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Best Premium E-Liquid Australia 2024

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    Most vapers are aware that E-Liquid is made from a mixture of flavourings, optional nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG).

    It feels like a bit of a head-scratcher when you sit down and think about it, but how do you go about marketing something so simple as a premium product?

    Primarily, the main cause of jumped-up prices into premium e-liquid territory is the increased cost of expensive ingredients.

    Yeah, sure, you might be getting something that vaguely resembles mango-flavoured cough medicine from a dirt-cheap bottle of e-juice, but you’ll find that some of the more expensive brands will have you swearing you just took a bite out of the fruit itself. So let’s get straight into our picks for the best Premium E-Liquid Australia.

    Looking for a Premium Vape Juice Shipped to Australia?

    Use our quick guide table to compare nicotine strengths, main flavour categories, VG and PG ratio and bottle size.
    Visit Website Nicotine Strengths Flavours Ratio Bottle Size
    BlackNote Black Note E Juice 3 / 6 / 12 / 18 mg Tobacco 50% VG - 50% PG 30, 60ml
    Naked 100 Naked 100 E Liquids 3 / 6 / 12 mg Fruity 70% VG - 30% PG​ 60ml
    Kind Juice kind-juice 1.5 / 3 / 6 / 12 / 18 mg Fruits, Menthol 100% VG 15, 30ml
    The Milkman Milkman High-VG Juice 0 /3 /6 Mg Dessert 100% VG 60ml
    Cuttwood Cuttwood Premium E Juices 0 / 3 / 6 / 12 Mg Breakfast & Tobacco 70% VG - 30% PG 60ml
    Beard Co Beard E JUICE 0 / 3 / 6 Mg Fruits, Desserts, Coffee 60% VG - 40% PG 60ml

    The List of Best Premium E-Liquid Australia

    Okay, information and health stuff is out of the way, so let’s get to the important bit that won’t bore you to tears.

    Here I’ll be going over some of the more popular e-juice brands favoured in Australia before letting you know which offers the most return for your money.

    As always, this is entirely my personal opinion, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt.

    #1 Black Note


    • Good range of tobacco type flavours
    • All-natural flavour extraction
    • Multiple nicotine levels
    • The extremely authentic tobacco taste
    • Good throat hit and vapour production


    • PG/VG ratio is fixed for all bottles
    • Bottles are pretty expensive for 30ml

    If you’re a new vaper looking to simulate the taste of cigarettes best, you don’t need to look further than purchasing bottles from Black Note.

    This premium e-liquid line utilises an all-natural extraction process to get the flavour out of real tobacco plants.

    Basically, the people who make the juice steep tobacco leaves in their 50/50 PG/VG blends for six to eight weeks to get that authentic taste.

    It goes a little deeper than that, though. If you’ve ever had the chance to smoke pipe tobacco, this company offers a broad range of tastes similar to that experience.

    Flavours can range from being bold, dark, and toasty to satisfyingly sweet with just a hint of thickly smoky aftertaste that resembles the fifth or so pull on a flavoured cigar.

    As implied above, all Black Note bottles use a 50/50 ratio of PG to VG and offer five different nicotine levels that range from 0 to 18mg.

    With eight different flavours of tobacco to choose from, I’d recommend purchasing ‘The Notebook’, a flavour testing kit filled with 7.5ml bottles of their offered flavourings.

    The downside to this brand? Their selling price of USD 29 per 30ml bottle.

    Though on the glass-half-full side, they have a recycling program that will give you a free bottle of juice to send back five used tubes.

    #2 Naked 100


    • A very smooth blend of 70/30 VG/PG
    • Several different nicotine levels
    • Affordable, but very much premium
    • Good range of flavours
    • Great for people with a sweet tooth
    • Salt nic line available


    • Fixed VG/PG ratio
    • Okay throat hit
    • Not for fans of mild flavours

    Naked 100 is just one of those brands that almost every vaper has tried out.

    Personally speaking, one of my first experiences with exploring e-juice was being gifted a bottle from a long time vaper friend of mine.

    I was more than impressed with the Hawaiian POG bottle I received.

    Doubly so because I didn’t realise this brand was considered a premium type of e-liquid!

    What can I say that’s completely terrible about this line of juice? Nothing really.

    Bottles of Naked 100 are both tasty and very affordable for the experience they provide.

    Found in 60ml bottles, you get the option to choose between multiple nicotine strengths, and the 70/30 VG/PG ratio makes for a super smooth and cloudy vape.

    The flavour range isn’t bad either. There are nine different flavours to choose from just from their basic line alone.

    If you count their excellent salt nic line? You get double that amount at 18 different flavours to choose from!

    Sort of, some of their more popular flavours are repeated, so there’s that to keep in mind.

    #3 Kind Juice


    • Organic, guilt-free e-liquid
    • Bob Marley distilled into e-juice
    • A great option for the gluten intolerant
    • No artificial additives
    • A staggering number of flavours


    • A little on the expensive side
    • You might be mistaken for a hippie
      Which is like, totally cool, brah

    So I referred to this juice brand earlier when I mentioned organic vape liquid.

    That was just a basic one-liner; Kind Juice offers a whole lot more than just being organic.

    Kind Juice has three separate lines of products categorised as E Nectar, Tobacco Ridge, Sub Element and comes out to a whopping total of 33 different flavours.

    Bottle sizes range from 15 to 30ml at a reasonable price, and nicotine levels vary from 0mg up to 18mg.

    What really makes this company special is its dedication to keeping moral issues above the bar.

    Besides using organic and natural flavouring extracts, their bottles don’t contain artificial additives. Ingredients are sourced from quality manufacturers, contain no gluten or sugar, use ethical ingredients never tested on animals, and are made from pesticide-free plants.

    And perhaps the most heroically? This company believes in fair trade.

    Which actually is pretty on par for the course considering the lengths Kind Juice is going through to keep their products on a whole different definition of premium.

    #4 The Milkman

    Milkman High-VG Juice


    • Good range of milky dessert flavours
    • Fun packaging
    • Tastes quite good


    • Nicotine options are a little limited
    • It might clog up your coils
    • Quite expensive

    Coming in at fourteen different flavours separated across three production lines, Milkman juice is a brand that prides itself on its milky dessert flavours.

    These milk jug shaped bottles are packaged inside containers made to look like milk cartons.

    A cheeky play on words aside, the bottles are also fairly sizeable and come in at 60ml with the option for 0, 3, and 6mg worth of nicotine.

    As you can imagine, The Milkman does one thing well, and that’s delivering a sweet, sweet vape liquid.

    While these bottles are quite pricey when not offered up at a discount, it might be worth the price if you enjoy desserts enough to breathe it in.

    I’m not judging. Sometimes you need something sweet and delectable during Australia’s winter season.

    I like my ice cream very much, thank you, and it’s not like you’ll be gaining weight from vaping clouds of sugary goodness.

    Just something to keep in mind, though, if you’re not a fan of sweet and savoury, go ahead and skip this.

    I’ve also found some of these juices to clog up my coils, so it might not be the greatest juice unless you rebuild your coils from scratch.

    #5 Cuttwood

    Cuttwood Premium E Juices


    • Decently priced for premium juice
    • Good range of flavours
    • Smooth and tasty vape


    • The titanium dioxide controversy is still bonkers
    • A little lacking in nicotine options

    With a respectable ten flavours, Cuttwood juice bottles give off that air of mature coolness.

    Not quite Sean Connery levels of pure, immeasurable swag, but it comes pretty close.

    These bottles come in 60ml size and carry anywhere between 0 to 12mg worth of nicotine.

    It needs to be said that there was a pretty impactful controversy regarding this company and one of their juice blends a few years ago.

    To be specific, Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk contained titanium dioxide, and while it got pulled from the shelves pretty quick, the company has been trying to make up for lost ground ever since.

    In the present day, I’d say they’re doing pretty well. The 70/30 VG/PG mix they use provides for a smooth and cloudy vaping experience, and the range of tastes they expand into is quite nice as well.

    It’s hard to pin down how fulfilled a human being can feel after loading up a tank of ‘Boss Reserve’.

    Please don’t listen to what anyone else says; it’s cool to wear sunglasses indoors.

    #6 Beard Vape Co.

    Beard E JUICE


    • Deep and flavourful
    • You can meme this juice for days
    • You’ll start growing a superb beard


    • It doesn’t actually make you grow a beard
    • A little low on flavour options

    I have a disclaimer to make. As a red-blooded man, it’s physically impossible for me to denounce this line of products in any way, shape or form.

    Be aware that my genetic predisposition to fawning over impeccably groomed facial hair makes for a biased and unreliable source.

    Heh, Nah. Beard Co is a solid line of premium e-juice in my book.

    Sold in either 30 or 60ml bottles, these products boast various flavours that range from watermelon fruity to cigar bar smokey.

    That being said, the nicotine range isn’t anything special as it ranges from 0 to 12mg, and the number of flavours offered only come up to a total of eight.

    Not terrible, but not the greatest when it comes to picking and choosing which bottle to get for your shopping list.

    But what really destroys my heart? In the deepest, darkest place?

    All the beard logos are the same despite being labelled in different numbers. It’s a terrible state of affairs, I know.

    My Personal Pick

    It’s not difficult to admit that there were those days when I still wished for the taste of a cigarette.

    Mostly it’s just nostalgia and old memories made with good friends at the bar, but that’s the crux of the issue.

    As a firm proponent of vaping over smoking, one of the most effective ways of switching over is to simulate smoking a cigarette as best you can.

    For new vapers just dipping their feet into the water, having access to the full-bodied flavour of very close to authentic tobacco isn’t an advantage to be thrown out lightly.

    Black Note wins this roundup, hands down.

    If your mind is craving a cigarette, it might help to have a bottle of juice that tastes just like one, is a healthier alternative, and is still quite a bit cheaper in the long run compared to buying a pack a day.

    Best Premium E-Liquid Australia

    Why The Additional Expense

    Okay. Despite having said that, I need to figure out how some less-than-well-intentioned companies are likely to do that.

    Given the state of flux regarding e-liquid laws, vendors don’t have to tell you everything they put into their products.

    Unscrupulous companies may end up describing one thing, but they could sell you something comparable to bottles left in the internet bargain bin.

    Of course, that isn’t to say that all vendors jack up their prices with pretty words and cheap ingredients.

    There might be thousands of e-juice brands on the market, but all it takes is a bit of research to discover that some expensive-looking bottles actually hold e-liquid that is worth the price tag.

    Luckily, I’ve researched for you!

    The Quality Of Ingredients

    Getting that kind of taste down to bottled perfection will be a complex process.

    A vendor might get away with adding just two different flavourings to get a specific flavour. Still, the authentic artisan-level blends use a veritable cocktail of ingredients to getting the taste just right.

    It’s not a joke when I say that food science is a thing.

    Research is being performed in the culinary sciences to narrow down flavours into their chemical components.

    In these labs, ‘artificial flavourings’ are created and condensed down into vats of bacon-flavoured liquid.

    Speciality Options

    Besides using more or more expensive ingredients in their e-liquids, companies might also market their wares to a specific portion of the population.

    Citing one example, Kind Juice, organic vape liquid is a thing.

    For those concerned about synthetic chemicals, some companies develop e-liquids that use non-synthetic flavourings.

    Another significant separation between regular and premium e-juice is the bottles that look the part.

    It could be part of a gag in the case of Milkman, a line of e-liquid packaged in a facsimile of milk bottles, or something more serious like Beard Co.

    When your company names their e-liquid after a specific number on a list of different beard types, you know that they’re earnest about the quality of its product.

    Just imagine Charles Dance with an early nineteenth-century set of mutton chops.

    (Sadly, all the bottles use the same logo, but imagination is a great thing.)

    The sheer magnificence of that image. Fondly quoting Robocop for a moment, “I’d buy that for a dollar.”

    Why Buy Premium E-Liquid

    Besides wanting to be the generous lord or lady who will gift their peasant subjects with but a taste of ambrosia for their loyalty, there are a few reasons you might want to try using premium juice.

    First off, vendors that sell premium e-liquid will either have to convince you to buy their products with a serious advertisement or, for a more convincing reason, do the honourable thing and make a list of the ingredients they put into their juice.

    Studies regarding the correlation between vaping and health problems are still in their infancy, but there is enough information on related issues that cause some concern.

    The comparison between popcorn lung and the same irritating chemical that causes it in popcorn factory workers has been used as a sweetener in some e-juice flavours. It actually still is here and there.

    At the very least, it’s a load off the mind to know that the chemical linked to the condition won’t be present in the premium e-liquids you purchase.

    Vendors that promote themselves as premium juice developers do not want the negative press associated with that bag of ‘fun’.

    Another reason besides wanting to know what’s in your juice is the superior taste from premium bottles.

    There is absolutely no comparison you can make between a cheap bottle of bootleg moonshine compared to, let’s say, Johnny Walker Blue Label.

    You could say something similar about nameless wholesale e-juice and a bottle of Naked 100.

    Considering Less Expensive Alternatives

    While premium vape liquid isn’t going to break the bank for most people, it can be significantly more expensive than cheaper alternatives.

    If you don’t really care about flavour and are vaping to get your nicotine buzz, there’s no need to buy a deluxe lemon custard when basic blueberry will do.

    For health considerations, I’ll just lay it out plainly.

    We have no idea what inhaling most of the stuff in e-juice will do long-term.

    Yes, we know some chemicals are harmful, and yes, most of the used flavourings are often deemed safe for ingestion by several food health organisations.

    But that’s the key. Ingestion.

    It’s always good to be aware that we are still inhaling flavourings in a way that wasn’t meant to be done and definitely not in the quantities we do.

    So despite knowing what you’re pulling into your lungs with some vape juices, it’s difficult to say if premium e-juice is the healthier alternative, broadly speaking.


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