Our Top Rated Box Mods of 2017

What is a box mod?

Basically, it’s a mod (a term referring to the part of the e-cigarette that holds the batteries, but you probably already knew that) that’s shaped like a box.

Don’t be confused though, since many “box” mods aren’t even shaped like boxes!

A good rule of thumb in differentiating box mods from tube mods is that if it isn’t shaped like a tube, it’s a box mod.

Many vapers believe that they are the next logical step in the evolution of electronic cigarettes – more battery life, the ability to produce throat-searing amounts of power, and (in my opinion) they look very classy.


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Best box mods for beginners

Best Box Mod for Beginners
Beginner setups have usually lower wattage limits, easier to operate, and are generally cheaper.

The boxes I will be listing are a great way to get into vaping and box mods; however they also make excellent “on-the-go”/stealth boxes for more experienced vapers since these “beginner” boxes are also usually small.

Note: One of the biggest factors that affects the choices in the mods listed below is price. I specifically chose the cheaper mods with good performance; there are better mods out there, but they are substantially more expensive.



  • Output power: 7W-30
  • Output voltage : 3.6V—7.0V
  • Battery Type: 18650
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Size (L x W x H) : 7.75 x 3.6 x 2.2 cm



Many stories circulate around the net about the Cloupor mini’s first batch having a tendency to “burn up” (and not in a good way). However, the infamous company has rectified the issues, and the subsequent batches have had no more issues.

In fact, they are actually pretty awesome!

Personally, I love this box – it’s so TINY. It fits very nicely in the palm of my hand, and paired with a stealth dripper, isn’t much taller and wider than a regular 18650 battery. Build quality is excellent, though I would be careful when handling the 510 threading (though mine has held up well to daily use), much like you would handle the 510 of anything that isn’t stainless steel.

The Cloupor mini features a magnetic door for a replaceable single 18650 battery, and can fire up to 30watts – more than enough for the average vaper, with the ability to build coils as low as 0.45 ohms.

You won’t be able to build super low sub-ohm resistances on this baby, but you won’t need to do so with variable voltage devices.

It gets decent battery life even at 30w, so this is definitely viable for an all-day-vape (though heavy vapers might want to bring along an extra battery).

Small But Perfectly Formed 201412161352021850 Alternatively, you can also charge the battery via the built-in micbro usb charging port. This is an excellent feature for those of us who spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

If you decide to buy the Cloupor mini, I highly recommend getting the silicone sleeves, as it protects the mod from scratches, as well as giving you a better grip. You will need it, since this thing is so small!

Our Verdict

You should definitely consider getting this if you want a discrete device that still packs a punch.

It goes well will small atomizers/clearomizers, but is 510 threaded, so if you use clearomizers with ego threading (i.e. protanks) then grab a few ego-510 adapters along with this box.

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Free Shipping from China

$ 29.86

Cloupor Mini – Fasttech


Sigelei Review


  • Output power: 5W-30
  • Output voltage : 3.6V—7.0V
  • Battery Type: 18650
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Size (L x W x H) : 9 x 3.7 x 2.4 cm

This isn’t the cheapest in the “best for beginners” list. Nevertheless, it is worth the money, especially with Sigelei’s proven track record of quality products.

And boy, does the Sig mini have quality!


It’s bigger than the cloupor (about 90mm tall) and hefty at 131g, but still small enough to be discrete when you need it to.

The weight makes it feel even more like a quality piece of equipment – in fact, it actually feels great in the hand. It has extremely solid construction without battery or battery door rattle.

Quality & Performance once again from Seigelei

Powered by a single 18650 battery, it can put out 30watts like the cloupor. It has nice clicky buttons (better quality than those from the cloupor), and a gorgeous 0.8” OLED display where you can check out the resistance, battery level, voltage etc.

Like the cloupor, it has a magnetic door to give you quick access to the batteries, which is an advantage over the Kbox. Also like the Cloupor, it can be charged via micro usb.

Our Verdict

Performance wise, it embodies what the Sigelei line of products is renowned for – reliability and top-notch performance.

For vaping at lower wattages, this is one of the best devices you can get.

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Free Shipping from China

$ 39.99

Sigelei Mini 30W


KangerTech Review

KangerTech KBOX

  • Output power: 8W-40W
  • Output voltage : 3.6V—7.0V
  • Battery Type: 18650
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Size (L x W x H) : 8.9 x 4 x 2 cm

Kanger is truly stepping up their game, releasing this beast of a mod in addition to the successful update to their clearmoizer line.

“Surprisingly light”, “simple” and “elegant” would be my choice of words if I was asked to describe the Kbox. I would also use words like “his like a freaking train”, and “kick to the throat by an angry mule”, since this mod packs a serious punch – don’t be fooled by the fact that I included this mod in “best for beginners”.

Kanger KboxWhen I first got the Kbox, I was extremely impressed. The Kbox looks elegant, somewhat like half a tube and half a box. It fits very nicely to the natural contours of the hand, and is very comfortable to hold (despite being over 10mm taller than the cloupor mini).

The tube part holds an 18650 battery, as well as having the 510 connector. The flat portion that contains the fire button surprisingly has no display of any type – you need only to press the smaller button near the bottom of the device to cycle through the available wattage settings, from 8watts all the way to 40watts.

Simple but Effective

KangerTech Kbox ModYou can see which setting you are at by the tiny led lights, which light up as you cycle wattage settings. It is very intuitive and simple; for this reason this mod should definitely be considered if you are in the market for a first mod, or as a backup.

Interestingly enough, it is a very affordable mod (SRP around $39, but you can get it cheaper if you look hard enough; on Fasttech it’s about $24), making this a great “carry around” device, especially when paired with a rugged atomizer.

One thing I didn’t like about the Kbox is the threading for the battery compartment – it seems a little flimsy to me, being made by relatively thin metal. However, my unit has held up to daily abuse fine; it has even endured drops from about 4 feet directly onto the threaded part without damage (aside from a dent). I also have not heard of anyone else having issues with the threads. Aside from this little niggle, this is easily my favourite regulated device – it is absolutely perfect when paired with the kanger subtank mini (which coincidentally is my favourite clearomizer).

Our Verdict

My favourite regulated device – it is absolutely perfect when paired with the kanger subtank mini (which coincidentally is my favourite clearomizer).

This is the best “bang for your buck” box mod; cheap, light but durable and performs very well.

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Free Shipping from China

$ 24.21

KangerTech KBOX

US Seller - 15% Off 1st Order with Code

$ 25.95

KangerTech KBOX – MFS
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Best box mods for intermediate vapers

best-box-mods intermediate

Nicotine is extremely addictive; however, vaping as a hobby is probably even more addictive than nicotine, heroin, bacon and beer combined.

Once you get a taste, 99% of all new vapers will more often than not start having insatiable cravings, an itch that can only be scratched by buying new/better gear.

If you feel the need to go to the “next level”, then the next 3 Box mods (for intermediate-level vapers) is worth looking at.

IPV Review

IPV mini v2

  • Output power: 5W-70W
  • Output voltage : 3.6V—8.5V
  • Battery Type: 18650
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Size (L x W x H) : 9.5 x 4 x 2.3 cm

The IPV mini v2 is the second incarnation of the IPV mini series, but with a bit more power. The YiHi SX330 v2 updated chip inside this little smoke machine chucks out up 70 watts, giving you the ability to delve deeper into “high power” vaping.

The original IPV mini was able to pump out 30w, and is actually a pretty decent mod. While it performed well, I think it is a bit too big and heavy for something that puts out only 30w; the v2 can go much higher, and that makes living with the extra size and weight bearable.

70w-ipv-mini-ii-box-mod-a4999-500x500It is similar in shape to the KBox; you can unscrew the bottom part to replace the single 18650 battery that powers it, and you also have the option to charge using the mod itself via a micro usb charging port. It a bit taller and heavier than most single 18650 regulated devices, but still feels good in the hand, especially if you have larger hands. The buttons are nice and soft (but still clicky) with a nice OLED display that makes checking the battery voltage/resistance a breeze.

The IPV mini v2 is reasonably priced for a 70w device (around $70-$80), and should last quite some time, as it is built very well. One of the major drawbacks for me is that this mod uses only a single 18650 battery; vaping at 70watts would drain it fairly quickly – so if you like vaping around that level, make sure to bring one or two fully charged spare batteries to get you through the day. Other than that, it’s a great mod for the price.

Our Verdict

Well built box mod, with everything you need, that will last the course. Once you have a spare battery, this mod is good value and great quality.

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Free Shipping from China

$ 73.97

IPV Mini V2


DNA 40 Review

DNA 40

  • Output power: 5W-30
  • Output voltage : 3.6V—7.0V
  • Battery Type: 18650
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Size (L x W x H) : 9 x 3.7 x 2.4 cm

DNA 40s are the latest chips made by Evolv, and are not mods per se; however they are used in several high-end box mods, such as the HB DNA40 by HCigar (about $130), Vapor Shark DNA40 ($190) and the iconic Vapor Flask (over $300). DNA 40 devices are capable of up to 40watts; while this may seem underwhelming in comparison to many modern devices, what sets apart the DNA 40 is Evolv’s pioneering technology in temperature control.

Temperature control limits the temperature in your atomizer during use. You set your desired temperature (from 200F up to 600F), so that regardless of fluid, wicking or airflow the temperature stays constant for a very consistent vape.

This is particularly useful for those times when the wick gets dry, since this prevents dry hits and burnt cotton. However, the temperature control function requires Ni200 (commercially sold pure nickel wire), and more advanced coil-making techniques that ensure uniform coil temperature, without hot or cold spots – hence, DNA 40 box mods are unsuitable for beginners.

The boxes are also more expensive, so buying a mod like this requires deeper wallets. If you do decide to get one, make sure the taste of nickel wire doesn’t bother you, since some people do not like the taste.

Best Price
Our Verdict

Well built box mod, with everything you need, that will last the course. Once you have a spare battery, this mod is good value and great quality.


Smok Review

Smok XPro M80 Plus

  • Output power: 6w-80w
  • Output voltage : 3.6V—12V
  • Battery Type: 18650
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Size (L x W x H) : 8.5 x 5.4 x 2.2 cm

Smok M80

This little gem from Smok is an excellent box mod that is highly underrated. It is very affordable compared to DNA40 devices (retails on many sites for about $60), puts out more power and it even has its own version of temperature protection!

I was really surprised by the specs on this mod when it was first announced, as they seemed too good to be true. It’s a powerhouse that is able to deliver 6-80watts, temperature control and 4400mAh internal li-polymer batteries (charge via usb charge port).

m80 So does it live up to its hype? The answer is a big YES. It delivers the full 80watts with ease, and is able to fire coils as low as 0.2 ohms.

Surprisingly enough, despite the massive 4400mAh batteries it’s a very comfortable fit in the hand being only 85mm high and 55x22mm wide. It is heavy at 174g, but it feels good in hand like a high quality phone. OLED is large and easy to read, with large and very smooth buttons.

It is a very solidly built piece; I really like the fact that it is 22mm; all my good atomizers are 22m, and look VERY good on the Smok Xpro M80+. In terms of performance, it delivers the rated wattages accurately, and temperature protection works.

I don’t really like the inbuilt 4400mAh li-poly batteries, since I like to use rotate my batteries to extend battery life; but 4400 mAh is a very good capacity, and can sustain high-power vaping for up to a day; I usually vape around 20-25watts, and the Smok Xpro M80+ lasts me at least 2 days.

Our Verdict

Great specifications and power for such an affordable box mod. Easy to operate, good to hold, you’ll like it!

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Free Shipping from China

$ 49.08

Smok XPro M80 Plus


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Best Box mods for Experts


Best box mods for experts


For the seasoned vapers, getting the most powerful devices allows more complex (and dangerous) atomizer setups that put out serious amounts of power, to produce the hottest and thickest vapor clouds.

Pushing the limits of your batteries requires knowledge and experience, and is not advised for beginners.

Here are 3 such mods:


Sigelei Review

Sigelei 150w

  • Output power: 10W-150w
  • Output voltage : 7.4V—8.2V
  • Battery Type: 18650
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Size (L x W x H) : 9.6 x 5.4 x 2.3 cm

Segelei 150w Mod

Sigelei 150W 2-500x500The hard-hitter of the Sigelei line of box mods, the 150w model is surprisingly compact, with a height of only 103mm and width of 57×23. Weighing 148g, it is pretty heavy, but not uncomfortable to hold in the hand.

Much like its predecessor the Sigelei 100w, it features a 0.95″ OLED display that sows resistance, voltage, wattage and battery level.

It is powered by two 18650 batteries in series, and can fire atomizers with resistances as low as 0.1 ohms up to a blinding 150watts of scorching power. It is highly recommended that only high drain and quality batteries are used with this device.

The Sigelei 150w features a plethora of built-in protection, including low resistance protection (< 0.1ohm), low voltage protection (input voltage < 6.4V), high voltage warning (high battery input voltage: > 9.0V), high temperature warning, reverse polarity protection, and short circuit protection. But despite all the safety features, only the most experienced vapers should attempt vaping at over 100w.

Build-wise, it is very well-made; it has magnetic battery door covers that makes changing batteries so much easier, and uses copper pins & contacts; the 510 connector is spring-loaded allowing any atomizer to sit flush.

Our Verdict

This is a serious piece of equipment, with an equally serious price tag. Get this if you know what you are doing.

Compare Prices

US Seller - 15% Off 1st Order with Code

$ 89.95

150W Sigelei – MFS
Reveal coupon

$ 69.95 $ 120.00

Sigelei 150w

iPV3 Review


  • Output power: 5W-150w
  • Output voltage : 3.6V—7.0V
  • Battery Type: 18650
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Size (L x W x H) : 10.8 x 5.8 x 2.6 cm

The iPV3 rivals the Sigelei 150w in terms of wattage. They have the same capabilities, since they both run on the same YiHi chip. Build-wise they are both equally well-made, with slight differences in button placement and type; Sigelei has a large firing switch that is easy to press, whie the iPV3 uses dome-shaped tactile buttons for both firing switch and wattage control buttons.

I like the Sigelei’s buttons more, but that is simply personal preference.

Another big difference is the fact that the battery door on the iPV3 is screw-on, in contrast with Sigelei’s magnets. I really like magnetic battery doors since they don’t wear out like screws, and makes changing batteries much easier. The last difference is the price; iPV3 is more expensive.

Our Verdict

Great alternative to the Sigelei. Very close on specs and quality, you won’t be disappointed with this beast.

Compare Prices

Shipped from USA

$ 104.99


US Seller - 15% Off 1st Order with Code

$ 109.95

Reveal coupon

Simeiyue Review

Simeiyue SMY260

  • Output power: 5W-260w
  • Output voltage : 1V—12.6V
  • Battery Type: 3 x 18650
  • Thread Type: 510
  • Size (L x W x H) : 11.8 x 6.9 x 3 cm

Smy_260_watt_mod_smy_260_smy260The last mod for this list is the SMY260. From the makers that brought you the monstrous SMY God Mod, they spawned this equally monstrous mod capable of unleashing 260watts.

Let’s put things into perspective: to fire a 1ohm coil at 260 watts, you need 16.12 volts, while a car battery is only 12 volts. Needless to say, this is a dangerous amount of power so get this ONLY IF you know exactly what you are getting into.

Like most high-power devices, the SMY260 has several safety features including: Short circuit protection, Low resistance protection, Connection reverse protection, High current protection, and IC around temperature protection.

This is a very big (about 120mm tall) and heavy (270g) box that takes three 18650 batteries; magnetic battery door allows easy of access; alternatively, you can charge batteries internally via a micro usb port.

Our Verdict

This mod can fire atomizers with resistances as low as 0.3 ohms, though going sub ohm would be wasting the monstrous capabilities of this mod.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this mod for beginners.

Compare Prices

Free Shipping from China

$ 103.64

Simeiyue SMY260

Free Shipping from China

$ 106.17

Simeiyue Smy260


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Types of box mods

There are two general classifications of box mods – Regulated, and Unregulated.

Unregulated box modUnregulated box mods are relatively simple, usually involving a switch, the box and a pair of batteries.

Fully mechanical box mods (with no wires involved) are the most rugged of all box mod types; they are the equivalent of full mechanical tube mods. Also under the category of unregulated box mods are semi-mechanical boxes, and they have wires running from the battery sleds to the switch and 510 connectors.

They usually have MOSFETs integrated in the circuit, which essentially allows you to use any switch you want without worrying about damaging the switch due to the current running through your box.

Unregulated boxes more often than not run on parallel 18650 batteries, giving you double the battery life, as well as double the amp limits, while reducing the battery’s internal resistance – giving them a tremendous advantage over traditional tube mods. This makes fully mechanical box mods very attractive to sub-ohm vapers and cloudchasers.

Unregulated box mods can also run batteries on series, giving you double the voltage (up to 8.4 volts) but this is not recommended for new vapers.

Regulated Box ModRegulated boxes on the other hand allow you to adjust the voltage/wattage to your desired preference. An advantage over their unregulated counterparts is that in order to achieve the same wattage, instead of reducing the resistance, you can now increase the voltage.

To put it simply, you can use higher resistance setups (thinner wires actually perform better than thick wires) with more surface area – better performance, more energy efficient and less strain on the batteries. Regulated boxes usually come in dual 18650s, but there are “mini” variants that take single 18650s, or even built-in lipo batteries that perform better than their li-ion cousins.

Regulated box mods are also much safer, since they are usually built with internal protection against shorts or improper battery alignment.


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Box Mod Buying Guide

With so many choices, buying the perfect box mod can be a daunting task. Here are a few pointers in choosing one that fits your vaping style.

Battery types

18650 batteryAs you have probably noticed, box mods usually come in single-18650 battery, dual-18650, or built-in li-poly batteries that cannot be easily replaced.

The first thing to take into consideration when choosing a box mod is the fact that batteries are often the first component that needs to be replaced. If you have a faulty 18650 battery, then buying new batteries would be easy and inexpensive.

However, if your mod has built-in li-poly batteries, then unless you have experience in electronics replacing the battery is impossible – you have to get a new mod, or pay someone to do it. It is more expensive, and I generally avoid all mods whose batteries cannot be easily replaced.

li-poly battery box modThe second thing to keep in mind is the number of batteries. Single battery devices are smaller, but cannot sustain high-power vaping for extended periods of time. If you are okay with bringing along spares, then it is no problem. Dual 18650s in parallel (such as those in the DNA40) last twice as long as a single 18650, and will most probably last you a day of vaping.

Just remember that devices using 2 batteries in series double voltage, but not the mAh/hour rating so it will not last as long as 2 batteries in parallel.


This is an important factor that is commonly overlooked by buyers. If you vape at home, or spend most of your time in front of the computer then getting a bigger box mod is no problem.

However, if you are usually on the move, or if your work requires a degree of physical exertion, then smaller and lighter box mods (like the Cloupor mini or Kbox) paired with small atomizers definitely have the size and weight advantage.

Vape style

Truth be told, 99% of vapers will not vape above 50watts as their normal “every day vape”. In fact, many are satisfied with the cooler vape provided by 20watts and a decent microcoil – it provides a more-than-satisfactory vaping experience while not being too hard on the batteries and juice.

I actually use the mods listed in the “beginner” section more often than my 150w mods. But if you feel the need to blow “fat clouds bruh”, then by all means get a high power device. Just remember that you are paying a whole lot more for a few dozen of watts you probably aren’t even going to use.

Battery access

Access to replaceable batteries is important, especially if you like to use an external charger and rotate batteries (this practice greatly extends battery life). Some Box mods are designed with this in mind, and use magnetic door covers making changing batteries very easy.

Others use screws, or threaded caps, which will get stripped over time with repeated use. If you use a device that is capable of charging batteries internally via a usb port, then this is not really a problem.

Clone vs. Authentic

Clone vs authentic Box ModIf you haven’t noticed by now, the mods listed are all regulated devices; they can be expensive, but cheaper clones are available.

The question is, are you willing to trust a shady Chinese company halfway across the world, who probably doesn’t have the best quality control to accurately reproduce the sensitive electronic components in a regulated mod?

While I dearly love my mech clones, I tend to stick with authentic regulated devices. They are cheaper in the long run since I do not have to replace them after a week, and they have warranty incase something goes wrong.

Buy something you like.

When looking for a new device, it is important to try out potential mods before actually making a purchase. It has to feel just right, and you must also like the way it looks. Even the most expensive mod with all the fancy bells and whistles can’t satisfy you if it isn’t something you like in the first place.

With these few tips, you can narrow down the many possible choices and decide on a perfect box mod.

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