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    GreenSmoke Update December 2018 : Closed

    Unfortunately Greensmoke have announced they are closed for business with immediate effect.

    As been previously one of the most established brand names in the vaping industry this has come as a shock to customers. Why did Greensmoke close?

    Why did GreenSmoke close?

    Greensmoke was owned by Altria the makers of the best selling cigarette brand Marlboro.

    Altria announced that regulatory costs involved to file any updates with the Food and Drug Administration for new products would prove too expensive, plus they were not happy with the financial performance of Greensmokes current range of vape devices.

    The company has an alternative brand, iQOS, that it would prefer the FDA to approve instead.

    Where does this leave Greensmoke customers?

    Inconvenienced to say the least. However there are options available to be able to continue using your greensmoke vape. Other manufactures produce e-liquid cartridges that are compatible with Greensmoke devices.

    Greensmoke customers can find compatible cartridges at Migvapor.

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