AW Batteries Authorized Dealers USA

AW Batteries Authorized Dealers USA

Dangers of Fake AW Batteries

These batteries come in the same packaging, but they are not genuine AW batteries. These fake/knockoffs are extremely dangerous and do not have any testing or certifications to support their quality.

There have been several reports that these counterfeit/fakes exploded, overheated, or leaked, all of which are potentially fatal to the user. Other concerns include significant voltage drops, low capacity, and short operational life.

These problems are unheard of in original AW batteries, so AW batteries are recognised as the best lithium batteries on the market today.

What is a Battery? How is it Used for Vaping?

A 18650 battery is a lithium-ion battery cell used in many electronic devices. Their high energy density makes them ideal for use in e-cigarettes.

The 18650 battery has been used as a standard battery for many years. It has become the most common battery type used by vapers because of its high capacity, low cost, and long life span.

Battery Characteristics

Vaping is an enjoyable experience because you can choose your vape juice flavour. You can also use different coils and atomizers to create different flavours. A lot of people enjoy vaping because it helps them quit smoking cigarettes.

Capacity: The battery’s capacity, measured in amperes, refers to how much current the battery can supply in a given period. This value gives you an idea about how long your device will be able to run without recharging.

Spotting A Fake Battery

Weight: Battery weights vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. Some batteries weigh as much as 50 grams, while others weigh as little as 30 grams. Most batteries we tested weighed around 35 grams.

Off-centre balance means something is wrong with your battery. Hold it between your fingers and see if it feels weird. If it does, then it’s probably fake. Fake batteries usually have an imbalance problem. Try other tests before buying this battery.

Material: When you take off the wrappings from the batteries, you’ll notice that the original ones are always softer than the counterfeits.

Code Printed: There is a clear difference between codes printed on the wrappers. Text Color, text font, text sizes and positions are different.

We can easily spot a counterfeit Battery by comparing the battery wrappings, as the manufacturers of counterfeits cannot get the same source used by the original manufacturers. So there are some apparent differences in the wrappers. 

Charging: A good charger will show you if your batteries are genuine or counterfeit. Genuine batteries will be charged up to 4.2 volts. Fake batteries might charge to 3.8 volts.

USA Dealer List

Ahlusion – www. ahlusion .us
All About Vapor – www. allaboutvapor .com
All Day Vapes – www. bombies .com
AltSmoke – www. altsmoke .com
www. allstarvape .com
Avid Vaper – www. avidvaper .com

Bearbrass Mods – www. bearbrassmods .com
Best Vapes and E-Cigs LLC
Beyond Vape – www. beyondvape .com
Big Bang E-Cigs – www. bombsauceeliquid .com

Cignot – www. cignot .com
Clouds Of Vapor – www. cloudsofvapor .com
Cold Smoke 907
Craving Vapor – www. cravingvapor .com
Cloudscape – www. csvape .com
The Steam Co – www. culturevapors .com

Desert Vapes – www. desertvapes .com
Diamond Vapor Lounge
Discreet Vapor
Dragon Vaporz
Dragonflyecigs – www. dragonflyecigs .com

E-Cig City, Virginia Beach VA – www. e-cig-city .com
E-Cig City (multiple stores)
ECig Crib
www. ecigexpress .com
E-Cig Gallery
www. eciggity .com
ElectronicStix LLC
Elevated Vaping
www. eliteflashlights .com
Elite Systems LLC
www. empiremods .com
EPiK Vape, Moreno Valley, CA – www. epikvape .com
www. escapevaporlounge .com
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Fatboy Vapors
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Genki Vape
Giant Vapes
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Great Lakes Vapor

www. hellagoodvapors .com
High Desert Esupply
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Pink Spot Vapors
Platinum Vapes
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Riverwalk Vapors
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Vaper Venue
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W9 Tech – www. delta9vapes .com


Yosi Vapor Boutique


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