Do E-cigs Save Lives ?

Do E-cigs Save Lives?

Ecigs may save lives as much as half the time

This is because smoking has been found to kill a significant proportion of continuing smokers, and there is some evidence that it may be up to 50% of them.

But in either case, I am of the impression that there could be a number of debates about this figure; we’ll leave it to others. But if two smokers are willing to switch to an e-cigarette, one of their lives is apparently saved.

If we accept the anti-smoking movement’s logic, then we are left with one of two scenarios: for every two smokers who switch to an e-cig, a life is saved.

To add to that, if they were under 35 when it occurred, their lifespan wouldn’t even be shortened, according to specific research.

To illustrate: I wanted to know about the claim that smokers live ten years less on average, so I spoke with Carl Phillips about it. He said, “Doll et al is a reputable source.

“He proved that continuing smokers die 10 years earlier on average and that this shortened lifespan can be reduced by quitting. The sooner a smoker quits, the longer they live; in fact, if they quit before age 35, they regain the full ten years of life, and thus no shortening of lifespan was found for a smoker who quit before age 35.”

Although the lung cancer statistics in this country are positive, they do not indicate that our smoking epidemic is over. According to some studies, about 50% of smokers die as a result of their habit.

In this case, “a 50-50 chance of not dying early” implies that if you continue smoking, you will lose an average of ten years of life; but if you switch to an e-cigarette, you have a 50 per cent chance of not dying prematurely and thus saving five lives.

We’ll leave out the various questions about how many years are saved and whether smoking kills you in two years, if all e-cig users will live forever, and so on because this is a simple explanation from a basic person on a simple blog.

do e-cigs save lives?

What exactly does it imply to “save a life”?

Moving on to the claim that switching from smoking to a vaporizer does not save any lives.

The term “to save a life” is used to indicate that someone has been saved from death under all conditions. A firefighter, for example, may rescue you unconscious from a burning building and thus save your life. If a lifeboat crew pulls you off a sinking ship in the middle of nowhere and saves your life, they do so.

If a surgeon removes an aortal aneurism and repairs it, you will be saved. Or do you believe they didn’t? To ‘save your life’ at that moment (and put off death to a later time) is what it implies. That’s what it means.

If you quit smoking and don’t die ten years early as a result of switching to e-cigs, e-cigs have saved your life. Forget that any saving of life is just a delay: how would you feel if your mother did not pass away today?

They seem to be moved. They don’t care if it will happen in 30 years; every day of a mother’s life is priceless to her child. They don’t see it as a semantic debate.

How does a person saved by a firefighter feel? That they’ve taken part in an advanced semantic debate demonstration? I don’t think so. They are properly grateful that their life was preserved.

nicotine propaganda

Every day of one’s existence should be treasured; a day in which you did not perish is a day in which you lived. Whether or not others place a high price on their own lives, if you’re a parent, you’ll understand what it means. This may appear to be the case for certain bloggers.

Propaganda is highly successful because it allows you to believe what you want without thinking about it. Propaganda works by appealing to our desire for happiness, which is why we are more prone to accept messages that promise us things like love and money if they come from someone who appears pleasant (for example, tobacco control and pharmaceuticals).

So to be on the safe side, in case anyone is uncertain about this: someone who drags you from the water and saves your life has just saved your life; someone who persuades you to switch to an e-cigarette when you thought you wanted to continue smoking may have just saved your life. It doesn’t matter if you die next week or in 40 years.


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