment you need to join in the fun of chasing clouds with these vaping groups!

    What Attributes Make One Portable Vaporizer Different From Another?


    While each portable vaporizer serves the same basic vaping function, each product has its own unique characteristics that should be considered before buying a new vape.

    Taste And Flavour


    One factor to consider is the taste you wish to experience while vaping because different products offer different flavours of puffs.

    While taste is incidental to some vapers, it is extremely important to those who want a device that provides pleasing flavours at a high temperature, and at a consistent rate, throughout the whole vaping session.

    Battery And Battery Life


    Different brands of portable vaporizers use different types of batteries to power the vape.

    Thus, the battery life and the amount of charge time required varies wildly from one portable vaporizer to the next.

    So, you should look into how long it takes for a portable vaporizer’s battery to recharge after it has been exhausted before purchasing a product.

    However, if another feature of a dry herb vaporizer is more important to you than the battery life, this drawback can be avoided by purchasing accessories, such as portable chargers and charged spare batteries that are ready and available to replace dead batteries during extended sessions.

    Ergonomic Design


    Ergonomics is too often overlooked by new vapers.

    The portable dry herb vaporizer that you chose will probably spend a lot of time in your hand, so you will want to find one that fits like the proverbial glove.

    Some vaporizers on the market feature adjustable handles or removable grips to better accommodate the user’s specific requirements.

    Your Experience Level


    Different brands of portable dry herb vaporizers are designed for different levels of vapers, from beginners to advanced.

    The portable vapes for advanced vapers offer numerous customisable features, including an array of controls that might prove alienating to newly christened vaping enthusiasts.

    Vapor Quality


    Another thing to consider before purchasing a new device is vapor quality – the characteristics of vapor, such as density and temperature, can vary from product to product.

    For some, the quality of vapor is an essential!



    Each portable vaporizer is the efficient in different ways – some vaporizers are simply more efficient at delivering flavourful vapor, where as other vaporizers place a stronger emphasis on speedy delivery of the vapor or portability.

    How To Choose The Best Portable Vaporizer?


    When it comes to selecting the best portable vaporizer, you should consider what features are best suited to your particular needs.

    To accomplish this, it is essential to identify what the most important elements of a dry herb portable vaporizer are for you.

    When you have balanced the variables and prioritised your personal performance expectations, choosing the model that best serves your needs will be simple.

    If you are most concerned with being able to vape on the go, then a setup maximizing portability will be the best choice.

    People may be more interested in a product with a long battery life if they need a vape that can last for a long time without needing to be recharged, the may want to look at small-sized vapes which typically have a longer battery life than larger devices.

    And, for those interested in cloud-chasing, they should look for a vaporizer that emphasizes the delivery of thick vapor.

    You should also consider your personal situation when selecting a portable vaporizer.

    For example, if you have large hands, you may want to consider a product that features a suitable grip.

    Alternatively, those who want to use their portable vaporizer while traveling should consider selecting a model that is exceptionally easy to transport. Hopefully our round up of the best portable vaporizer has covered all your questions, if not please let us know in the comments.

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