Vaper Empire Vantage Review

Vaper Empire Vantage Kit Review
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    The Vaper Empire Vantage device is no longer available.

    However, we’ve compiled a list of the top vape pens that offer similar features and performance to the Vantage. Discover the current best vape pens here.

    Founded in 2011, Vaper Empire has quickly emerged as one of the leading Australian e-cigarette manufacturers.

    The company is known for its top line of e-cigarette starter kits.

    Around the web, the company has attracted positive reviews from users looking to knock off their smoking habits.

    While Vaper Empire does not officially encourage the use of its products as a smoke cessation device, many of its customers actually report its line of starter kits as an effective alternative to harmful tobacco, tar and other toxins found in a cigarette.

    So we thought we would look at one of their best-selling products, The Vaper Empire Vantage starter kit.

    Vaper Empire Vantage Review – What’s in the Box

    The Vantage Starter Kit comes with the following accessories and options:

    • 2 x rechargeable batteries (650mAh)
    • 2 x Clearomiser Tanks
    • 1 x USB power cable
    • 1 x USB power adapter
    • 1 x user manual
    • 1 x 10ml bottle of e-liquid

    Vaper Empire offers 3 different battery colours – Black, White and chrome.

    Vaper Empire Vantage: Design

    The Vantage is a simple, yet elegant device. Measuring only 143 x 14mm in size and 37g in weight, it is a very lightweight and compact device, that easily fits in hand.

    The kit is discreet and manageable and would appeal to users of cig-a-like devices who want a step up in battery life, without the associated increase in overall size.

    VE Vantage Kit

    The Vantage also features a spacious clearomiser that can hold up to 1.6ml of e-liquid. This is sufficient e-liquid to last more than a day though it depends on your usage too.

    The disposable clearomiser needs to be replaced when you find the e-cigarette harder to inhale. The average life of clearomiser is anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. If you run out of clearomisers, you can purchase them separately from the company website.

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    Battery Performance & Charging

    The Vantage Starter kit gets 2 powerful batteries that allow you to keep your e-cigarette powered at all times. The 650mAh batteries will give you more than 700 puffs.

    It is a decent battery that should easily last more than a year without causing any performance failures.

    Whats in the box - Vantage vape pen kit

    A USB cable is used to charge the device. You should only charge the device using the power adapter accompanying the kit.

    The battery is fully charged in 3 to 4 hours and requires a charging voltage of 3.4v to 4.2v.

    Vapour Production & Flavours

    Vaper Empire’s line of e-liquids and flavours has received some top ratings and reviews and I must say we enjoyed them as well.

    The company uses pharmaceutical-grade nicotine in making its e-liquids.

    The Vantage comes with a 10ml bottle of your favourite e-liquid. You can select from a variety of flavours (over 20), including tobacco, coffee, apple, menthol, vanilla, watermelon and more.

    Additionally, you can also choose the strength of the e-liquid.

    For instance, if you are a social smoker who only smokes casually, 6mg strength should be suitable for you.

    For light smokers who smoke up to 10 cigarettes a day, the recommended level is 12mg.

    Heavy smokers can choose between 18mg and 24mg options.

    Vaper Empire Vape Juice


    Great e-juice from Vaper Empire

    Vaper Empire e-liquids produced excellent vapour and gave a very good throat hit. The high-quality battery also works to ensure consistent vapour production.

    In some devices, you cannot help noticing an inconsistency in the taste and production of vapour. The Vantage doesn’t offer such a problem.

    The moment you take your first few puffs using the Vantage system, it becomes evident that vaping just got more fun than smoking. It sets your mood right, and fills your craving for nicotine, but doesn’t drag you bottom low the way a traditional cigarette would.

    And there’s a good reason for it too: you’re inhaling a small dose of vaporised nicotine that is void of more than 4000 harmful toxins found in cigarettes.

    While Australian law does not permit the sale of nicotine e-liquid within the country, customers are legally allowed to import their stock from an overseas supplier.

    Since Vaper Empire ships its nicotine e-liquid from outside of Australia, you can legally complete your purchase from the company website without getting into any kind of trouble with the law.

    Vaper Empire: Customer Service & Shipping

    Vaper Empire has an exceptional customer support team. The company is also known for its active involvement in promoting poison-less vaping in Australia.

    You can reach customer support via phone or email during business hours.

    The company offers DHL express shipping at $35 ( 3-5 Days) and a flat rate airmail service at $15 (6-12 Days). The shipping cost varies for other countries.

    If there is a shipping delay, you can get in touch with customer support. Give the company rep the order ID of your product.


    • Powerful batteries
    • Compact and durable device
    • Simple to use
    • Amazing throat hit


    • A car charger ought to be included in the kit

    Price & Guarantee

    The Vantage Starter kit in Black is available for $85.00

    Vaper Empire offers a 3-month warranty on all of its products.

    With the Vantage Starter kit, you also get a 7-day grace period during which you can return the product, no questions asked.

    Returns must be addressed to their customer support.

    Vaper Empire Vantage: Our Verdict

    To sum it all up, the Vantage Starter kit is a great kit that comes with nicotine e-liquid for a reasonable price.

    Many competing products of similar class and quality are priced higher.

    The flavours and e-liquids from the company are also worth a shot.

    Use this e-cigarette if you’re serious about your smoke cessation goals. It actually works!

    Check out the Vantage’s price, reviews, ratings and description over at<<

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