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    Who are Vaporfi AU?

    Vaporfi opened their dedicated Australian website in 2016 (the 1st outside of the USA) which has proved very popular with quicker, cheaper shipping and an easier returns process.

    Vapofi’s website was previously know for been easy to navigate, but now prices are displayed in AUD and there is Australian 24/7 toll-free customer service telephone number.

    Vaporfi was established back 2012 in the US. The company is now part of the much larger Turning Point brands, which owns a number of leading brands in the US such as Zig-Zag cigarette papers, Stoker’s moist snuff dipping tobacco and the vape wholesale supplier, Vapor Supply.

    Initially Vaporfi was more well known for its own range of in-house vape devices, but maybe due to its increased size in the industry, now sells a wide selection of brands on its website.

    Vaporfi has always been well know for its own brand e-liquids. Their website states almost 30,000 different flavour combination mixed by VaporFi ”Vapetenders” are on offer and I will just take their word on that.

    It’s definitely a place to try if you want to be creative with your next vape juice order, short of mixing your own at home.

    Vaporfi’s e-liquids are always made in the USA adhering to full FDA regulations and the company boasts of using top rated nicotine, Glycerin, better than food grade flavourings (to be inhaled) and UPS grade Kosher ingredients.


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