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Best Squonk Mods 2024

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    The vaping industry is a vast space that has seen an explosion in the last few years. This means there are tons of new products and innovations coming out every day to meet the needs of vapers, but it also means there’s a lot to know about if you’re going to stay on top of things!

    One such product category is squonk mods. These devices allow easy dripping, which is convenient for people who like their vape customised. This article will review seven different squonk mods and answer some common questions.

    For those who use RDAs, following the trend and moving to squonk mods is the next logical step.

    The convenience of squonk mods makes them an excellent choice for vapers on the go who want to take their DIY building setup with them without too much hassle.

    There are many choices for squonk mods, but most of these options will be mechanical mods.

    However, if you’re not as familiar with Ohm’s Law, regulated squonk mods might help make your journey easier.

    Here are some of the best regulated and mechanical squonk mods devices currently available:

    Best Regulated & Mechanical Squonk Mods

    #1 Dovpo - Topside & Topside Dual


    • Good build quality
    • Cool design
    • Great squonk system
    • Power mode performance
    • Simple to use


    • No spare squonk bottle
    • Battery door is difficult to work
    • No preheat options

    These two squonk mods were made in collaboration between Dovpo and The Vapor Chronicles and is the former’s second squonk mod. The Topside is a single battery mod that can use 20700, 21700, or 18650 batteries with the included adapter. The Topside Dual is as its name implies and utilizes two 18650 batteries to power the atomizer.

    There aren’t too many differences in terms of operation between the two. Both are designed to be top filled via squonk, and both Topsides share essentially the same aesthetic and functions. The difference between them is that the original is capped out at 90 watts while the upgraded Dual goes all the way up to 200 watts and has an upgraded chipset to boot.

    I have to say that both of these squonk mods are very easy to use. There’s plenty of knurling over the top cap for easy access to the juice well, and the airflow control is perfect for getting the desired amount of cloud production.

    I’d personally go with the upgraded version, but there’s nothing wrong with the old Topside if using single battery mods is your thing.

    #2 Vandy Vape - Pulse V2 BF


    • Ergonomic
    • Affordable
    • 8.5ml juice capacity
    • Lightweight
    • Fits up to 25mm RDAs
    • Fits a single 18650 or 20700 battery


    • Locking switch causes a slight voltage drop

    For an even more affordable option, the Vandy Vape Pulse v2 BF is best for those on a budget.

    It uses a single battery, though you can use either an 18650 or the larger 20700. Its design is pretty straightforward, though it more than makes up for it in ergonomics.

    The Pulse BF can fit up to 25mm RDAs, giving it some versatility over which atties can fit without overhang, and it has a generous 8.5ml e-juice capacity for a true all-day vape.

    The body itself i made of a lightweight material, which combined with its ergonomic handle, makes it a great on-the-go squonker.

    The firing button is large and clicky, and it has a locking switch to prevent unwanted misfires in transit.

    If you are on the lookout for a capable squonker that won’t break the bank, the Vandy Vape Pulse V2 BF is the one to beat.

    #3 Vandy Vape - Requiem BF


    • Extremely compact
    • Solid overall
    • Comfortable in hand
    • Lots of option
    • Fairly inexpensive
    • Bright and easy to read screen


    • Proprietary bottle
    • Outside airflow slot isn’t adjustable

    Created in collaboration by Vandy Vape and El Mono Vapeador the Requiem BF is powered by one 18650 batteries. It’s one of the smallest dual battery squonk mods that is available in the world, but don’t let its diminutive size fool you.

    This mean little machine is a powerhouse that is a full mechanical mod device and is built like its ready for a beating.

    There is little to no looseness in the mod, you won’t be hearing that annoying rattling sound you get from some other box mods. Even better is the way the grip seemingly molds into your hands in an ultra comfortable manner.

    The bottom battery housing is also nice to work with as well. Being so tightly built, there isn’t anything about this squonk mod that feels the least bit flimsy, not even the battery latch.

    I also have to give props for how the squonk bottle is secured inside the mod. Instead of a latch or something that has any sort of ‘give’, the casing that covers the squonk bottle is kept in place by a series of magnets.

    Very cool and an intelligent design choice that makes replace squonk bottles as easy as you feel secure while using this mod. One word of warning is that you should understand ohm law and how mech mods work, so as to be safe when using this beauty.

    #4 Wismec - Luxotic


    • Quality craftsmanship
    • High end design
    • Affordable
    • 7.5ml capacity
    • Portable


    • Bottle can be a little stiff
    • Logo is a bit on the big side

    From the makers of the hugely successful line of mods such as the Reuleaux, Noisy Cricket, and the Sinuous P80, you can expect a lot of good things with the Luxotic.

    Despite it being designed like a high end mod, the Luxotic is fact quite affordable. It is their first squonk mod and it is safe tho say that Wismec has nailed it.

    Though it is a mechanical mod, not a regulated one, the Luxotic name is an amalgamation of luxury and exotic. Which it is!

    It features a 7.5ml squonk bottle, a door material made from marble-like resin and Ultem materials, is easy to refill, and has replaceable side covers for customization It is powered by a single 18650 battery and is capable of putting out up to 100 watts of power.

    For an affordable, sick looking, mechanical squonk mod, the Luxotic by Wismec should be near the top of your list.

    #5 Geekvape - Athena Squonk Mod


    • Solid
    • Great finish
    • Portable
    • Locking switch
    • 6.5ml capacity
    • Looks good


    • Boxy design
    • Not really ergonomic

    GeekVape’s entry into the squonking arena is the petite and beautiful Athena. It is small enough to do some serious stealth vaping, yet powerful enough to have you chucking clouds in no time.

    The mod includes two bottles, both capable of storing up to 6.5ml of e-liquid and is fully mechanical. It is powered by a single 18650 and has a nice firing button. There is also a locking switch to prevent accidental misfires while in your pocket.

    The kit comes with the Athena RDA which offers a unique top angled airflow that results in a more flavorful vape. It is resistant to leaks as well, which is a plus.

    Though the Athena looks great, ergonomically, it could have done better. It has a boxy look which means sharp corners in all sides. It can get quite uncomfortable when holding it for an extended period of time.

    However, is power and convenience in a small package is what you are looking for, the GeekVape Athena is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

    #6 Wotofo - Stentorian RAM


    • Cool resin designs available
    • 7ml juice capacity
    • Locking mechanism
    • Affordable
    • Lightweight


    • You’ll have to guess which way battery fits
    • Voltage drop due to some wiring
    • Locking mechanism can be difficult to engage

    A lot of high end mods use resin for their designs, so this aesthetic usually means a mod is priced steep.

    But the RAM from Wotofo and Stentorian breaks that image by offering an affordable resin mod that not only hits hard, it looks good too.

    The RAM is powered by a single 18650 battery and features a 7ml bottle for an all day vape. Though it is a mechanical mod, it does utilise internal wires, which results in a slight voltage drop.

    The mod has a locking mechanism to prevent misfires, though it can be hard to engage.

    The RAM, unfortunately, has no markings on which way the battery goes in, so you’ll need to guess which way it goes in the first time.

    But this is really a minor niggle since you only need to figure it out once.

    #7 HCigar - VT Inbox DNA75


    • Great design
    • 8ml capacity
    • Compact
    • DNA75 chipset
    • Replaceable panels


    • Bottle is stiff
    • Side panels rattle

    Powered by the highly regarded DNA75 chipset, the HCigar VT Inbox offers accurate temperature control and wattage outputs.

    Anyone who has ever used the chipset from Evolv knows how you can customize your perfect vape, making the VTInbox a must-have.

    The device itself is portable and lightweight, and it has a great design to boot.

    There are also swappable panels, though they have some play to them, making the mod rattle.

    This is by no means a deal-breaker though, since how often do you rattle your mod anyway?

    The squonk bottle has an 8ml e-juice capacity, but it can be tough to squeeze though. RDAs up to 25mm can fit without overhang, making the mod very versatile.

    Those who want the best chip available in a nice looking, high capacity, compact mod, should check out the HCigar VT Inbox. It’s by no means affordable, but it is worth your money.

    #8 Sigelei - Fuchai Squonk 213


    • Fits 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries
    • Up to 150 watts of power
    • Built like a tank


    • Bottle only has a 5ml capacity
    • A bit big

    The Fuchai from Sigelei has long been a fan favorite, and now the company has come out with its own squonk version.

    The Squonk 123 can fit 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries, making it one of the more versatile mods in the market. Though many mods now offer the same feature, the Fuchai 123 was one of the first to do so.

    The mod can fire up to 150 watts of power, making it a great alternative for high wattage vapers who don’t want to deal with mechanical mods. Build quality is excellent, and just like the original Fuchai, is built like a tank.

    For Fuchai fans who want to switch to squonking, the Squonk 123 may be the mod for you.

    It may not be a squonk RDA straight out of the box, but once set-up, the CSMNT is an RDA worth having in your arsenal.

    Squonk Mod Buying Guide

    Squonk Buying Guide

    What is Squonking?


    In a nutshell, squonking is where users squeeze a small juice bottle within a mod to refill their atomizer without having to drip or unscrew the top cap.

    Compared to tanks, squonk bottles have larger capacities, and since atomizers are used, vapers get to enjoy the full flavour of their e-juice.

    How do you use a  Squonk Mod?


    Squonking isn’t rocket science. However, it does have a slight learning curve. You first fill the squonk bottle with e-juice and pop it back inside the mod.

    Once set, you give the bottle a slight squeeze or “squonk” to drive the e-juice up into the atomizer chamber.

    If it’s your first time to squonk, you might want to first remove your atomizer’s top cap first to see how much e-juice is refilled with each squonk.

    Like with dripping, you don’t want to overfill it. Some use two quick squonks, while others prefer one big squeeze.

    How hard you squeeze requires practice.

    Especially with different mods since some bottles are softer than others, thus requiring less pressure.

    It takes a bit of practice to find the correct pressure to fill your atomizer correctly, so don’t be afraid to remove the top cap for the first few days. It will all be second nature once you get the hang of it.

    What You Need to Squonk


    If you decide to try out squonking, you’ll need a squonk mod and a squonk atomizer.

    Squonk atties are generally the same as regular atomizers, except for a squonk pin. This is like the positive pin on your old atomizers, but with a hole to let e-juice in.

    Some atomizers include a squonk pin in the box, while others require you to purchase it as an extra. Some atomizers don’t have it, so make sure the atomizer you intend to use has a squonk pin available (either in the box or for purchase).

    Then, of course, you’ll need a squonk mod. As described earlier, it is a mod (mechanical or regulated) with a built-in e-juice bottle you squeeze to let e-juice in your atomizer.

    The Plus Points of Squonking


    Squonking has always been very convenient. Squonk bottles can store from 7ml to 30ml of e-juice in one go.

    This means you won’t have to bring around a separate bottle of e-juice since it’s already included in your mod.

    Atomizers have always been much more flavourful than tanks.

    And since atomizers are used with squonkers, users combine the convenience of tanks with atomisers’ flavour (and vapour production).

    One major problem with dripping and tanks is the mess.

    Dripping can sometimes leave e-juice leaking all over your mod and hands. While tanks often suffer from leaks.

    With squonkers, you don’t have to worry about accidentally dripping outside your atomizer, and since squonk RDAs are not tanks, tank issues are a non-issue.

    The Negatives of Squonking


    However, using squonk mods is far from the perfect solution. For one, it is larger than regular mods. Since you’ll need space to house a squonk bottle, single battery squonk mods are usually as big as dual battery mods.

    Since dual battery mods are required for high-wattage vaping, you might want to lower your wattage output when squonking.

    You can use dual battery squonk mods, but they are significantly larger and, at the moment, harder to find.

    If size is your concern, you can go with smaller mechanical squonkers, but you lose the benefits of regulated devices.

    Mech mods are typically considered advanced since they can be dangerous to use if you don’t know what you are doing.

    Is Squonking for Me?


    This is something only you can answer. But we can guide you to making the right decision.

    Squonking is for those who don’t vape at high wattage (I’m talking about 200 watts here).

    You can expect to go up to 50 to 80 watts with regulated mods, a bit higher with mechanical ones.

    Unless you are willing to bring a dual battery squonk mod (which can be huge!), expect to vape at moderate wattage.

    If you love vaping with RDAs, love its flavour compared to tanks, but don’t want the hassle of bringing a separate bottle with you, then squonking may be suitable for you.

    I have my squonk setup, but I honestly only use it when I’m at home or not on the go. The convenience is worth it, though it is larger than I wanted.

    I use a single 18650 device with a tank on when I’m out and about. It’s more discreet.

    But I whip out the squonk mod when I want to vape endlessly without thinking much about it.

    So is squonking for you?

    If you like the flavour and vapour of RDAs over tanks, wish to forego carrying a bottle of e-liquid around, don’t care about the larger size, and generally vape at 80 watts or less, then squonking may be what you need.

    History Of Squonking


    The first squonkers were only available in mechanical form. The tech at the couldn’t fit squonk bottles in regulated mods. But as with all things, this fad grew out of favour due to user’s chase for more power.

    Multi-battery mods and high wattage devices joined the fray and unseated the squonkers as kings of the hill.

    By the end of 2017, though, squonkers slowly made a comeback. Manufacturers had figured out how to make regulated squonk mods successfully.

    This, combined with vapers’ reignited love affair with mechanical squonkers, has made squonk mods great again.

    This year, we’ve seen an explosion of mods with built-in bottles – from small capacity mech mods to high wattage devices.

    With the influx of choices available, one would invariably wonder: “what are the best squonk mods today?”


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