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Best CBD & Delta-8 Shisha Brands for 2024

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    Cannabis products have come a long way in recent years. Fewer than ten years ago, most people wouldn’t dare hold a public discussion praising cannabis products, let alone walk into a shop selling the products. But look at us now as we discuss the best CBD shisha and delta-8 shisha brands of 2024!

    With the scientific discovery of the far-reaching benefits associated with the controlled use of CBD shisha (also known as hemp hookah), more and more people are gaining interest. However, the challenge remains with the new smokers, as the selection is robust while information is scanty.

    The chances are that you have heard of the refreshing and tantalizing Samawi shisha. But is it the only high-quality blend, or are there others with a matching and superior punch?

    The following guide contains a few of the best CBD shisha products in the market to help you get started.

    Best CBD Shisha


    #1 Samawi Shisha

    Samawi Shisha

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 15 Pouches Per Tin
    • 10mg per pouch
    • Non-synthetic flavouring
    • Fast-acting results
    • Nicotine-free and tobacco-free 
    • It comes in various refreshing flavours
    • High-quality tobacco and nicotine-free product
    • Fair price
    • Calming and ultimate stress reliever
    • More expensive than cigarettes
    • Smokers may find the taste unpleasant at first

    Samawi Shisha is an enjoyable and mouthwatering tobacco-free cocktail of flavours for your hookah. The 100% herbal shisha contains 200 mg of premium CBD hemp oil for the ultimate smoking experience. In addition, CBD shisha combines honey, cane molasses, flavouring, and glycerin to attain its character.

    If you’re feeling stressed or exhausted, the Samawi Shisha gives a sweet and soothing vapour for a refreshing effect.

    It comes in the following distinct flavours: Mighty Mint, Just Peachy, Pink Lemonade, Double Apple, Mega Mango, Fizzy Bubble, Blueberry Mint, and Going Grape.

    Best For Long Lasting

    #2 JustCBD: Herbal CBD Shisha

    JustCBD: Herbal CBD Shisha

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 17mg CBD per pouch
    • T-free CBD distillate
    • Tobacco-free and nicotine-free
    • 250mg per Tin
    • 15 Flavour CBD pouches Per Tin
    • GMO-free
    • Curated without any nicotine or tobacco
    • Third-party-lab tested
    • No intoxicating effects, as it is THC free
    • Gluten-free
    • For the best experience, one has to use a hookah pipe

    When listing the best CBD shisha, we cannot fail to mention JustCBD Herbal CBD Shisha. Unlike your regular shisha, the Herbal CBD Shisha comes in many tantalizing flavours, including Herbal Blueberry, Herbal Double Apple, Herbal Grape, Herbal Guava, Herbal Mint, Herbal Lemon Mint, Herbal Mango, Herbal Melon, Herbal Mixed Fruits, Herbal Orange, Herbal Peach, Herbal Pineapple, Herbal Pink Lemonade, Herbal Strawberry, Herbal Tropical Fruit, and Herbal Watermelon.

    It contains the natural cannabinoids of hemp oil and delivers a potent effect after five to fifteen hits. The result is an enjoyable and calming experience that lasts around 20-60 minutes.

    Other ingredients within include honey, glycerin, cane molasses, and flavouring. It is available in 250-mg and 500-mg strength variations.

    For 10% Off, use code – CBD10LIFE

    Great For Flavour

    #3 EMPE: CBD Shisha

    EMPE: CBD Shisha

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 15 Pouches Per Tin
    • 15mg CBD per pouch
    • Tobacco-Free
    • THC-Free
    • Best CBD shisha from organic USA hemp
    • All-natural ingredients
    • GMO-free
    • Third-party-lab tested
    • Curated without any nicotine or tobacco
    • Some EMPE products are expensive
    • Available in select stores

    From EMPE USA in Florida (U.S.) comes one of the highest-quality CBD shishas. The EMPE CBD shisha offers unique and unrivaled flavours that give a very satisfying smoke experience. Some of its flavors are Apple, Blueberry Mint, Going Grape, Mega Mango, Mighty Mint, Peach, and Pink Lemonade.

    EMPE CBD Shisha combines all-natural 200 mg of premium CBD per 8 oz with hemp oil, pure natural honey, glycerin, cane molasses, and flavouring to attain its final character.

    It is not advisable to use EMPE CBD Shisha if you are on monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) medication, pregnant, nursing, or with medical concerns like allergies to hemp and Delta-8 products. Consult with a medical practitioner before use.

    For 15% off, use code – FIRSTEMPE

    Best Delta 8 Shisha

    While there are many different types of shisha available on the market, one of the most popular varieties is Delta-8. If you’re looking for the best Delta-8 brands out there, then read on for our top 3 picks.

    Best for Increased Energy & Focus

    #1 Sun State Hemp: Delta-8 Shisha

    Sun State Hemp: Delta-8 Shisha

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 20 Pouches per Tin
    • 10mg CBD per pouch
    • 50mg Siberian Ginseng per pouch
    • Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD with less than .3% THC
    • Help improve Attention, Focus, and Clarity
    • 100% herbal shisha
    • High-quality, clinical-grade Delta-8
    • Nicotine and tobacco-free
    • Fair prices
    • Non-refundable shipping costs

    The Delta-8 herbal shisha is another top-quality USA hemp product. This brand is known for its high quality and delicious flavors. It’s a favorite among many smokers. The premium shisha contains 950 mg of the best Delta-8 shisha, with flavours including Double Apple, Fizzy Bubble, Going Grape, Just Peachy, Mango, and Blueberry Mint.

    Best CBD Dip

    #2 India Cloud: Delta-8 Herbal Shisha


    9.6/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • Full-Spectrum CBD
    • 200mg CBD Per Can
    • Nicotine Free
    • Third-Party Lab-Tested
    • Highest Delta-8 purity
    • Rich and robust flavour
    • Third-party-lab tested
    • A relaxing and confident effect
    • Free shipping on orders over $49
    • Limited flavours

    With fresh flavours, India Cloud’s Delta-8 Herbal shisha is the safest bet to pleasing a crowd on a relaxed summer night. Nicotine- and tobacco-free, it is available in the following natural fruit flavours: blueberry, double apple, mango, and mint. This brand is also well-known for its great flavors and quality products. It’s perfect for any smoker looking for a great delta-8 experience.

    Its unique container is environmentally friendly, recyclable, and reusable.

    For 10% Off use code – AFF15

    Most Potent

    #3 EMPE: Delta-8 Shisha

    EMPE: Delta-8 Shisha

    9.4/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 20mg of CBD per pouch
    • 15 pouches per Tin
    • THC-free CBD
    • Extra slim pouches & packaging
    • Non-GMO
    • Best-quality Delta-8 shisha from organic USA hemp
    • Third-party-lab tested
    • Relaxing and confident effect
    • Free and fast shipping in the U.S
    • Costly, non-refundable international shipping
    • Unavailable in some U.S. states

    One of the hottest products from EMPE USA is the Delta-8 shisha. The CBD product comes in three distinct flavours: Blueberry Mint, Mango, and Pink Lemonade. Its natural ingredients include honey, cane molasses, flavouring, glycerin, and full-spectrum hemp extract.

    EMPE- Delta-8 shisha is safe, and its therapeutic benefits on men’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) are far-reaching. The ECS connects and controls many sensations, including pain, sleep, appetite, and emotion.

    Delta-8 is illegal in Australia, according to a 2022 statement by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Deputy Secretary John Skerritt in the Australia Department of Health. 

    In the United States, where individual states regulate the product’s legality, the states of Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, Texas, and Utah have not legalized Delta-8. Thus, staying updated on your local or national regulations concerning CBD products is essential.

    For 15% off, use code – FIRSTEMPE

    CBD Shisha And Delta-8 Buying Guide

    CBD Shisha Buying Guide

    What to Consider When Buying CBD Shisha

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate specific CBD products, so buyers should vet brands to find the one that works best. Below are some of the things one could look around for.

    A Certificate of Analysis (COA)

    A certificate of analysis verifies the compounds in products. A COA from a CBD company may confirm the presence of organic compounds associated with cannabis aromas, volatile organic chemicals, and mould toxins.

    If a company is not ready to present a certificate of analysis for its product through publication or its website, it could be a sign of a red flag.

    Third-Party-Lab Testing

    When a CBD company is confident enough to use a third-party laboratory to test its shisha, it must be a trustworthy company. Lab results from independent labs are more likely unbiased and accurate. Note that third-party lab testing results are only as good as the qualifications of the third-party lab.

    Ingredients Used

    The product label lists all other cannabinoids and compounds used in processing the product.

    Specific compounds within a CBD product might unpleasantly react with a user’s body or cause interference with some medication. For safety and validity, check the ingredients on the product label.


    Seeking out a CBD product that is organic, 100% hemp-sourced, non-GMO, or gluten-free is essential. Knowing the variety and grade of hemp used is an added advantage.

    What is CBD Shisha?

    CBD Shisha is regular-flavoured shisha infused with CBD. CBD shisha derives directly from hemp. Thus, it is legal in most parts of the U.S. Smoking CBD shisha causes no psychoactive effects, as hemp contains less than 0.3% THC by law.

    How Do You Use Shisha?

    The oldest method of taking tobacco or cannabis is through inhalation or smoking. Shisha requires the use of a device known as a hookah.

    First, pack the shisha into the hookah bowl and place hot coals above it. Preferably, make it as fluffy as possible for the ultimate experience. Slip on the disposable mouthpiece, then slowly and lightly inhale into the device. The smoke will move through the device to your mouthpiece.

    If your hookah has more than one hose, participants should not draw smoke simultaneously, as this causes the coal to burn too hot, resulting in a bitter intake and a shorter session. Remember, hookah smoking should be a relaxing experience. Do not rush it.

    The hookahs come in various shapes and sizes, so you should select one according to your needs.

    Is Smoking CBD Shisha Safe?

    Smoking CBD shisha is safe, and “there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with using pure CBD,” according to the World Health Organization.

    On the other hand, CBD shisha has helped diagnose and treat several diseases like Parkinson’s, depression, Alzheimer’s, and anxiety. Some people use it as a cancer treatment.

    How is CBD Shisha Different From Traditional Shisha?

    CBD Shisha is tobacco- and nicotine-free, so it is considered much healthier than traditional shisha. Herbal shisha is much easier and smoother on one’s throat and lungs. Its ingredients include honey, tea leaves, and sugarcane.

    Herbal shisha also contains glycerin, while traditional shisha does not. Contrary to popular belief, the low THC levels of the CBD shisha do not take away from experience; they give out large and robust smokes as the traditional product.

    What is Delta-8?

    Delta-8 cannabidiol (CBD) is an organic compound that belongs to a class of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are found naturally in cannabis plants. They interact with receptors inside our brains that produce effects such as pain relief and relaxation.

    What is the meaning of shisha?

    Shisha is an Arabic word meaning “to smoke”. Hookahs are a type of water pipe, often made out of clay, glass, metal, plastic, or wood, used to smoke flavored tobaccos called nargileh, usually using charcoal, though sometimes gas, as fuel. Shisha smokers inhale through a mouthpiece at the end of the hose, drawing air through the water before exhaling it back through the same tube. The water cools the smoke, making it smoother and less harsh.

    Is Smoking Delta-8 Safe?

    Delta-8 THC has psychoactive properties but is weaker than Delta-9. It is unknown if it is safe to consume at high dosages, its medicinal effects, or its long-term safety. However, due to its chemical similarity to Delta 9 THC and its presence in nature, the safety of Delta 8 THC is thought by most scientists to be similar to other cannabinoids.

    The Best CBD Shisha Manual

    You may have heard that CBD shisha can prevent any disease. While that claim may not have scientific research backing it up, take a puff and judge for yourself.


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