How to clean your e-cigarette & vape tank

E Cigarette Cleaning Guide

How to Clean and Sanitise Your E-Cigarette

Routine cleaning of your e-cigarette is not only an ideal way to keep it in good working order, but it’s also good for your health.

Think about how many times you touch your e-cigarette over the course of the day and all the places you do it: in your car, at your desk, in restaurants and even — shhh — in the loo.

Do you wash your hands every time you vape? Of course not.

E Cigarette Cleaning Guide

Use the following steps to give your e-cigarette a thorough cleaning.

To complete these steps, you will need –

  • Kitchen roll
  • Rubbing alcohol/Isopropyl
  • A small, soft-bristled brush (an old toothbrush works well)
  • A pointy toothpick or a pin
  • Cotton swabs.

First let’s look at a normal e-cigarette set-up

  1. Take your e-cigarette apart

Remove the atomiser or tank from the battery. If you are using a drip tip/mouth piece, remove it from the atomiser if possible.

  1. Clean the battery connection

The battery connector picks up all kinds of gunk, lint and dirt, not to mention small amounts of e-liquid that can pool there and become grimy.

All of this can affect the connection between the battery and the atomiser.

Fold a small, dry piece of kitchen roll, and use the corner to absorb any pooled e-liquid around the battery connector.

Use the toothpick/pin to remove gunk from around the battery connector.

Dampen the brush with a bit of rubbing alcohol, and lightly brush the external threads to remove any grime.

Moisten the tip of a cotton swab, being careful not to saturate it, and lightly brush it across the battery connection to remove any leftover e-liquid residue.

  1. Clean the atomiser connection

Again, using the dampened brush, lightly brush the threads of your atomiser to remove any accumulated gunk.

Inspect the tiny airholes on the base of your atomiser or cartomiser.

If they appear to be clogged, use the toothpick or pin to clear them.

  1. Clean the drip tip

Because you place your mouth on the drip tip/mouthpiece repeatedly over the course of a day, keeping it clean and germ-free is important.

If your drip tip is removable, run it under warm water.

Dry it with a piece of kitchen roll, and use a cotton swap moistened with alcohol to clean the interior.

Moisten a piece of kitchen roll with alcohol and lightly wipe the outside of the drip tip, but avoid the rubber/silicone O-ring at the base of the tip; alcohol can be very drying and may cause the ring to corrode prematurely.

  1. Reassemble and wipe the exterior

After cleaning each component of your e-cigarette, reassemble the device.

Dampen a piece of kitchen towel with a bit more rubbing alcohol and give the entire exterior of the device a good wipe, paying close attention to the button, where grime tends to build up.

Allow the device to dry

Bonus step: Clean your charger.

The battery connection on your charger also accumulates gunk and grime. Maintain a strong connection with the battery by keeping it clean, too.

Disconnect the charger from the its power supply. Using the same steps you used to clean the battery, clean the threads and connection on the charger.

Use a piece of kitchen towel moistened very lightly with alcohol to remove any residue. Allow the charger to dry completely before reconnecting it to the power supply.

Complete these steps at least once per week to keep your e-cigarette working well and looking sharp while reducing your exposure to germs you pick up in the environment.


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