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The Best CBD Pouches & CBD Dips in 2024

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    Welcome to the definitive guide to the best CBD pouches and CBD dips! As wellness takes precedence, these discreet, smokeless, and user-friendly options are coming to the fore. Offering a range of flavors, they serve as a source of relaxation for some and a soothing influence for others.

    This article delves into the benefits and uses of the best CBD pouches and dips, highlighting the leading picks on the market. Whether you’re an experienced CBD user or an intrigued newcomer, join us in this comprehensive and enlightening exploration.

    Although there are several great pouches, we deemed FlowBlend the best overall CBD pouch due to its high quality, impressive flavour, and fast absorption.

    Compare CBD Pouches & Dips

    Visit Website: Best For: CBD Per Pouch: Tin Size: Flavors:
    #1 FlowBlend flowbend cbd pouch Overall 10mg 20 Pouches 11
    #2 Cannadips Cannadips Full-Spectrum
    15mg 20 Pouches 10
    #3 Jake’s jakes's CBD Pouches Long-Lasting 17mg 15 Pouches 9
    #4 Flora CBDip Flora CBDip CBD Dip 200mg 5
    #5 V&You & Chill V&You & Chill Potency 20mg 15 Pouches 4

    Best CBD Pouches & CBD Dips

    When selecting the best CBD pouches, we carefully consider several key criteria to ensure a thorough evaluation. First and foremost, we prioritize effectiveness, examining how well the CBD pouch delivers its intended effects, such as relaxation, stress relief, or focus enhancement.

    We also assess the CBD content and potency, as higher concentrations may be preferred by those seeking stronger effects. Flavor and taste play a significant role, with our reviews highlighting the quality and enjoyment of different flavor options.

    Additionally, we consider factors like absorption speed, duration of effects, ingredient quality, third-party lab testing for purity, packaging convenience, price, and overall customer feedback and reputation.

    Best Overall

    #1 FlowBlend CBD Pouches

    Flowblend cbd

    9.7/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 20 Pouches per tin
    • 10mg CBD per pouch
    • 50mg Siberian Ginseng per pouch
    • Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD with less than .3% THC
    • Help improve Attention, Focus, and Clarity
    • Increases energy and focus
    • Long-lasting flavour
    • Utilizes natural ingredients
    • Its container carries 20 pouches
    • Slow-building flavour

    FlowBlend’s primary purpose is to provide users with a CBD pouch that helps them optimize their minds and body while offering great, long-lasting flavours. If this wasn’t enough, the natural sweeteners, flavours, and herbs utilised also promote gum and tooth health.

    While the flavour starts slow, requiring you to move the pouch around your mouth for a while, users report experiencing enjoyable tastes that last up to two hours after using the pouch. However, its intense, long-lasting flavour is not where the FlowBlend CBD Pouch shines.

    The main benefit of this product is the increased energy and focus it helps you achieve. If you need a CBD pouch that helps you boost motivation, focus, and memory, then FlowBlend is your ideal choice.

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    Best Full-Spectrum

    #2 Cannadips

    9.6/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 15 Pouches Per Tin
    • 10mg per pouch
    • Non-synthetic flavouring
    • Fast-acting results
    • Nicotine-free and tobacco-free 
    • Fast-acting absorption
    • Effective even in small applications
    • Multiple flavours
    • Lab-tested for purity
    • Cannadips only carry 15 CBD pouches

    If you are looking for the best full-spectrum pouch, you will never go wrong with Cannadips. The product has been around since 2018 and pioneered the idea of CBD pouches.

    Cannadips allow users to enjoy a fast-acting CBD pouch without the delayed absorption or smoke inhalation associated with other CBD products. Its fast-acting nature is down to its patented water-dispersible CBD extract technology that enables you to enjoy the impact of your pouch in minutes.

    Today, it comes in a wide range of flavours, containing all-natural, premium-grade, and pesticide-free full-spectrum hemp. If this wasn’t enough, Cannadips also lab-tests its pouches for purity. Furthermore, thanks to the company’s multiple flavours, Cannadips is one of the best-tasting CBD pouches available.

    Best For Long Lasting

    #3 Jake’s CBD Pouches

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 17mg CBD per pouch
    • T-free CBD distillate
    • Tobacco-free and nicotine-free
    • 250mg per tin
    • 15 Flavour CBD pouches Per Tin
    • Sweet aroma
    • Flavourful options
    • Impressive longevity
    • Doesn’t offer much in terms of CBD effect
    • Only carries 15 pouches

    Jake’s CBD pouches come in two flavours, mint and citrus, with every container carrying 15 pouches containing 17mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

    The mint option offers users a cooling sensation under the lip, allowing them to enjoy a lightly sweet and gentle peppermint flavour. This flavour is smooth and lasts for 35 to 45 minutes.

    On the other hand, opting for its citrus offering gives users a mild, tart lemon taste with a subtle sweetness. Though both options are tasty, the citrus flavour will linger longer, sometimes up to 50 minutes.

    As far as flavour and longevity go, Jake’s CBD Pouch ranks high. However, it doesn’t offer much in terms of the CBD effects you experience.

    Best CBD Dip

    #4 Flora CBDip

    cbd dip

    9.6/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • Full-Spectrum CBD
    • 200mg CBD Per Can
    • Nicotine Free
    • Third-Party Lab-Tested
    • Fast-acting and convenient
    • It comes in an extensive range of natural flavours
    • It offers numerous health benefits
    • Third-party tested for purity and quality
    • It might be uncomfortable to chew

    Flora offers users CBD dips that contain long-cut, CBD-rich flowers that provide a fast-acting and convenient method of consumption. The company manufactures its dip using non-GMO, full-spectrum American-hemp CBD flowers, creating a healthier, tobacco-free alternative.

    The Flora CBDip comes in multiple naturally derived flavours, such as Bourbon and Southern Peach, stimulating your senses and delivering CBD’s natural benefits.

    Similar to the company’s other CBD products, its chewable CBD dip is third-party tested, ensuring it attains the highest possible purity, quality, and effectiveness. The tests help Gotflora guarantee its users that its full-spectrum dips are free of unnatural substances, such as metals, pesticides, and additional harmful chemicals, making the Flora CBDip the best CBD dip out there.

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    Great For Flavour

    #5 Chill CBD Pouches

    Chill CBD Pouches

    9.5/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 15 Pouches Per Tin
    • 15mg CBD per pouch
    • Tobacco-Free
    • THC-Free
    • Excellent flavour
    • Discreet packaging
    • Third-party tested
    • New to the CBD pouch industry
    • It only carries 15 pouches

    Are you looking for a CBD pouch that provides the perfect smokeless alternative and excellent flavour? The Chill CBD Pouches promises to be the ideal choice for you. Each discreet can contains 15 pouches, with every pouch carrying 150mg of pure CBD.

    The company crafts this product with only the best ingredients and natural flavours, testing it with a licensed third party to ensure the pouch is of the highest quality. Some of the ingredients these pouches contain include:

    ●       CBD isolate

    ●       Peppermint oil

    ●       Coconut fibre

    ●       Glycerin

    While Chill CBD pouches are relatively new to the field, the company can still offer users one of the best CBD pouches, expanding its extensive selection of CBD gummies, smokes, and drops.

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    Most Potent

    #6 V&You & Chill

    v and you & chill cbd pouches

    9.4/10 Review Score

    Key Features:

    • 20mg of CBD per pouch
    • 15 pouches per tin
    • THC-free CBD
    • Extra slim pouches & packaging
    • Non-GMO
    • Extremely potent pouch, with quick CBD delivery
    • Diverse flavours, each offering pleasant tastes and aromas
    • Long-lasting flavours, often lasting for as long as 50 minutes
    • Contains slim portions that are more comfortable on your lip
    • Flavours aren’t as dominant

    The V&You & Chill CBD pouch is the most potent option we have on the list, setting the standard for purity, quality, and consistency. Besides its potency, the option offers various flavours, from berry to citrus and mint.

    The Berry selection offers a taste resembling strawberries, with a slight herbal hint and a very mild pepper tone. On the other hand, the Mint option gives you a mild minty taste that is lightly sweet and lasts for a decently long time.

    Regardless of the flavour you opt for, the V&You & Chill CBD pouch promises to offer users quick releases and fast absorption.

    CBD Pouch Buying Guide

    What Are CBD Pouches?

    These pouches are tiny pockets full of CBD-infused plant material that often contains flavourings. They resemble small tea bags and come in a little pot, each carrying between 15 and 20 pouches.

    Unlike CBD edibles, pouches have high bioavailability, so it takes a short time to feel their effects. Lodging one pouch between your gums and cheek allows the CBD to cross your mouth’s thin mucous membranes, reaching your bloodstream quickly.

    However, reaction times will differ, with metabolisms and tolerances wildly varying with each individual. While some might feel an effect with just one pouch, others might need to take more. We recommend taking around three to five pouches daily for at least three weeks.

    The best part is that each pouch has a specified CBD content; it is easy to keep track of the doses and avoid taking too much or too little.

    How Do I Use CBD Pouches?

    After choosing from our list of the best CBD pouches, take one pouch and place it between your gums and upper lip. If this location does not feel right, you can lodge it between your cheek and gums, ensuring it is secure.

    Once you safely secure the CBD pouch, you can go on with your day, enjoying the pouch’s flavour as you wait for the CBD to take effect. Remember to keep the pouch safely in place and avoid moving it around or chewing it, as either action could cause the pouch wrapper to tear and spill its contents. You should also avoid swallowing the pouch.

    After the pouch’s flavour disappears, take it out and dispose of it safely. Depending on your chosen product, a pouch can last anywhere between 30 to 50 minutes.

    Will CBD Pouches Make Me Feel High?

    CBD pouches will not make you feel high since CBD does not have psychoactive properties. Even if the pouch you choose contains full-spectrum hemp, the product’s THC content will not be enough to get you high.

    Benefits of Using CBD Pouches

    CBD pouches offer a unique combination of convenience, discretion, and effectiveness that has made them a popular choice among many CBD users.

    Convenience and Portability: CBD pouches are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around. They don’t require any special equipment or preparation, making them a convenient option for those with busy schedules. You can carry them in your bag or pocket and use them whenever needed.

    Discretion: One of the standout advantages of CBD pouches is their discretion. Their design is subtle, allowing you to use them in public without drawing unnecessary attention. This makes CBD pouches a practical solution for those who want to maintain their privacy while enjoying the benefits of CBD.

    Accurate Dosing: CBD pouches come with a pre-measured amount of CBD, giving users precise dosing. This eliminates the guesswork and makes it easier to monitor and adjust your intake based on your specific needs.

    Quick Absorption: CBD pouches are designed for sublingual (under the tongue) use, allowing quicker absorption into the bloodstream. This can lead to faster-acting effects compared to some other methods of consumption.

    Variety of Flavors: CBD pouches are available in various flavors, offering an enjoyable experience for the taste buds. Whether you prefer fruity, minty, or more natural flavors, there’s likely a CBD pouch out there to suit your palate.

    Smoke-Free Option: CBD pouches offer a smoke-free method of consuming CBD. This makes them a great choice for those who want to avoid the potential respiratory irritation associated with smoking or vaping.

    How do CBD pouches and CBD shisha compare in terms of effectiveness?

    CBD pouches and CBD shisha are two different forms of consuming CBD. CBD pouches are discreet and fast-acting, while CBD shisha is a social activity that may take longer to kick in. Both products offer similar benefits and may suit different situations or preferences.

    In terms of effects, both CBD pouches and CBD shisha provide similar benefits, such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, and relaxation. However, the effects may vary depending on the dosage, method of consumption, and individual factors such as body weight and metabolism.


    While CBD pouches are relatively new to the expanding world of CBD products, they are quickly growing in popularity. These products provide a way to consume CBD in a clean, mess-free, discreet, convenient, and simple way.

    Thanks to our selection of the best CBD pouches, you have a finely chosen list of impressive options that will not disappoint.


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