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    A mechanical mod embodies the simplest and purest form of vaping,

    How so?

    It is nothing more than a tube that conducts current, with one end of the aforementioned tube having 510 threading that connects to the atomiser, while the other end usually contains a simple switch which you press to complete the circuit; this powers your atomiser with voltages directly from your battery.

    It is literally the same as connecting wires from the battery to the atomiser!

    So why should you buy a mechanical mod?

    After all, a regulated device generally outperforms mech mods; regulated devices also gives consistent voltages from the time you take them off the charger, up until the battery runs empty.

    In comparison, a mechanical mod will output lower voltages as the battery runs out.

    A freshly charged battery will give 4.2 volts, and gets to around 3.5 before needing to be charged – and that is the voltage you get when using mechanical mods.

    Advantages of Mechanical Mods

    Mech Mod infographic

    Nevertheless, mechanical mods are still extremely popular, and here are a few reasons why many vapers love them:

    Mechanical mods are extremely robust. With very little parts to go wrong, basic maintenance and care will ensure an extremely long service life.

    Compared to regulated devices whose electronic chips will eventually fail, mechanical mods are more-or-less invulnerable to hard and frequent use, and will fail only with the most severe abuse.

    Another advantage to full mechanical mods is that it allows intricate super-low ohm resistance builds such as quad/octa coils with larger wires.

    Regulated devices have minimum resistances that they can fire before failing, which is usually around 0.3 ohms for high-end devices. Mechanical mods are limited only to the battery you are using.

    Finally, mechanical mods are beautiful. Crafting brass, copper and steel into such beautiful forms is an art; one cannot deny their aesthetic value.

    Some mechanical mods are also extremely small, and can fit in the palm of the hand. With the right atomizer pairing, you can have a stealth setup that is so small and light, it will fit into a shirt pocket with room to spare.

    Mechanical mods have no inherent protection, so abuse of the battery or a short in your atomizer might end up in a violent “venting” of your batteries (venting is a nicer term of exploding).

    Advantages of Mechanical Mods

    Before purchase and use of a mechanical mod, there are a few things to always remember:

    • Know your ohm’s law – This is to ensure you are staying within the battery’s limit.
    • Get decent batteries – High drain IMR batteries (like the Sony VTC series) will give you plenty power safely.
    • Get a good charger – A decent charger (some popular brands are nitecore and xstar) is a good investment since it extends battery life. Cheaper chargers have been known to overcharge batteries and cause house fires.
    • Get a good multimeter – This will give you the ability to monitor your battery, as well as measure the resistance of your atomizer builds. Cheaper multimeters may not be accurate, so a buying a decent one is a good idea.

    Once you thoroughly understand the risks involved (and take the necessary precautions), mechanical mods are consistent performers and will probably outlast you, if you take care of them properly.

    Best Mechanical Mods

    #1 VAMP - Rig Mod


    • Extreme build quality
    • Long battery life
    • Cool design
    • High quality materials used
    • Super tough external casing
    • Batteries don’t rattle


    • Very expensive
    • Single 18650

    The first thing I’ll note about this mech mod is that it is expensive. It’s going to cost you somewhere around $200 to $350 USD if you’re looking to buy one of these bad boys. It utilizes a hybrid connection and uses a dual spring loaded assembly that is built tough to be able to withstand regular usage.

    Besides being cool looking, you can tell that this mech mod is built using high quality materials. Even if the painted designs get scuffed up with use, the machinery beneath it is tough enough that it’ll last a long, long time.

    I’m not the biggest fan of single 18650 battery mods, but I think I can make an exception in this case. The build quality on this device is just that good, I’d be hard pressed to ever think of a way this machine can be broken during normal use.

    Obviously I’m not factoring in a YouTube firearm torture test, but I’m confident that the VAMP Rig is going to stick around for quite a few years.

    #2 Purge Mods - Slam Piece Mod


    • Exceptionally high build quality
    • Looks snazzy, feels snazzier
    • The golden throne, but a vape
      21700, 20700, 18650 compatible


    • Prohibitively expensive
    • Other mods do just as well

    Well, this mech mod happens to come in a solid gold color scheme. And uh, the price tag very much fits the color palette in all cases.

    The least expensive price tag I’ve found online for this luxury device is around the $400 USD range, with its normal price being $500. As for reasons why this ridiculous price tag has been tacked on, the Slam Piece offers Scrooge McDuck levels of vaping decadence.

    You want be puffing on thick clouds that may as well be from the Pearly Gates? Look no further, you won’t just be believing you can fly, but you’ll be filled with the most indescribably luxurious feeling of smokey velvet.

    The taste you’ll get from this? Like the finest of wine that the Greek god of said beverage, Dionysus, would offer you a lifetime supply for a single draw.

    My attempts at allegory aside, this is a luxury piece. I’m not going to lie and say that this device is so much better than any others, and while it’s good, there are plenty of vapes out there that stand in the same category for a more affordable price. Plus mech mods can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    New vapers, I’d recommend coming back after getting your feet wet and your body drenched in e-juice before even thinking about purchasing this. Veterans? Feel free, you know what you want.

    #3 ACROHM - FUSH Protected Tube Mod


    • Good build quality
    • Hefty, but no unwieldy
    • Simple and clean design
    • Feels like a mech mod
    • Has several safeties
    • Easy to use
    • Good for newer vapers looking to mech


    • Not actually a mech mod
    • Single battery type

    Getting on with something more on the affordable end of things, the ACROHM FUSH is a single 18650 battery semi-mech mod. It’s a direct output mod that is non-adjustable and is loaded with several protections to prevent user, or other, error.

    Basically this device is meant to look and feel like a mech mod, but has several features that sort of push it out of this category.

    Not that I say this is a bad thing, I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea to include safety features in a lithium ion battery powered device. My gripe with this mod is that it only accepts 18650 batteries.

    Other than that, I have to say I like how this mod looks and how it feels in the hand. Unlike cheaper plastics that feel like toys, the FUSH has a bit of heft to it. It’s simple to use and I have to admit it simulates how a mech mod usually functions quite well.

    If you’re someone new that wants to try out something that feels like a mech, but don’t want to worry so much about safety, this is a great device to try out and build up your confidence with a simulation.

    #4 VGOD - PRO Mech 2

    VGOD PRO Mech 2


    • Very good build quality
    • Stylish looking
    • Feels good in the hand
    • Easy to use


    • No capability for squonking

    Well, I have to say that I like the name.

    This hybrid mech mod is made out of solid copper that has been coated to give it a glossy finish. Along with this luxurious design are separate sleeves that cover the top and bottom of the mod, adding a little bit of soft grip and texture to the design.

    This mod feels very comfortable in the hand and is heavy enough that I never truly forget about having it held in my hand when I’m distracted.

    At 24mm, the body of this device is fairly slim so you won’t be able to get a larger tank without a bit of overhang, but I actually think that option works with the aesthetic. There isn’t much you can put on this vape to make it look bad.

    As for how it runs, I don’t have any complaints. This device is simple to use, it’s affordable, looks good, and is easy to fire. And while it could be designed to have the option for a squonk pin, most people generally don’t buy mechanized mods for the sake of convenience so that isn’t a large failing.

    Mechanical Mod Buying Guide

    Mechanical Mod Buying Guide

    So what do you look for when choosing a mechanical mod?

    You will have to take into consideration your level of expertise, and what you are going to use it for.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your mod:



    The body of the mod will determine its performance; copper has the least resistance and offers the best performance (beaten only by a pure silver mod – however there are very few silver mods in existence and they are as expensive as they are rare).

    Brass comes in second and stainless steel performs worst. Do keep in mind that the resistance of materials becomes a serious issue the lower your ohms get – so if you vape at around 0.8 to 1 ohm, stainless steel is a great choice.

    Another factor to keep in mind is that copper and brass is softer, so it is not recommended to use these types of mods of you are bringing them to work or school where it is prone to drops and bumps.

    And lastly, copper and brass requires a lot of polishing, since dirty threads will affect performance – so if you like low maintenance gear, go with stainless steel.


    Mechanical Mods






    You have two choices; hybrid or the traditional topcap. Hybrid topcaps require more experience to use, and are prone to accidents. They are also more delicate.

    So if you don’t really know which atomizer to use, or if you’re unsure if your battery is compatible with hybrid-styled topcaps then better go with traditional topcaps with adjustable positive contacts. Hybrid topcaps will give better performance along with a sleeker look.



    Some mods are huge and heavy like the Congestus; these types of mods are not pocket friendly, and are not comfortable to use due to their weight.

    Rule of thumb is that if you are choosing a first mod, make sure it is comfortable to hold – even a beautiful mod like the Copper cherry bomber will end up on the shelf unused if you don’t like lugging around half a kilogram of extra weight every single day.

    Safety and use


    These two factors come hand in hand, and they are the most important ones to take into consideration when choosing a mod. The safer mods with traditional topcaps should be used for people on the go, such as those working in rough environments that need the extra reliability.

    For those who enter vape competitions, then more delicate (and dangerous) setups like full copper mods are ideal, as they perform the best, though they will require more care and maintenance




    Beginners should definitely buy clones as first mods, since it is a great way to try out vaping without spending too much. Some clones are true 1:1, meaning they are indistinguishable from the real deal, and are a great low-cost alternative.

    If you do have the budget and have tried out the clone of a mod you really like, then buying an authentic mod will show your support for the maker.

    An authentic mod of a famous modder (such as the Caravela line) will also increase in value as time goes on, so it is a solid investment as long as you take good care of your gear.

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