Liberty Flights EVOD 2 ‘Taste’ Kit Review

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    Liberty Flights EVOD 2 ‘THE TASTE KIT’

    Liberty Flights’ EVOD 2 Taste kit is a phenomenal starter kit that is versatile, delivers surprisingly well and is a favourite of both beginners and more experienced vapers alike.

    The package was sent from the UK in record time by DHL. Liberty Flights are a well known and long established company in Britain and by shipping from there they are able to supply nicotine e liquids.

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    The kit contains –


    • 1 x Manual eGo 900mAh Battery
    • 1 x Kanger EVOD 2 Clearomizer
    • 1 x High Speed USB charger
    • 1 x 10ml bottle of 1.8% XO e-liquid
    • 1 x Instruction Booklet


    Great Battery

    Liberty Flights casing

    The battery is a 900mAh manual ego-type of battery, one of the most recognizable types used in vaping. This is a very compact battery, at only a few centimeters longer than the 650mAh, but comes with almost 300mAh  more than its lightweight counterpart. This means that it lasts up to three hours longer in between charges!

    While it won’t last nearly as long as a typical 2500mAh cell, it lasts long enough (almost a day of moderate vaping). It is also very sleek, and fully assembled (including the atomizer included in the kit) it fits perfectly on a shirt pocket.

    I personally have a few of these batteries for those times I need a discreet and lightweight setup. In terms of size and convenience, few batteries can match the humble eGo.

    The battery has all the regular functions (5click off/on, undervoltage and short protection)and puts out 4.2 volts when freshly charged.

    The 5 click on/off function is particularly useful, especially when you are traveling or have several items in the same pocket where you keep the device; it will prevent accidental firing which could destroy atomizer insulators, and even damage the battery itself.

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    Quick and easy charging

    Charging the battery is very easy. All you need to do is to screw on the battery on the threaded part of the charger until snug (don’t over tighten it, as it may push the positive pin down causing damage to the internals, as well as chewing up the insulator).

    Liberty Flights - Charger

    Afterwards, you can plug the charger into a suitable USB power source such as a powerbank or laptop; however you will need to make sure these devices can safely provide 5V DC at 0.5 Amps (specified on the charger). I used a mobile phone power adapter that runs on those specs. The charging process was quick, and took a under two hours.  While charging, a small LED will flash red, and green once it is finished.

    Evod Disassembly

    While it is charging, I prepare the Evod-style atomizer. This atomizer is simililar to the Protank (also made my Kanger), with a very sleek stainless steel tank that perfectly matches the battery and glass windows to see the e-liquid inside (you won’t have to worry about tank-cracking e-liquids).

    Liberty flights easy assemblyIt comes with replaceable coil heads that are inexpensive but perform very well. The airflow is looser compared to CE4 type of clearomizers, and the dual coils allow it to produce considerable more vapour and better flavour as well. Filling the tank is also very easy; all you have to do is to turn the tank upside down, and unscrew the base. The replaceable coil head is attached to the base.

    Afterwards, you simply fill the upside down tank with e-liquid, making sure not to go past the chimney. Afterwards, simply screw the base back into the tank, and then screw the atomizer onto your battery.

    Easy refill

    After loading up the clearomizer with the free e-liquid, I screwed it onto the battery (which by now is fully charged), and turned it on. It vapes very well, with excellent flavour. The vapor production won’t win could competitions, but it is more than enough to fog up a small room. The atomizer gets a little warm when chain vaping, thought the silica wicks can keep up with moderate back-to-back vape sessions. The flavour is very clean.

    Liberty Flights - Refilling


    After about a week, the coil finally reached the end of its lifespan. I tried to resurrect the dead coil by recoiling it with 32 AWG kanthal microcoil with NR leads and cotton. This drastically improved flavour and vapor production, and is almost on par with a Kayfun (albeit with much less airflow).

    However, the drawback of using cotton is that when it gunks up, you will need to replace it, unlike the original silica wick, which only needs dry burning and a quick rinse under the tap.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, this little kit is an excellent starter kit, as well as a great on-the-go setup for more experienced vapers that need a lighter and more discreet rig for work/travel. If you buy this kit, make sure to pick up a few extra dual coil heads – it is always a good idea to have spares

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