Why It’s Called An ‘E-Cigarette’ And ‘E-Smoking’

Vaping is the act of using a vaporizer. It is physically impossible for the hardware to have any connection to a tobacco cigarette, and inhaling a water-based vapour has nothing in common with smoking.

An e-cigarette is a metal tube or box with a battery and nebuliser, usually including electronic controls, a liquid reservoir, or other features. There is no tobacco, no ignition system, no combustion process, and smoke.

It generates a water-based spray similar to asthma inhalers but has been re-engineered to as closely represent smoke as feasible without being smoked.

There are no comparable functionalities to a traditional tobacco cigarette; in fact, the optimum use of a vaporizer differs from that of a regular cigarette in every way. Both are placed in the mouth, but there are few similarities after that.

Water-based aerosols are not smoke, and no matter how hard you try to describe them as smoke, they cannot be called so (for indoor use bans, for example).

The state attorney general of Virginia, who is significantly more honest than his AG colleagues, made it clear that e-cigarette vapour is not smoke and cannot be defined as such under the law.

The water droplets are deliberately distinguished from asthma therapy sprays to mimic smoking: by making the water droplets visible, flavouring the vapour, providing a throat hit where necessary, and adding nicotine to produce cigarette-like effects.

It may appear like smoke and have the same texture, but it isn’t. You cannot smoke an e-cigarette.

Why do we use such smoking-related language?

To expand our user base, we must use smoking-related phrases. It may not always be necessary to do so, and perhaps the breakpoint will occur at around 25% of smoker conversions: the moment when a quarter of smokers have switched, and public awareness of the equipment and method will be widespread.

The problem now is that unless the phrase “electronic cigarette” or “e-cigarette” is utilized, no one will (a) have a clue what you’re talking about, (b) be able to discover the items with a web search, or (c) want to switch from smoking.

To examine these, point by point:

a. The average smoker would be unfamiliar with a vapouriser if you asked them if they wanted to use one. Because they are the only ones who you wish to be interested in the product, switch to something safer, or adopt a healthier lifestyle, this means you’re done before you begin.

b. Nobody will discover the community, forums, or vendors on the internet.

We might have a problem with this because the only way we will survive against the big business interests that want to get rid of us is through the numbers game: getting as many people as possible in as little time as possible and engaging them as much as possible.

To achieve that, you must market e-cigarettes as a substitute for smoking. The definition of marketing is “to use techniques to improve conversions.” The term “e-cigarette” is completely marketing since there is no apparent link between it and the metal, battery-powered, liquid nebuliser it loosely denotes.

Let’s be precise here: the phrase “electronic cigarette” has no meaning in this context.

c. Finally, and perhaps most significantly, smokers are not interested in quitting; rather, they wish to continue smoking without the risk.

You can forget about ridiculous survey findings like “most smokers want to quit.” Of course, they don’t: they want to keep smoking with no negative effects.

That is why the questions in these surveys are consistently incorrect and no doubt on purpose.

Instead, ask the more sensible and realistic question: “Would you want to keep smoking but with a 99.9% reduction in risk and at a fraction of the cost?” ten thousand smokers would immediately scream, “Yes, yes, please YES” in your ear. Understandably.

Smokers don’t want to quit smoking; they want to continue doing it less harmful and more cost-effective. This is why e-cigarettes are so popular.

However, they are only concerned with smoking but less expensive and safer at first, and it must be named in some way to smoking.

Nicotine e-liquids are packaged similarly to cigarettes and look, feel, and taste like them. They’re only interested if it appears to be a secure, low-cost alternative to cigarettes.

What is the best approach to growing our community?

If you want to prevent others from attempting your innovative idea, be sure to approach it incorrectly. If you want millions of people to use it, you’ll have to go with the flow even if the language is wrong.

Later, people will accept that their device is not a horseless carriage but rather an automobile. Then you may come up with a far better word like an automobile.

We need the figures right now to survive. This must be a voting issue as soon as possible, with millions of people’s lives on the line. We can discuss etiquette later.

But it causes resistance!

It is not in any measurable way – that is, measured in terms of public policy. It doesn’t matter what we call e-cigarettes because there are tremendous financial incentives to ban them; they pose a significant risk to the smoking money machine, and every man’s hand is against us.

The smoking economy is extremely powerful and exercises tremendous influence over health policy and the legislative process in all matters that affect it.

You don’t need to be concerned about what most people think or say because the only ones who matter are those who make laws.

Many of them are bought and paid for the smoking industry’s power can be witnessed in virtually any instance where an individual’s voice is heard denouncing e-cigs.

If we termed it “vaporizing” and never referred to it as “e-smoking,” if we called the hardware “vaporizer” exclusively, and never used the term “e-cigarette,” if we called it “smoking cessation liquid” rather than “e-liquid,” or if we used vegetable nicotine extract or artificial nicotine; It would make no difference in any case: they will adjust the legislation to fit.

They have to get rid of us or damage us because a lot of well-paid employment rely on it, and they want to maintain those big dollars coming in. This has nothing to do with health and everything to do with money.


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