V2 Cigs Closed : What can Australian V2 customers do now?

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    V2 Cigs has suddenly and without warning permanently closed for business. As of November the 2nd 2018 V2 decided to stop operations, leaving customers wondering what happened and where they can source refill cartridges and batteries.

    Why did V2 Close?

    In April of 2018, Chinese state owned Huaboa acquired 51% of V2 Cigs and parent company VMR for $22.8 million USD. Then in October of 2018, JUUL Vapor bought total controlling interest from Huaboa and VMR for $75 million USD. As of November 2, 2018 JUUL decided to close V2 Cigs for good.

    Why?, well nobody knows for sure. In a statement posted on the V2 website the company gives the reason as increased tariffs products ‘that will dramatically alter our cost structure and profitability’ and a ‘challenging environment’ in the e-cigs industry, but this clearly isn’t the full story. More likely is that JUUL decided to take out one of its largest competitors, although it would eventually have to restructure and discontinue most pod flavours to stave off FDA regulation.

    Here’s the statement in full :

    Dear Loyal VMR Customers,

    For nearly 10 years, we have prided ourselves on engineering and building the best e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Our commitment to leading-edge design and technology is how we became one of the leading players in this industry and one of your favorite brands at retail. In so doing, we developed a very loyal group of customers. We are thankful for your support over the years. As you are aware, our industry is the subject of an increasingly challenging environment. In addition, our products are the target of tariffs that will dramatically alter our cost structure and profitability.

    After considering these and other factors, we made the very difficult decision to discontinue our operations effective at 4pm Eastern Time on November 2, 2018. We appreciate that our closure will raise a number of questions that we have sought to address in the Frequently Asked Questions section below. If you have additional questions that are not addressed below, we have provided you an opportunity to submit your questions where noted. While we may not be able to answer every question that is posed, we will seek to do so and may update the “Frequently Asked Questions” below with additional information.

    V2 Cigs Website

    What can V2 customers do now?

    Don’t throw away your V2 Cigs just yet! You maybe able to find supply’s at a V2 stockist. Alternatively there are a number of companies who make refill cartridges and batteries compatible with V2 products. Due to there being standardised threading for many models of cigalikes, switching to a different supplier is quite simple. The V2 compatible cartridges listed below will fit to your device exactly the same way as the current v2 product did.

    V2 Compatible Cartridge Deals

    Below we will go through the best options for v2 compatible cartridges –

    V2 Standard Kit compatible

    Apollo Ecigs

    Apollo V2 Compatible cartridgesThe Apollo Challenger Kit cartridges and batteries are interchangeable with the V2 standard kit. Apollo cartridges are currently available in Tobacco & menthol, with 6 nicotine strengths  – 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, 24 mg –

    Apollo also sell blank cartridges that will work on V2 Cigs. These cartridges are easy to fill with your choice of e-liquid.

    These looking for the equivalent v2 flavours, Apollo recommend the following –

    • V2 Sahara E-cig Flavor – Apollo Sahara
    • V2 Peppermint E-cig Flavor – Apollo Candy Cane Peppermint
    • V2 Congress E-cig Flavor – Apollo Classic Tobacco
    • V2 Vanilla E-Cig Flavor – Apollo French Vanilla
    • V2 Cherry E-cig Flavor – Apollo Cherry Limeade
    • V2 Coffee E-cig Flavor – Apollo Cappuccino
    • V2 Cola E-cig Flavor –  Apollo Hemi Orange Cola

    Apollo Challenger batteries and chargers are also compatible with the v2 standard kit – For more details and to see the full range of v2 compatible products available at Apollo – Click Here

    V2 Standard and EX kits Compatible

    Mig Vapor

    migvapor-v2-compatible-vapeMigvapor have a selection of cartridges (pre-filled or blank), vape tanks & batteries that are compatible with v2 kits. The company’s pre-filled cartridges are available in more flavours than Apollo, such as blueberry, coffee, grape, apple. The nicotine strengths are the same – 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, 24 mg

    Blank cartridges are also available that can be filled with your own personnel favourite e-liquids. Migvapor offer a range of juices that they closely match the pervious offerings from V2.

    • V2 Menthol E-Liquid – Mig Vapor Menthol Cool Blast
    • V2 Sahara – Mig Vapor Sahara Classic
    • V2 Coffee – Mig Vapor Columbian Coffee
    • V2 Green Tea Menthol – Mig Vapor Green Tea
    • V2 Vanilla – Mig Vapor Vanilla Smooth and Creamy

    For a full list of v2 compatible product available at Migvapor – click here

    Further Reading Regarding V2 Closure

    V2 have put together a questions and answers page for customers regarding issues such as the vape4free program (closed) and the rewards program (V2 will offer individual settlements with those with customers that have outstanding rewards points) For further reading visit the FAQ at the link below.


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