Buying Nicotine E-Liquid From New Zealand To Australia

Nicotine E-Liquid From New Zealand To Australia: What You Need To Know

As popular and necessary as e-liquids are to individuals trying to quit smoking, the sale of vape juice containing nicotine is illegal in Australia.

This is why many Aussie vapers turn to New Zealand vape shops to import e-juice.

If you’re interested in knowing the safest and legal ways for acquiring these products, read on to learn about getting nicotine e-liquid from New Zealand to Australia and what you need to know.

How The Situation Currently Stands

You can walk into a vape store and buy pretty much any vaping accessory.

Yet you cannot purchase the nicotine e-liquid that most vapers find essential to switch from smoking to vaping.

Fortunately, Australia allows the import of nicotine e-liquid. Many vapers have chosen to have their supply shipped directly from New Zealand.

Why New Zealand? Well, NZ ticks a lot of boxes. It has many well-established vape stores that stock a huge range of vape juice brands and flavours. They also offer fast shipping to Australia at a lower cost than ordering from the UK or the US.

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Is it Legal to Import Nicotine e-Liquid From New Zealand to Australia?

Yes, under the law, you can receive e-liquid shipments from New Zealand to Australia.

The government acknowledges that items on their controlled substance list provide therapeutic benefits. Australian law looks at e-nicotine as your attempt to legally and safely wean yourself off cigarettes.

Hence, the idea is that your need for any vaping accessories is necessary if under the advice of a doctor.

The process does come with regulations.

  • For full compliance, you need a doctor’s prescription to receive nicotine e-liquids. While a vendor may not ask for the prescription, be aware a customs agent could, in theory, request it during the shipping process. So, keep a copy of your prescription on your phone if you need to forward it to suppliers or customs.
  • There are limitations to importing e-liquids. You can order only a three-month supply at any one time. Over the course of a year, the limit is a 15-month supply.

There is currently no specific amount in millilitres advised by the TGA.

How much you use in the three months is generally allowed to dictate your order. But if the bulk appears excessive, you open yourself up to possible investigation.

Nicotine Prescriptions

New Importation Ban – 1st Oct 2021

On 1 October 2021, the laws around importing electronic cigarettes and liquid nicotine into Australia were aligned under one set of rules. That means there won’t be any difference between buying nicotine e-liquids from overseas versus those bought locally. Both require a prescription issued by an Aussie doctor.

For now, adult Australians may import nicotine vaping liquids from New Zealand.

As long as transactions happen within the confines of the law, there will be no reprisal.

Will I need to Include My Vape Prescription When Importing?

Yes. That is the advice from the TGA and Border Force.

You should include a copy of your prescription in the package. Australian Border Force officials can stop imports at the border.

If there is no prescription in the package, the ABF will refer the import to the TGA for evaluation. The TGA will contact you to get a copy of your prescription.

The ABF can destroy the goods if you don’t have a prescription and impose possible penalties.

Importation Taxes on e-Liquid

As long as you legally purchase e-liquid nicotine between New Zealand and Australia for personal use only, there are no tax prohibitions if purchases are under AU $1000.

This doesn’t include any applied discounts or coupons. If your planned purchase without any savings is over the threshold, your transaction will be liable for tax.

Reviewing Shipping Methods

There are two ways to ship e-liquids.

DHL Express

It’s recommended Australians use DHL Express for their shipments.

This is for fast delivery and an improved tracking system. It also avoids clearance issues with customs.

DHL requires full names for shipping. Parcels with only initials get delayed by Customs until a shipper confirms the shipment. This holds up your receipt.

Part of the DHL process is preparing shipments as quickly as possible to prepare for DHL shipment deadlines, which are two in the afternoon.

AUS Post

Standard shipping is not an express courier system, so it will take longer. Parcels have to transverse thousands of ocean kilometres to reach their destination.

While a parcel from New Zealand can reach Australia in a day, when the package arrives at your home is first dependent on Australian Customs.

And once Customs releases the package, you must wait until the local postal service delivers the shipment to your residence.

Australia Post doesn’t provide high-res tracking on international shipping. Days can pass without tracking your shipment as it moves through depots and facilities.


DHL ExpressAus Post
Average Costs:$15 – $20 – Free for orders over $100$10 – Free for orders over $50
Average Delivery Times:1 – 3 Days**3 – 10 Days
Customs Clearance:YESNO
Priority Dispatch:YESNO
PO Box/Locker Delivery:NOYES
**with added time based on region. Take note it’s not unusual for DHL to leave a parcel with Australia Post or another courier.
Ordering Vape Juice From New Zealand

What You Need to Know About e-Liquids

E-Liquids are vape accessories. They contain propylene glycol, water, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, and nicotine. In most formulations, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin is the dominant ingredient. The balance influences the different types of e-liquid. Some formulations have no nicotine at all.

E-Liquids are harmless as long as you apply them responsibly. They must never be swallowed or come in contact with the skin. You should thoroughly wash your hands after handling e-liquids or any skin they touch. If there’s still an adverse reaction, such as feeling unwell, contact your medical professional or a poison centre immediately.

The Safe Storage of e-Liquids?

Take note of any expiry dates. The product does contain food-based components that can expire and impact the potency.

It would be best if you also considered the following before using e-liquids.

  • Has the product’s odour changed?
  • Is the density or thickness of the e-liquid different?
  • Has the original colour changed?

Store your e-Liquids in a dark, cool place.

Exposure to too much light or heat can dynamically affect any food substance and decrease the product’s lifespan.

Do not open more than one package at a time. You prolong the product by keeping it sealed.

When you employ proper safety measures, the average e-liquid has a shelf life of two years. Check out this article for more info on safely storing e-liquids.

What to Do With an Expired e-Liquid

Expired liquids for vaping are dangerous to ingest. The expiration warns you the substance may have an imbalance or combination of imbalances that may be harmful. This can mean a loss in flavour, an imbalance in the nicotine content, and a lack of vapour.


Stay following the law so that you are legally getting e-liquids. Use the most convenient shipping processes to get your product.

Pay attention to expiration dates and proper storage to always make vaping safe.

You shouldn’t have trouble getting nicotine e-liquid from New Zealand to Australia if you follow the outlined guidelines.


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