HHC vs Delta 8

HHC vs Delta 8: What Are The Differences?

Advancements in technology, extensive research, and the legalization of cannabis in many states have seen this sector grow in leaps and bounds. However, the cannabinoid market can be a bit confusing. You are met with a long list of abbreviations, including HHC, THC, Delta-8, Delta-9, etc. What does it all mean?

Each Cannabinoid is like a leaf off of the same plant. While they all have similar chemical structures, they also have distinct features and effects. Whether you are taking cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, there’s no doubt that you’ll find plenty of options to suit your needs.

Understanding how different cannabinoids work means that you have the power to choose the product that matches your preferences. Below is a close look at the two newest cannabinoids in the market, HHC Vs Delta 8.

Key Takeaways

  • HHC and Delta 8 have a very similar chemical structure
  • Both HHC and Delta 8 can get you high, but HHC is more potent
  • HHC and Delta 8 will show up in a drug test
  • HHC is better for calmness and relaxation, while Delta 8 is uplifting and energizing
  • Avoid driving or operating machinery after taking HHC or Delta 8. You will suffer serious legal repercussions if arrested.

What Is HHC?

HHC-Hexahydrocannabinol is THC in a hydrogenated form. HHC is present in plants in tiny fractions. But cannabis companies have labs that can collect and package plenty of HHC through hydrogenation.

Most THC products have a short shelf life. HHC can stay on your shelf or fridge longer than Delta-9, Delta-8, and other cannabinoids.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is yet another cannabinoid that comes as a THC by-product. Naturally growing cannabis flowers have very little Delta 8. However, breeders find that when they grow cannabis in a controlled environment and keep it in storage while exposing it to UV light and Oxygen, you can create a cannabis flower with a higher concentration of Delta 8.

Delta 8 may have a shorter shelf life than HHC but is favored for a long list of benefits and subtle high, which most consumers love. When ingested, it has fewer side effects and is the ideal alternative to other cannabinoids like its close sister, Delta 9.

What’s the Difference Between HHC and Delta 8 THC?

All cannabinoids have the same basic foundation. They have Oxygen, hydrogen, and Carbon. How each Cannabinoid is structured is what makes one different from the other.

Delta-8 has a double bond on the 8th carbon, while HHC has no bond as a part of its structure. Everything else between the two molecules is, however, the same. They may have slight chemical variations, which explains the different feelings after taking HHC and after taking Delta-8.

Below is a table showing key differences between HHC and Delta-8.

Strength in %80%60%
PotencyModerate highMild high
Typical dose15 to 30mg15 to 45mg
Effect on appetiteWeak stimulantStrong stimulant
Shelf lifeOver 5 yearsAbout 3 to 5 years
Natural or SyntheticExists naturally but can be processed syntheticallyNatural
Side effectsParanoia, loss of coordination, and trouble sleepingTrouble sleeping, lethargy, nervousness, and dry mouth

Potency Comparison

The main reason why consumers are keen to separate HHC from Delta-8 is that it is more potent. If you are looking for that light-headed sensation, HHC will prove better than Delta-8. Alternatively, if you are more focused on the benefits of taking cannabis but don’t necessarily want to get high, Delta-8 is what you should pick.

Delta-8 seems to win the hearts of many because it has fewer side effects and has a lower potency. This means that consumers can play around with the dosage and have more control of their experience.

Legal Status Comparison

There are 38 states in America where HHC and Delta-8 are legal. Hemp-derived cannabinoid-based products that have less than 0.3% THC were legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill at the federal level.

Some states do have regulations and restrictions regarding the sale of Delta-8 THC. Some countries have altogether banned Cannabis possession and use, if for recreational purposes.

There is no country whose legislations specifically address the use and possession of HHC. The courts will, however, uphold the same rules on HHC as other cannabis products. To be safe, it’s better to practice the same rules with HHC as you would on Delta-8.

HHC vs Delta 8: Molecule Comparison

How Do HHC and Delta-8 Work in Your body?

HHC and Delta-8 are quickly absorbed in the body. Within seconds, you can start experiencing psychoactive effects when you take HHC or Delta-8.

HHC is less potent but can still get you feeling relaxed and euphoric. Delta-8 can cause paranoia and anxiety if consumed in high doses. Delta-8 has the power to interact with CB receptors in the brain to produce specific effects, whereas HHC doesn’t have the same result.

What Are The Benefits of Taking HHC or Delta-8?

Generally, THC-Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD-Cannabidiol have been widely researched, and thus there’s a lot of reliable information available for people who want to start taking these products.

Alternatively, there are very few studies on HHC, as it’s a new product that people are just now trying to test. HHC seems on the right path, especially among cannabis consumers who want to reap certain benefits without getting high or experiencing adverse side effects.

HHC Benefits

Consumers who have taken HHC confess to enjoying therapeutic effects that have helped them in one way or another. Some of the potential benefits of taking HHC include:

Can Help Manage Chronic Pain

Research yields positive results pointing to HHC as a viable pain management solution. Preliminary tests on rats show that this Cannabinoid has high pain-killing effects and is an excellent option for patients with chronic pain.

Reduces Inflammation

Almost all cannabinoids can help reduce inflammation. Tests and studies show that HHC is a hydrogenated cannabinoid that binds with the CB1 receptor in the brain, which ultimately aids in reducing inflammation in the joints.

May Help You Sleep Better

People who have insomnia may sleep better when they take HHC. Note that taking more than the recommended daily dose of HHC can have the opposite result. If you take excess HHC, you may experience difficulty sleeping.  

Delta-8 Benefits

Little conclusive research has been made to prove exactly how beneficial it is for anyone to consume Delta-8. The most known benefits of taking Delta-8 are from anecdotal results based on people’s experiences. So going by this, here are Delta-8 benefits.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

A study conducted in 2018 proves that patients experience improved pain and inflammation relief when Delta-8 is applied topically. Delta-8 can trigger CB1 receptors in the brain to activate hence alleviating pain and easing other functions like metabolism and sleep.

Helps Alleviate Anxiety

If you have anxiety, Delta-8 can help calm you down. Delta-8 has less THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive reactions most people crave. When you want to feel less anxious or less stressed without feeling’ high,’ Delta-8 is your best bet.

May Reduce Nausea

Cancer patients experience nausea as a side effect after undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. Promising results after trials show that Delta-8 may help reduce nausea in cancer patients. Plus, it has fewer side effects compared to other THC-based products.

May Increase Appetite

Delta-8 is a stronger appetite stimulant than HHC and Delta-9. If you are a cancer patient who is losing weight fast or simply wants to increase your appetite, Delta-8 has been known to influence your metabolism to process food faster which gets you hungry frequently.

Will HHC Get You Higher Than Delta-8?

HHC may have a concentration of 0.01% THC, but it will get you a higher ‘high’ than Delta-8. HHC is more potent and tends to cause strong euphoric feelings and tingling sensations. On the other hand, even when taken in large doses, Delta-8 has far less euphoric effects and no physical sensations.

Side Effects of HHC and Delta-8

HHC and Delta-8 share the same side effects. The most common complaints from regular consumers include:

  • Paranoia
  • Red eyes
  • Anxiousness
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dry mouth

Taking more than the recommended daily dose may lead to extreme side effects. Avoid taking more than the recommended amount even when you don’t feel the expected effects.

Will HHC or THC Affect Drug Testing?

You will fail a drug test if you take HHC or THC. Once ingested, both cannabinoids will take several days to get out of your system. It will show up in the test if you undergo testing within a short period of taking HHC or THC. It is best to avoid taking any cannabis products if you have a test scheduled.

Can You Mix Delta 8 & HHC?

If you are a first-time user, avoid mixing cannabinoids because there’s no way to know the right dosage. Some people mix Delta-8 and HHC but whether or not this is a good idea is yet unknown.

Some companies will combine two or more compounds of intoxicating and non-intoxicating compounds. Remember, these companies conduct rigorous tests and have tools to balance the doses. This way, the consumer can safely take the product without adverse side effects.

You can try mixing the two but do so at your own risk.

HHC vs Delta 8: Final Say

Is Delta 8 better than HHC? Neither is better than the other. It all narrows down to consumer preference. Why are you taking cannabis? The experience you are looking for dictates which Cannabinoid is best for you.

HHC is more potent than Delta-8 and, therefore, can be too aggressive for a beginner. Consider starting small by taking Delta-8 before moving on to HHC. How your body responds and your experience will inform your decision to continue or altogether avoid cannabis products.

It’s imperative to consult a renowned and licensed cannabis expert for authoritative insight into cannabis consumption. You will get reliable advice on the best cannabis products to take, whether you want something that helps alleviate specific symptoms or are looking for something recreational.
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