Vape forums for Australian vapers

Vape forums for Australian vapers

Are vape forums helpful? What are the best vape forums, and what do they offer Australian vape enthusiasts? In this article, we will answer all of these questions.

Vape forums provide a space for vapers from Australia to come together and discuss the latest vape products in person. They also include reviews of vape stores and products that can be helpful when deciding what to buy and where to buy it.

Plus, many of them host giveaways with prizes like e-liquids! No matter what type of vaper you are – beginner or advanced – there is a vape forum for you!

Let’s Look At The Most Popular Vape Forums For Aussie Vapers

1. Vapers Down Under

AussieVapers is the largest and most active forum on Reddit dedicated to all things vape-related to Australia. It has over 15000 members who post questions about their favourite vape brands, newly released vape mods, where to buy nicotine e-liquid, etc. and share tips and tricks. They also discuss the latest regulatory changes to the laws affecting vaping in Australia.

2. Vaping In Australia

This vape forum is for Australian vapers looking to get more info about vape legislation, nicotine prescriptions and connect with friendly members of the vaping community. If you are looking for vapers from different walks of life, this would be the place to start your search.

It also runs giveaways and competitions throughout the year! You can find members discussing vape products for beginners to advanced vapers and tutorials for people looking for vape advice.

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Other Notable Vape Forums From Around The World

3. E-Cigarette Forum (ECF)

A vape forum that has been around for many years, E-Cigarette Forum is a popular resource for both Australian and worldwide vape enthusiasts.

It’s home to over 150,000 members who help each other by sharing reviews of vape products like e-juice flavours and mods. It also hosts regular giveaways with prizes from the biggest vaping brands worldwide. The website features an interactive map where vapers can see what’s happening in their specific region!

One great thing about this vape forum is that it offers advice for people trying to quit smoking cigarettes or tobacco – which will be helpful if you’re quitting while using vaping as your method.

ECF does have a dedication section for vapers from Australia & New Zealand to meet up, but on the last check, this area seems abanded, which is a shame.

4. Planet of the Vapes UK (POTV)

Planet of the Vapes is a vape forum with high-quality reader reviews of new vape equipment, plus an excellent resource for user-submitted e-liquid recipes.

Starting way back in 2012, POTV has many experienced members, so if you have a question regarding vaping, it has probably been covered at some stage. Along with reviews and discussions about vape stores and current deals and discounts from UK suppliers, members can also find out what’s happening at vape competitions all over England!

Australian Vapers Forums – Facebook Group

A vape forum for Australian vapers, this group is where you can discuss vape products and share vape tricks with others in the same boat as you.

How do vape forums work? 

A vape forum is a space where vapers from all over can come together and discuss vape products like e-liquids, mods, or more advanced topics. 

There are various rooms or boards in each forum. Boards are split into different subjects and niches, and moderators keep the discussion on track. So, for instance, a beginner’s board will cover newbie subjects, such as ‘what vape kit to buy?‘ or ‘what nicotine strength vape juice would suit a beginner?

Boards that would appeal to more experienced vapers may include subjects such as DIY mixing of vape juice and discussion on building your own vape mod; there are plenty of options! 

Do vape forums have rules?

Yes, they do! And it’s important to follow these guidelines if you want to avoid any problems or be banned altogether.

  • You can argue with another member but keep it polite, don’t call them names, and always try to be respectful when someone disagrees with you or criticises something you care deeply about.
  • Do respect the rules set forth by each vape forum. They are different because they cater to their respective audiences, so make sure you read over them before posting or commenting on threads to know what is expected of every member.
  • Don’t post anything that isn’t vaping-related (like links to unrelated sites) unless you post them in an area designated for off-topic discussion.

How to Get Started 

The best way to get started in a vape forum is by introducing yourself and asking questions!

A place where newbies can feel welcome: Most have sections designed explicitly for first-time vapers, like Newbie Corner, to get all of their questions answered quickly without feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re new, take some time to go through all the pages so it does not feel overwhelming when first clicking around!. Asking questions about vaping etiquette will be rewarded with answers from experienced members, so don’t be shy.

The Best Vape Forums For Australian Users

We have already mentioned two vape forums that might be worth checking out – but which one will suit your needs best? It all depends on what you’re looking for; maybe you prefer chatting with other people locally in Australia or looking for specific advice from others when quitting smoking cigarettes. Whatever it may be, there’s something out there for everyone!

Wrapping it up

Trying to quit smoking through e-cigarettes can be daunting, but vape forums allow you to ask questions about vaping. The proper vape forum can advise you on everything from quitting cigarettes to finding new flavours!

Vape forums are full of people who have made the switch themselves, and so they’ve got tons of information built up in their member boards. So remember, no matter what type of vaper you are – beginner or advanced – there is a vape forum for you!


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