Best Clearomizers & MTL Tanks

Best Clearomizers & MTL Tanks 2024

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    1st Place

    Zenith MTL

    Excellent throat hit to keep you satisfied, plus super simple to use & upkeep. The Zenith MTL is a great choice for beginners. 


    Nautilus 2


    Prism T20-S

    Clearomisers were one of the earliest atomiser designs developed, along with cartomisers.

    Despite it being an older “old school” design, the technology has kept up with the times – and now has modern and more powerful variants – tank systems that are either disposable or with replaceable and even rebuildable heating elements.

    The clearomiser is often considered to be the best entry-level atomiser because they are so simple to set up, and are generally hassle-free.

    All you need to do is fill it up with juice, screw it on to your mod then vape! Clearomisers are also considered must-haves for people on the go, since a lot of time is saved due to the simplistic “plug-and-play” nature of clearomisers.

    These days there are so many different types of clearomizers that choosing the right type can be a daunting task.

    From entry-level disposables to high-performance sub-ohm capable tank systems, there are nearly endless variants to a design with such humble beginnings.

    Best Mouth To Lung Tanks (MTL -Clearomisers)

    #1 Innokin - Zenith MTL Tank


    • Looks good
    • Doesn’t leak
    • Easy to fill
    • MTL tank
    • Decent AFC
    • Convenient coil replacement method


    • Just two options for coils

    The Zenith is quite a fancy looking tank that is available in either 2mL or the 4mL version. It uses a top fill, twist open design meant for easy refilling and has four adjustable airflow holes. It has two available coil options including a 1.6 or 0.8ohm kanthal coil.

    It looks like Innokin has done it again. Their products hit way more often than they miss, and this is fortunately one of those occasions where they knocked it out of the ballpark.

    The tank is built to a high standard of quality, and the coil system is very simple to work with, even with the tank nearly full. All you need to do is unscrew the tank, pop out the coil, slot a new one in, prime, and you’re ready to start vaping as soon as your cotton is good to go.

    One thing to note is that this tank is meant almost entirely for MTL drawing. You’ll be able to fudge around with the airflow settings to get a tight or loose draw, but it’ll be difficult to get a truly smooth DTL experience.

    Other than that, this tank is just a lazy vaper’s thoughtful dream. Besides the coil being so easily replaced, the tank is just as easily filled. All you need to do is turn the top cap, use the provided hole to fill up your tank, and everything is gravy.

    #2 Aspire - Nautilus 2


    • This thing looks real cool
    • Great MTL draw
    • Glass is protected
    • Can sub ohm


    • AFC is stiff
    • Small juice capacity

    Aspire has done some good work in beefing up and updating the original Nautilus and the mini. The first thing they did was to increase the types of coil options that this tank can use. Besides being able to use the original 1.8 coils, you can now sub ohm with the newer .7ohm coils.

    I have to say that this tank looks slick. It’s weird to say but the closest approximation of how the design feels is that it looks like an amalgamation of Quicksilver, Magneto, and the Silver Surfer would use this to chain vape the day away.

    But not only does it look good, it’s god pretty good air control with five different slot settings to get your perfectly preferred draw.

    A point of contention is how you fill this thing. You do it with a top fill, but half the time I was spilling my juice all over the place until I figured out how to top it off correctly.

    #3 Innokin - Prism T20-S Tank


    • Multiple coil options
    • Easy to fill
    • Good MTL draw
    • Sub ohm capability


    • Small juice capacity
    • No knurling on AFC

    Another MTL type design, the Innokin Prism T20-S is able to pick between two different coils depending on the type of vaping experience you want. With the choice to sub ohm, the T20-S is also designed to be easily fillable via twisting off the top cap and filling it from the top.

    Regarding airflow, you have fairly decent control over how much of a pull you’ll need to get a proper MTL draw. I’ve actually found that I got a better taste with the 0.8ohm coil, although I did have some trouble playing around with the AFC settings.

    Overall, not too shabby though I wish the airflow knob came with some knurling to make changing my air settings a little easier. While the tank isn’t anything spectacular, there isn’t anything about it that I would point out as completely unacceptable.

    #4 Innokin - iClear 16

    Reminiscent of the CE4 “stardust” clearomiser era, the iClear 16 looks and works very similarly to its progenitor. By nature this little clearomiser is a disposable piece of equipment, but it’s a very solid performing and affordable entry-level atomiser.

    It is a compact tank at about 15mm in diameter, making it a perfect fit for ego batteries. The tank itself is plastic so make sure the e-liquid you are using it with is safe to use for plastics.

    One of the biggest differences the iClear16 has over the older CE series is that it uses dual coils with silica wicks. This means it will produce much more vapour and more concentrated flavours.

    However due to the nature of dual coils it will go through e-liquid much faster than regular clearomisers; it will also require more watts to achieve what the single coil can on the same resistance, since there is more kanthal mass to take into consideration. I usually find 8-15 watts to be the sweet spot when using a regulated device.

    The iClear16 has the added benefit of being able to replace the coil head, so if you burn one out (it can last anywhere from a week to a month, depending on how much you use it and the type of e-liquid used), you can buy the replacement coils instead of buying an entirely new clearomiser.

    Filling is extremely easy; all you need to do is to unscrew the mouthpiece and inject juice into the tank. Just make sure you don’t get any juice into the little hole where the coils are, or you will get gurgling and flooding.

    The iClear16 is great for use on ego style batteries, preferably variable voltage models like the twist since it will need a bit more “oomph” than what the regular 3.7-volt ego models can deliver. However, you are not limited to using the iClear16 on ego batteries; you can use them on any device with ego threading, or by using a 510 to ego adapter.


    This is an excellent entry-level clearomiser. It is very cheap, produces excellent flavour and acceptable vapor for what it is. Is there anything better out there? Yes there are plenty, but if you want something solid and cheap to “get your feet wet”, then the iClear16 is definitely worth checking out.

    #5 Kanger - Protank Series

    The Protank series by the famous KangerTech is one of the most widely used and recognizable clearomisers today – and with good reason.

    They produce excellent flavour and vapour (for a basic clearomisor) and they are cheap; they also have very affordable replacement coil heads (normally uses silica wicks, but recently Kanger has produced OCC “organic cotton” coils for the Protank series) that are one of the easiest to rebuild!

    Protank 1

    The first in the series is the Protank1, followed by the Protank2. They are both 2.5ml tanks made of pyrex and chrome-plated alloys, and around 18mm in diameter; they will look huge compared to ego style batteries and would fit better on something like a Vamo. If you do use an ego battery for a Protank, make sure you pick up a beauty ring, as it greatly improves aesthetics.

    Protank 2

    A huge advantage of pyrex tanks is that plastic-cracking juices that the iClear16 can’t use will be no problem for Protanks. The Protank 1 & 2 share the same single – coil replacement heads that are the easiest to rebuild out of the Protank series; the replacement coils come pre-made and can be bought in a variety of resistances to match your device.

    The main difference between the two is the pyrex and driptip is fixed in the Protank1, while they are removable in the protank 2 to facilitate easy maintenance and cleaning. They are both 510 threaded, with airflow coming in from the 510 – so leaking will result in your mod getting drenched from the 510 and may cause damage if your 510 isn’t sealed. The airflow is also rather tight, and suited for mouth to lung hits (closest to smoking a real cigarette).

    I highly recommend getting an airflow control valve (also made by kanger) to replace the base; this will move the airflow to the side of the clearomiser instead of the 510 thereby eliminating the problem of potential leaking into the 510 connector. It also allows you to adjust your aiflow settings to something more airy to produce more vapor, as well as a smoother throat hit.

    Protank 3

    The third and final clearomiser in the Protank series is the Protank 3. It is nearly identical to the Protank 2 with the exception of using dual coil heads (which are not compatible to the traditional heads). The dual coil heads produces much more vapour and flavour, but is much harder to rebuild. There are also reports that the dual coil heads do not last as long as the single coil variants. As with the Protank 2, it is highly recommended to get the airflow control valve for your Protank 3 to improve performance.

    Aerotanks are the upgraded version of the Protank 3 – it is a sleeker looking clearomiser that is made fully out of stainless steel, and already comes with an airflow control base so you don’t need to buy one for it. However, it is much more expensive than the Protanks at well over $20.

    The Protank 2 and 3 also come in “mini” versions, which are essentially the same with the exception of being ego-threaded and having around 1.5ml capacity. They are perfect for ego-style batteries at 14mm (diameter).

    Filling on this clearomiser can’t get any easier. You simply remove the base and fill up the top tank part (upside down) all the way to the brim of the chimney. If you want to replace the coil, just reverse the process – you don’t even have to dump your juice in the process, like the older clearomisers!

    The Protanks are the modern “classics” of clearomisers, and have set the bar for similarly designed clearos like the evod and T3 (also by KangerTech)


    One final thing to take note of is that the Protank series perform best at lower wattage, around 10-15 watts, and wick best with higher PG based juices. To use higher VG concentrations, you will need to mod the replaceable coil by enlarging juice holes, and rebuild them with cotton (plenty of guides on the internet). These are not meant for sub-ohm, but will deliver a very satisfying mouth-to-lung vape, and are my personal favourite for high nicotine tobacco juices.

    #6 Aspire - Nautilus Mini BVC

    This clearomiser is a step up from the Protanks in term of design, as well as price. This is an extremely popular choice for most clearomiser users and can be bought for about $21 on fasttech (authentic), so it won’t break the bank.

    The Nautilus Mini utilizes unique replaceable heads that feature a vertical coil, with the wicking material around the coil instead of through.

    The airflow goes through the middle of the coil, producing a much smoother vape with much better airflow as well. The newer generation coils use organic cotton, which provides a crisp and pure flavour; however, compared to ceramic or silica they don’t last as long. It is possible to rebuild the heads, though it is a bit more complicated compared to Protanks. Most people just buy a few dozen extra coil heads as they aren’t really expensive.

    The body itself is made of stainless steel, and it is extremely sturdy. The tank is Pyrex much like the Protanks, and allows the use of acidic juices that would otherwise destroy plastic tanks. The Nautilus also features a very good airflow control ring that allows you to fine tune your vape from restrictive and flavourful mouth-to-lung hits, or wide open for increased vapour production.

    Aesthetically, the Nautilus is an extremely good-looking tank; it is compact with a large pyrex section that makes your juices very visible; coloured e-liquid looks spectacular in this clearomiser. The rounded topcap also gives it a very sleek look that goes very well with its compact design. This isn’t just a pretty little clearomiser though, as it has the performance to back up its appearance.

    Filling the Nautilus is similar to the protank, by filling the glass tank portion upside down; it also shares all of the advantages and convenience of this filling method. The Nautilus also comes in a mini version that holds 1.8ml of liquid (the full sized model holds about 5ml) for more stealthy setups.

    It is noteworthy to check out the ASSA mini BVC clearomiser on fasttech if you like the looks of the Nautilus mini but don’t want to commit the cash to something you might not like. The ASSA mini BVC is a perfect copy of the Nautilus mini, takes the original coils, and only costs $8!


    While many people (like me) absolutely love the looks of the Nautilus mini, and important thing to keep in mind is that the pyrex sections are very prone to shattering. If you tend to drop your mods a lot like me, then make sure to stock up on extra tanks.

    #7 Eleaf GS Tank

    Eleaf GS – From the company behind the legendary Lemo RTA, we find a unique and surprisingly well made mini clearomiser that is dirt cheap to boot, at $12 shipped (fasttech). While it has no outstanding features that set it apart from the many high-end clearomisers today, it is a very solid atomiser in its own right simply because it is so well made, and very cheap.

    The Eleaf GS is an extremely compact atomiser, though it is wider than the previous clearomisers in this list at 22mm wide and about 51mm tall. It was made for use on 22mm tube mods, and looks spectacular on 18350 setups like on a hybrid 18350 nemesis.

    The tank itself is made of stainless steel with a large pyrex tank that can hold up to 3 ml of e-liquid. It has a great airflow adjustment system that might not be airy enough for “competition” vapers, but excellent for mouth-to-lung.

    At around 51mm tall, it is shorter than most 22mm clearomisers, and is definitely a great stealth clearomiser if you use 22mm mods. Filling the Eleaf GS is identical to the Protank and Nautilus.


    It is important to note that the replacement coils are very cheap as well, at about $8 for a 5 pack. These last for a long time if you don’t abuse them, but just keep in mind they aren’t made for super high wattage; 30-40 watts seem to be the sweet spot for these coils. TC coils (Ni200) are also available if you have a mod that can do TC mode.

    #8 UD - Zephyrus V3 Tank

    Before reading about the Zephyrus, let’s make one thing clear. Buying this clearomiser is venturing into dangerous territory, and you are taking a risk if you don’t know EXACTLY what you are doing. That said, the UD Zephyrus by Youde Tech is the mouth to lung tanks to get if you are looking to get into high power vaping!

    For under $30, you get a massive 5ml tank with massive airflow and sub-ohm premade coils. To top it off, the UD Zephyrus is top-filled, making it extremely convenient considering how much e-liquid it consumes (more on that later).

    The Zephyrus is a powerful clearomiser made to operate at up to 50 watts, though I have pushed the premade coils over 70 watts with no problems whatsoever. It is solidly built, with a thick stainless steel body and pyrex tank so acidic e-liquids are no problem.

    It produces decent flavor and massive vapor (especially with 100% VG e-liquid), nearly comparable to a dedicated cloud-chasing RDA!

    One of the things that makes the UD Zephyrus worth buying in my opinion is the fact that it comes with a rebuildable deck along with the prebuilt coils. The rebuildable deck is very well made; with a 3-post design that has a T-shaped positive middle pole that has two holes for wires (much like the Helios RDA).

    The rebuildable deck also has massive airflow, and makes the Zephyrus a true RTA, as well as a high-end clearomiser.

    While it is an excellent Clearomiser, the Zephyrus is not without drawbacks. First is the fact that since it is made for high-power vaping, it will consume a lot of e-liquid. The 5ml tank will definitely not last more than a few hours if you chain vape at high wattage.

    Thankfully, the Zephyrus comes with a top-fill top cap, so filling the tank 2 or 3 times a day is less of a hassle (and a mess) compared to bottom filling. Another drawback to this Clearo is the price of the premade coils. At over $3 per coil, it is very expensive (more like extortion!) compared to something like Protank coils, which costs under $5 for a pack of 5.

    For this reason, most Zephyrus users prefer to use the reuildable deck, as a spool of kanthal or nichrome can be bought for the price of two or three premade coil heads. The premade coils come in 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5 ohm dual coil setups, as well as Ni200 for TC capable mods, so make sure your mod can handle coils at those resistances!

    Another disadvantage of using this clearomiser is that since it is made for high power vaping, you will need either a regulated mod that can fire sub-ohm or a decent mech with good batteries; using lower watts will give you an anemic vape, since the coils on the Zephyrus are huge and have a lot of mass, and consequently will require more power to use it to its fullest potential.

    It will also drain batteries much faster, so expect to go through several 18650s a day at full power.

    And finally, this tank is not mouth-to-lung friendly. Despite the fact that it has decent airflow control, closing it off will result in flooding because the juice channels are massive – they are geared towards high-powered vaping after all; so if you like a more restrictive “cigarette-like” airflow, then this tank may not be the best choice for you.


    If you want to try high-power vaping with plans to learn to rebuild, then the UD Zephyrus is definitely a great choice.


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